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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
it's based on a true story but a few things are fictional

Submitted: July 25, 2017

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Submitted: July 25, 2017



He got shot. There was blood dripping out of the car and inside it looked like a blood bath. I remember we all ran outside and we were freezing cold. It was around 3 a.m.. Although everyone was intoxicated, in that moment it was as if everyone was sober and thinking straight again. When the gun had gone off everyone went silent for a few seconds but it felt longer. No one knew what to do and for some odd reason everyone at the party just began to run to the crime scene and we all began to ask questions.

There were many different rumors of what had happened some said “Albert was fighting the man and he got shot” while others said “they thought Albert was someone else”. However, the truth or at least what we know as to be the truth was that albert left the party extremely intoxicated. The main thing is that he did not leave alone, he left with a girl. I’m not sure exactly what her name was so i’ll call her “cindy”. Once they left they got into Alberts car and drove down the street. They didn’t even make it down half the block and we all believe it was because they were to intoxicated to drive or others think their sexual tensions stopped them. However, what Hector did not know is that Cindy had a boyfriend so when they left the boyfriend noticed. The boyfriend rushed outside and began to look for them and i’m sure he saw the car. Keep in mind the car was visible from my house. When the man found Hector and cindy making out he was furious and shot Albert in the head. When i saw what had happened my mind went blank i couldn’t even hear the chit chatter going on around me, i couldn’t believe people were capable of such a thing. My grandma got on her knees and began to cry, i do remember someone yelled out “NOOO” but i don’t even remember the person’s face. That’s when we all heard it and rushed out. Hector, Albert’s brother began to fight the man and nearly killed him. Hector and the shooter were taken into custody. I am not sure what happened to the shooter after that. I do know Hector was charged and found guilty as a danger to others (some other things he was charged for but not 100% sure). He is now serving about 10 years in prison. My uncle Jeremy at times feels guilty since he’s the one who had thrown the huge party they were at before the accident. Now we go and visit Albert’s grave once or twice a year.

Albert is still and will always be missed. It’s a tragic story because now he won’t be able to live life and go through the wonderful experiences and opportunities this life gives. In one minute, one second, one choice, one action everything and i mean everything can change. I was stuck in my shell, but now i can see what a single action can lead to. Maybe now people will understand there’s a limit to all things.


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