A Lovely Close Friend (TAGA FF)

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After the incident on stage, Gaga needs aid. Her makeup artist Tara Savelo has always been there for Gaga. In proportion as she spends time with Gaga, she starts to understand that she always have had feelings for her. And Lady Gaga, who is still working her ass off after the incident, has a slight notice.

Note: This is the first ff I ever wrote so it can be kinda sloppy ;)

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012




I wanna love you
But something's pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue
And Judas *…*  demon I cling to
I cling to



Motherf,” Gaga almost screamed as she  humbled backstage from her Judas performance after one of her dancers accidentally hit her on the head with a pole. She felt furious somewhere deep inside but she was too strong to let it overwhelm.

“What happened?” Tara asked her as she quickly gave her touch-up.

“The fucking pole hit me right on my head, I might have a fucking concussion.”

“Damn girl,” Tara answered as she gently touched her head while taking a look at it. “Are you gonna be okay?”

“Yeah you know me, I'll fucking finish this,” Gaga said as she was already wearing her origami dress. She had apple juice with a straw in her left hand and a pocket mirror in the right one that was handed to her by her assistant.

In about two minutes Gaga was already back on stage while Tara heard her sing “Fashion of His Love”.


The night, the night


A group of sweaty dancers appeared backstage followed by Gaga. Her face was all shiny from the sweat and her fake hooker eyelashes were hanging a bit loose. Tara was surprised that she made it all the way through the show with a concussion.

“You're so strong,” Tara said as she quickly stood up and passed Gaga some ice and a towel.

“I couldn't let my fans down. They are brave for me so I'm brave for them,” Gaga answered with a smile that showed her optimism.

Afterwards she went to the boy's dressing room to chat a little with the dancers.

Damnit Mark, if you wanted me dead you just could've pushed me off the castle during The Edge of Glory,” Gaga teased.

“I'm so so so sorry, babe. it won't happen again I swear. It was the robe it got stu...”

”Excuses are not helping you out this time.” Gaga interrupted “I ban you from the Haus for attempt of murder,” she joked. Their laughter was audible into the make-up room, where Tara was preparing to get Gaga's make-up off.

It was so typical for Gaga to hang out in the boy's dressing room.

The curtains of the room opened. It was her manager. “they're waiting,” he said. He was talking about the fans whom gaga invited backstage.

“Bye you guys.” Gaga waved and left the dressing room.

“Bye Gaga,” the boys answered in a camp tone. Especially black Jesus. He was very camp.


Tara was waiting for Gaga. In the meanwhile she had sorted all make-up removers by height.

“Hey,” Gaga said all of a sudden. She had been sneaking up on Tara.

“Gosh you scared me,” Tara answered.

Gaga looked at the organized bottles. “being busy?” she questioned. Tara gave her a  playful smile and asked if she wanted to keep her wig on or not.

“I'll leave it on until we arrive at our hotel. We might run in to some more fans,” said Gaga.

Tara began remove Gaga's eyelashes followed by removing the eyeliner from her face. She noticed her right eye had a dark colour. But little did she know it was from the pole accident. Tara didn't worry and continued washing off the makeup that was covering Gaga's beautiful face.


Gaga had stuck her head outside the car window to take some more pictures with a few fans.

“Take your glasses off,” Tara said. She wanted to check Gaga's eye again. Gaga stuck her head back inside. They were sitting in a black Volkswagen and they were on their way to the hotel.

“Why?” Gaga asked.

“I just want to check your eye.” Tara turned on the lights. “I'm afraid that's gonna be a black eye, hun”.

“Holy Shit.” Gaga panicked as she looked at her reflection in the window.

“Don't worry. We'll call a doctor for your head and we'll put some ice on your eye,” Tara said ,caring. Tara always had taken care of Gaga. She was like her big sister.


“Gaga has a concussion but she is going to be okay.She wants u to know she loves u. I’m taking care of her.cant believe she finished the show”


Gaga was lying in bed with an ice sack that was covering both her head and her right eye. The doctor had concluded that she had a slight concussion. Nothing to worry about. Tara just Tweeted a reassuring tweet for the little monsters who were worried.

She was alone with Gaga now. Almost every member of the Haus called her or paid her a visit. It was very late but Tara and Gaga were still up. Tara had made some tea. They were chatting whole night long. It was about 4 am and Tara had fallen asleep along with Gaga next to her.


Gaga had been sleeping for hours and emerged a day after the incident took place. She asked Tara, who was again setting tea, for a mirror. She noticed her eye has gotten darker and immediately took a picture of herself and posted it on twitter.


“Emerging from hours of sleep. Still remiss if I should go outside, with this clonker I may be of questionable styling.”


