My Walking Ghost

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Laura tells her story about how her life changed after she was in a car crash.

Submitted: September 16, 2012

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Submitted: September 16, 2012



My Walking Ghost

Written By Sam Ds.


It didn’t take long until I started to notice something was going on with me. Every detail felt different. I thought I was crazy when I saw things that were incomprehensible. I knew I wasn’t living in reality, but apparently nothing was real anymore. I had a purpose to fulfil.

“Can we have pasta for dinner?” Mark said as he opened the fridge to get some milk. Mark, my husband, was just going to leave for work soon. We had a fight again yesterday so he acted a little sullen.
“We’re out of pasta,” I answered. He looked at me like I said something majorly stupid. “I’ll go to the store later” I completed. I was still standing in my bathrobe since it was only 6am. I hadn’t had a job because Mark made enough money for the both of us.
“Bye Laura,” he said, leaving me at the door hole without a goodbye kiss. I waved him out while he drove off the driveway. With him gone I felt less pushed around so I decided to go back to bed again.

A day with nothing but cleaning and ironing passed. It wasn’t very easy to clean such a big house. With all the money we had we could’ve gotten a housecleaner, but then I wouldn’t have had much to do all day. I was just done with cleaning the hallway as I looked at the time: 5pm. Mark would’ve been home at six so I had to quickly rush to the store to get the pasta he wanted. I got into my grey Audi and drove to the store which was open until seven. Time enough that means, but I had to be quick before Mark came home.

As I walked out of the store I had more in my basket than I expected. I bought the pasta, but also lots of wine which I usually drink when I found some time for myself during the day. As I put the basket next to me I started the car, not noticing my gas was running really low. I quickly drove home. I was tensed because if dinner wasn’t ready when Mark came home I knew it would again turn into a fight. We had our good and bad moments. It’s just that sometimes his job was really stressful and I understood that he sometimes was a little grumpy when he got home. As scenarios of arguments were forming in my head, I heard a beeping noise. It came from my gas meter. Almost zero gas left. I knew I would better turn back since I hadn’t had enough gas left to get home. Luckily there was a gas station right next to the store. As I looked in my rear-view mirror it didn’t seem like there was anyone but me on the road so I put my car in reverse and turned it. My car took in the width of the street and since I had little place it was hard to get my car turned. When I got back on track, I was paying attention to my gas level, hoping it wouldn’t drop to zero. Little did I know that I was driving at the wrong side of the road. I was focussing on the wrong thing as I saw, in the corner of my eye, another car smashing into my front. After that, all I experienced was my sight quickly turning black after I got pushed backwards. It all happened so unexpectedly.

I saw everything blurred when I woke up. It took a moment before I could put my focus on where I was and what exactly had happened. When I pushed the airbag away I remembered a car had hit me. I was okay and when I went to take a look outside it seemed like the car was too. Not even a scram. The only odd thing was that the streets were suddenly covered in a thick layer of fog. There was no one in sight, only me and my Audi in the middle of the road. I looked at my gas level, It was full. I couldn’t believe what happened just then. As astonished I was, I decided to drive back home.

I was stunned by the past events and I couldn’t wait to tell Mark, but when I desperately got out of the car and entered the house, he wasn’t there yet. Although it was already six thirty. I had to sit down for a second. I resumed my memories and remembered clearly that some vehicle hit me so hard that my car even shove a few meters back. Then why was my car undamaged? Why was my gas tank suddenly full? I kept asking myself. Eventually I was glad that I was unharmed. I looked at the clock that confirmed Mark was really late.

One attempt, no answer. Two attempts, still no answer. I tried to call him all evening, but he still didn’t answer. When I went upstairs I tried to call again. I noticed another phone ringing. The melody came from the bedroom. I followed the sound and opened the door. There it was: his forgotten phone, lying on the nightstand. It had a standard old phone ringtone. I hung up and started to worry. Then again I tried to convince myself that he was probably working late. I went downstairs as I started to cook some pasta for myself.

