Sisterly Love?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Warning: GirlxGirl, Incest, If you don't like it, don't read!

Irina has always felt certain... feelings, you might say, for her younger sister Alisa. Before you can object, no one can help who they love. After keeping her feelings bottled up for so long, Irina let's it all out.

Hetalia Axis Powers OCs
Irina(c) Sammi Rhudy [Me]
Alisa(c) Alyssa Brogdon
Ivan, Yekaterina, Natalia, and APH(c) Hidekaz Himuruya

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



Irina sat along the side of her youngest sister, Alisa. They sat together on the couch in the living room watching some random show on the TV that they flipped on.
Oblivious to her sister's unease, Alisa seemed engrosed in the television glowing before them. All the lights were off in the house due to it being 3 in the morning and Ivan, Yekaterina, and Natalia were all asleep upstairs. Why they were up at this time is a mystery even to the two sisters. The only light source was the soft glow of the TV and dim moonlight filtering through the thin curtains.
The older of the two, Irina, fidgited in her seat, which is very unusual for her, and let out a shaky sigh before turning to Alisa.
"H-hey Alisa?"
"Hm? Yeah, Irina?" the younger replied turning slightly to her elder sister.
"Wh-what do you think of Natalia?" she asked twiddling her thumbs.
Some what surprised with the out-of-the-usual question, the smaller girl had to ponder the thought. "Well, Natalia is a good big sister, but she's really creepy sometimes and stalks Big Brother."
"Oh. What about Yekaterina?"
"Her boobs are massive," At this, they both laughed, but Natalia yelled at them to shut up from upstairs.
"What about Ivan?" Irina asked, refering to her own twin brother.
Alisa's face seem to brighten. "Big Brother is the best brother I could ever ask for~ He's the best!" she smiled widely.
Irina felt crestfallen. There's no way she'd feel the same for me... Everyone goes for Ivan over me.
Thoughts of heartbreak seemed to flood her mind. However, Alisa's voice broke her out of the misery.
"Irina? What's wrong? Are you okay?" she asked sounding slightly worried at the saddened face of her elder sister.
"Yeah... I'm fine."
Alisa wasn't convinced. "Are you sure?"
"Yeah, I'm just tired is all." Irina replied rising from the couch. "I'm going to bed."

The next morning, Irina had accidently slept in, with no one bothering to disturbe the not-so-morning-friendly teen.
It was around noon when the Irina woke up. She had had a terrible dream that she had tried to see whom Alisa loved more- wait... That wasn't a dream. It was cruel reality.
Sighing, the teen dressed and brushed out her long pale blond hair. She silently went down stairs to see Yekaterina, the oldest of them all, washing the dishes. There was no sign of the other three.
"Good morning- er, afternoon, Yekaterina," Irina said walking to the sink where the latter was situated.
Her older sister giggled in return and said, "Good Afternoon, Irina!"
"Do you need help?"
"Oh no~ I've got it," the eldest replied.
"Okay. Hey, do you know where Alisa is?" Irina asked with her lavender eyes roaming their surroundings for other signs of the light blond hair all four of them had.
"Hmm~" Yekaterina said peering up in thought, "I believe she went outside with Ivan and Natalia. Knowing them, she's probably left out with Natalia creeping up on Ivan all the time."
It's odd because everyone, but Ivan of course, believed it was just sibling love Natalia had for the oldest male.
"Alrighty. Thanks Sis~" smiled Irina giving her sister a light peck on the cheek. Yekaterina smiled at the retreating form of her sister. She knew of Irina's feelings for Alisa and approved of them.

Irina's lavender eyes scoped the snowy landscape before her. Her gaze fell to the ground where three pairs of footsteps lead away. One trail was astray, yet followed, the other two as if someone running around. No doubt they belong to Alisa.
Irina began her quest to find her younger sisters and twin by hugging her jacket closer to her thin form. Placing one foot in front of another, Irina followed the footsteps hoping that they hadn't gotten far. It was cold outside! You can't expect much more from Russia, though.
Soon enough, she heard the sounds of her twin brother yelling at Natalia to leave him alone and her spilling out words of obscurity mixed with affection. Irina could already see them. Ivan had tripped and Natalia was inching towards him with her arms like a T-rex's and fingers curled like claws. A few meters over, she spotted the youngest of them all, peering at something on the ground.
Irina walked over to Alisa with snow crunching beneath the wore black combat boots she always wore.
"Wh-what 'cha lo-lookin' at?" She asked between chattering teeth.
Alisa looked at her sister then back down. "Ah! It's gone."
"What was it?"
Alisa only shrugged, Irina giggled lightly.
"Aren't you cold?" Alisa asked peering up at the taller Braginski sibling.
"J-j-just a b-b-bit~" She cooed in response.
Alisa smiled lightly.
"I-I need to ta-talk to y-you." Irina shivered.
The two sisters walked a bit further into the snow covered leaf-less trees to the point that they couldn't hear Ivan's terrified 'shrieks.'
Clearing her throat, Irina wrapped her jacket around herself tighter as she brushed the snow off a rock and sat on it. She wished she'd brought a thicker jacket. "I need to tell you something, Alisa."
"What is it?" the younger asked sitting next to her.
"D-don't laugh at me, but it's also really important."
"What is it?" Alisa repeated her patience slightly thinning.
"I-I love you."
A pause. "... Of course you love me, you're my sister."
"No! Not that kind of love. Like I-want-to-have-your-babies kind of love." she said. She sighed, the younger looked confused. "I love you more than a sister."
"I-I don't understand." she said.
Sumoning up all her courage, Irina gently took a hold of her sister's chin, and with only a moment's hesitation, connected their lips.
Violet eyes widened. Alisa couldn't believe that her sister, the one she's secretly loved, was actually making a move. She slowly closed her eyes and kissed back.
Irina broke the kiss, realising that they both needed air.
Alisa still looked udderly confused.
"See? I love you, Alisa." Irina said. Her face had gone red long ago, not just because of the weather.
"I-I love you, too, Irina." Alisa says smiling.
Irina snakes her arms around the smaller form and their lips connect again.

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