Tomorrow she had a show in Brisbane Australia so she had to pack and get to the airport.


“I'M SO EXCITED FOR TONIGHT'S show in BRISBANE! I've missed Aussie Monsters so much, gonna be a killer night. Ready to sweat+sing for 2 hrs?”


At exactly 7pm Gaga arrived in Brisbane. She had a nice flight with Tara and Terry. They arrived at the hotel and grabbed something to eat.

“I just called Taylor. He's gonna join the tour for a while,” Gaga informed the Haus when she came back from the balcony where she had been on the phone for 30 minutes. Tara pulled a rather disappointed face. She felt a fit of jealousy stabbing her in her ribcage.

"Why?" she asked.

"I just need my man around," Gaga replied. She seemed so happy about it.

Tara tried not to bother.


Without even noticing it, Tara has created a special band with Gaga over the years. But she never thought that she would've had feelings for her. Feelings of pure desire. The feelings started to become clearer and clearer to Tara. She now knew that she wanted her. The missing part in her life. She always felt overjoyed when she was alone with Gaga. Almost too overjoyed. She started to understand why.

Gaga was asking her opinion for which wig she would wear that night.

“The fox one, wear the teal one in Sydney,” Tara answered while she was still confused with herself.


“Time for hair and makeup Brisbane. In my dressing room. Ready to Pop. X Mother Monster”


Tara and a whole crew of makeup artists were busy on Gaga's hair and makeup. Gaga's real hair was all pinned tightly back so her wig would fit perfectly. She looked absolutely fabulous.

“Tara honey, you wanna grab me water with a straw?” Gaga friendly commanded while she was checking her Twitter on her MacBook Air.

“S-sure,” Tara answered with an insecure voice. “Here’s your water,” and she gave Gaga a kiss on the mouth. She didn't know why she did that so all of a sudden. She felt quite stupid. It was not on purpose that she let her feelings get away. All she could think off was : what was that?! I spontaneously kissed her! Wtf was that? ABORT ABORT ABORT. Then she looked at Gaga to see her reaction.

“Nice, is that cherry?,” Gaga said as if it was a daily habit. She was still looking at the screen of her note book. Of course Gaga didn't bother. It was Lady Gaga, what other reaction was there for Tara to expect?

“You got that right,” Tara responded. All she could think of was how relieved she was that Gaga didn't bother the kiss.

Tara continued doing Gaga's makeup as if nothing happened.


Gaga was ready to shine. After an hour of sitting in a chair with her note book on her lap she was quickly doing some vocal exercises and some stretching.

“I quickly need to go to the restroom, I'll be right back,” she informed her crew.  Gaga ran quickly to the restroom.

She took Tara's hand and dragged her along. Tara, who just had been wandering in the hallway, had no clue of what was going on.

“What? What is it?” Tara asked.

“We haven't got much time” Gaga said. She pulled Tara into a toilet cabin. “I always had feeling that you have a little crush on me,” she teased.

Tara had no idea what she had to respond. Did she had to tell the truth or not? And how did she had to say it? Did she had to respond in a teasing way like Gaga? She only had a few seconds to think. Everything went so fast. Before she knew it there was an awkward pause. All she could think of was: Say something! Anything! She was afraight that the pause would reveal her insecureness.

“Guilty,” Tara said. She tried to form a cute innocent smile on her face. Gaga smiled back. Their mouths were so close. Before Tara could say anything else, Gaga was already on her lips. A whole new world opened for Tara. She never knew she could get what she desired for so long. The kiss was intense. It was clear that Gaga had kissed girls before. Tara had a teeny tiny female erection. “Waw,” Tara whispered, “you're amazing”.

“You look so beautiful...Babe, you wanna know a secret?” Gaga asked.

“Yeah” Tara answered softly.

“I constantly think of you when I fuck with Taylor. But don't worry about him finding out, I always put on my pokerface.”

Tara giggled loudly. They stayed closely together for a while, without talking. They were so intense that they could feel each other's heartbeat.

Gotta run.” Gaga almost scared Tara. She was already late for her show. Her dancers were waiting for her.

Wait” Tara shouted. “What's next?”

Gaga smiled kind of cute and said: “Taylor has texted me that he missed his plane. You're all mine for tonight.” Gaga gave her a quick kiss on her mouth and ran to the stage. The intro was already playing. She put on her “Alien” inspired hat and jumped on her horse.

Tara was so happy she could die. She stood backstage listening to her beautiful voice that sang the lyrics of “Highway unicorn (Road to Love)”. And she knew that all the words she sang... were dedicated to her.


We can be strong,
We can be strong,
Out on this lonely road,
On the road to love.

We can be strong,
We can be strong,
Follow that unicorn,
On the road to love.






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