My Sister Is A Vampire DRAFT ONE (Topic: A Lesson Learned)

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What happens when my sister and I play hide-and-seek with a twist?

Submitted: January 29, 2011

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Submitted: January 29, 2011



English 110-08 Essay One Draft One

My Sister the Vampire Hide-And-Seek. Most people think it’s just an easy little kids game. Left for the young and naive to play. Not for adults. Well, I'm not ashamed, but I still do enjoy the odd game of Hide-And-Seek. My sister however, not so much. That day before Easter, eight odd years ago, my sister and I learned just how dangerous Hide-And-Seek can be. It was just too cold to go and play outside, so my sister and I sat inside the house looking bored and wondering what in the world we could do. And then it hit me like a punch to the face, hide-and-seek! Why not? I mean our house on the first floor was set up like a one story doll house that someone had thrown together before tossing a top on it. A ''hallway\" of sorts wound through the kitchen, took a right turn into the dining room went straight on into the living room, took a right turn into my parents’ bedroom and landed right back in the kitchen. There were many hiding spots for my sister, six at the time, and myself, ten at the time. I was one to always try hiding in the difficult spots, under beds crammed between the boxes of pictures, on the shelf in the closet, in the closed hamper, anywhere were I would never be found. \"This is getting boring,\" I told my sister. We sat around for a few minutes wondering what else we could do. There were no fun board games to play, no movies to watch, no music to dance to. \"Why don't we shake things up a bit?\" \"What are you talking about?\" She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet. I thought on it. How could we shake things up exactly? Then I got it. \"Why doesn't the person it put a stocking cap over their head and cover their eyes?\" It was the best thing I could come up with. \"But we have to stay in the living room! Or else we might never find the other person.\" It was my turn to be it. I counted to twenty and warned that I would soon be finding her. I felt around the chairs knowing that as soon as I got within five feet, she would burst out into a fit of giggles, giving away her position. I felt behind the chairs. Nothing. By the tv stand. Nothing. The couch had been pushed up against the corner of the room since I could remember, making it easy to stand on the part of the couch where the arm rest and the back part met as it was also the corner of the room. But she wasn't there either. I felt around to the other side of the couch. there was a little square space where the truck ended and the speaker began at the other corner of the room. That's when I heard it, the giggles. \"Ha! I found you!\" Now it was her turn. I knew exactly where I was going to hide. Behind the chairs, off in the opposite corner my sister had just been in was where we kept all the old newspapers. If I pulled that out just a little, she'd never find me with that hat on. Just as soon as I got back there though, I thought the party was over. Dad had walked in and told us it was too dangerous to play hide and seek like that, but he called it Blind Man's Bluff, which sounds much more intimidating. \"Just let me find Sammy and then we'll stop!\" My sister said, with the hat still pulled down over her eyes. She went back to feeling along the furniture. As she made her way closer to me, she tripped and hit the corner of the television stand creating a perfect upside down V shaped gape in her two front teeth. Mom and dad ended up taking her to the dentist the following Monday and since then that upside down V shaped gap has been filled in with glue two more times. That was the day I realized that even a simple game as Hide-And-Seek can be dangerous

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