About my lover?

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My story about my girlfriend.

Submitted: July 06, 2014

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Submitted: July 06, 2014



Although I'm short and ugly, and even not that romantic, I do have a girlfriend.

She is the most beautiful and amazing girl I've ever met in my life.

I met her first in a festival, and I came to know that she is from Palestine, and 1year older than me.

At the first sight, I thought she was really pretty, and I talked with her. We became friendly soon.

Because she is a exchanged student, she had to leave after the first semester. 

I knew that I should not love her because she will leave me and it will hurt me.

However, I started to love her, since she was really attractive.

So..was it good from the start? uhh...She will read this...but...sincerely, it was a hard time for me and her.

We are from different culture, and we had different ways of thinking.

For example, I wanted to meet her everyday, but she didn't want it. And I thought it is natural to have meals or coffee with her, but she didn't think like that. And still she doesn't. 

I could not understand her! And maybe she didn't understand me too! 

And we often fought because of stupid things like things above. Sometimes, I almost gave up loving her, since I was not sure she loves me or not.

Most of all, I thought we dont have much time to be together. She was going to leave after the semester. And I have to take military service for 21months, almost stop contacting to everyone next year.

Anyway, we kept developing our relationship and be like girlfriend and boyfriend, still not officially.(It's hard to explain, we knew we love eachother but I thought it should not be official because of Arab culture)

One day in May, I left to my hometown leaving from her for several days. On the bus stop, I kissed on her cheek for the first time and ran away. She said she would kill me when i come back, and I was scared.

But during my stay in my hometown apart from her, I felt I really love her and miss her. And she missed me too.

I think I could make my relationship with her during that time. After I came back, she didn't kill me and we started to meet almost everyday(Unbelivably I could not meet her everyday before that)

These days, I'm really happy with her, I even uploaded on facebook that im in love with her.

She? Whenever I feel unsure about our relationship, she showed me she loves me very much not by just word but by her action. 

I think I'm not expresing how much I love her, in fact, I dont know how to because I've never expressed that feeling to someone before. I feel both sorry and grateful for her.

And, she extended her stay in Korea, so she will be with me next semester too.

I'm really glad and happy about that.

Sorry for not good writing, I wanna express more but it's too hard for me now.


My love, maybe u will read this. Thank you for loving me and calling me cutie. 

I love you so much. See you tomorrow.









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About my lover?

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