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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Warning: Hint of BoyxBoy, Murder, and Suicide.

Mikolus believes his lover, Ravis, is cheating on him. However, he's mistaken. If you wish to see how he reacts and copes with this situation- by all means, read on!

Hetalia Axis Powers Character plus my own original character.
NOTE: Dovidenia is 'Goodbye' in Slovak

Mikolus[Slovakia] (c) Sammi Rhudy[Me]
Ravis[Latvia], Ivan[Russia], APH (c) Hidekaz Himuruya

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Mikolus stood in front of Ravis' house glaring with pale blue eyes. His wavy dark brown hair clung to his pale face as rain poured from the sky. The water dripped from the ends of his hair and down his face.
He stood in the damp dark green grass of the lawn in front of the house. The night sky revealed no stars, nor moon. Only various lightening flashes and dark rolling clouds.
Making his way to the front door, Mikolus' feet squelched the grass beneath them. Inside the house, he carefully maneuvered around the furniture making sure he didn't make a sound as he walked. He walked silently upstairs, the carpet muffling his footsteps.
"Ivan! Stop it! It tickles!" he heard Ravis' voice a few doors down. A tight knot twisted in Mikolus' stomach as he moved forward. He eerily opened the door, not making a sound. The two didn't see or hear Mikolus enter.

Mikolus spoke up. "I know I'm not allowed to be here," his voice was distant yet loud and menacing, "I just had to see how good your new man really fucks you, because you both have been fucking me!" He snarled at the end.
Ravis quickly stood up with his hands held in front of him. "Mikolus! I promise we-" He was shortly cut off by the enraged Slovakian.
"Shut up!" Mikolus yelled. He held a gun in his hand and had it pointing to Ivan's head. The Russian didn't move. He was intimidating in sight, but he didn't want to die tonight.
"I said shut up!" he bellowed again. "Say another word and I'll shoot you both."
Ravis said nothing else.
Mikolus walked to where Ivan was sitting. He pressed the barrel of the gun to the back of his head.
"Say good-bye."
Too late. Mikolus pulled the trigger and red stained the wall and the white-blond hair of his victim. The corpse fell forward with a sick thud and dark red blood poured from the gaping hole in his head.
Tears welled in Ravis' violet eyes that looked from the corpse to Mikolus slowly walking in his direction.
"Mikolus! Why are you doing this?!" he cried.
In response, the Slovakian grabbed a handful of the other's dirty blond hair and yanked him close so that their faces were inches away.
"Why am I doing this? Why am I doing this?!" he yelled. With a calmer voice he added, "You should know the answer. It's all your fault, anyways. You left me and didn't give a shit about how it affected me!
"You never knew that you were what kept me sane. Now all sanity is lost."
He let go of the boy's hair and shoved the barrel of the gun in his face.
"Dovidenia, Ravis,"
Mikolus pulled the trigger. More sticky red blood spattered the wall and his once-lover's corpse dropped to the floor.
Tears, that Mikolus couldn't feel, rolled down his cheeks. With the twisted smile he let out a giggle. With out hesitation, he stuck the gun in his mouth and-

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