Out of the window I looked when I slowly finished my fresh made tagliatelle. It was rather strange that I still hadn’t seen a single person. Normally my neighbours would’ve been home by then, but there wasn’t any light in the house next door. It was already dark and I started to feel strange. A feeling that I had from the moment I woke up from the crash but didn’t notice because of all the panic. I hoped a good night of sleep would sort things out. The time indicated 11pm. I grabbed some sleeping pills and went upstairs.

I entered the bedroom with a glass of water in my hand, noticing someone lying underneath the covers. Mark? Was he lying here the whole time? I thought to myself. I slowly grabbed the blanket and pulled it off the bed. There was no one. I felt like I was imagining everything. I snuggled myself in the bed, took some pills and went to sleep. All I could do was hoping to find Mark next to me when I woke up. I set the alarm and checked the time again: 11.13pm.

It was weird, like I wasn’t actually asleep. I woke up screaming in the middle of the night, but when I looked at my alarm clock again it was still 11:13. Something was going on with me. It felt like I was the only person on the planet. I couldn’t sleep or function properly anymore. Everything happened slowly. I was starting to worry again so I got out of bed and looked through the bedroom window at the driveway. His car still wasn’t there. Time didn’t change as I kept waiting in front of the window. 11:13pm, every time I checked my alarm clock or my watch. It didn’t change. I thought I was dreaming, but I clearly felt awake. Awake enough to feel the pain of accidentally hitting my toe against my bed as I was walking around in circles out of impatience. I wanted to sort my mind with a cup of tea so I went downstairs. That was when I realised there was something not right.

The stairs I was about to step onto, was gone. I looked down, finding it impossible to believe. There were no stairs anymore. I took a moments to let it all sink in. I came to realisation that the stairs, that I used to go upstairs just minutes ago, was actually completely vanished. As scared and panicked I was, I didn’t feel my heartbeat rise or I didn’t even sweat. I just couldn’t believe it. All I wanted to do was get out of the house. I thought I was literally going insane. It looked so unreal, but oddly enough it felt real. I jumped off the open hallway, which was pretty crazy because of the height. I landed on my knees. A day before I would’ve broken both my legs by doing that, but now I didn’t feel any pain. I stood up and reached the front door, but I soon noticed the door was upside down and attached to the ceiling. As I looked around me I saw the lustre standing upside down. As I scanned the room I felt my mind figuring out in the most constructive possibilities of what was happening, but it became impossible. I was standing on the ceiling. The hallway was upside down. It wasn’t reality anymore. I knew for sure I wasn’t dreaming cause my mind still was clear enough to think that I wasn’t living real anymore. I ran through the house as every room started forming into the most impossible constructions. I saw the kitchen turn upside down as all the plates and cutlery fell on the ceiling. I locked myself in the restroom, trying to close my eyes and hoping it would all go away. When I opened them again, I saw the walls coming at me. The tiny room was shrinking. Escaping was impossible cause the door had disappeared. I screamed and screamed but that didn’t prevent the room to stop getting smaller and smaller. I felt the walls crashing my body. Everything turned. I fainted.

I opened my eyes carefully and noticed I was standing in the restroom. With a door in its regular size. I quickly opened it and ran out. It had become day. Though there still was no sign of Mark, no sight of the neighbourhood, no sign of anyone. Only that famous fog again.

I had to leave the house immediately cause I couldn’t live through such madness again. I took my car, started it and drove away. As my speed went up to sixty miles per hour, I dialled my mum’s number. It switched directly to voicemail.
The number you have reached is not in service at this time, please check the number or try you call again.
“Mom, dad, something terrible is happening to me and I don’t know what,” I said as I busted out in tears, looking at the gas meter which was still full. “I’m coming to you guys cause I don’t know what else to do. I haven’t seen Mark since last night and I think I’m going insane. DAMNIT THIS ROAD USED TO BE FULL OF TRAFFIC, NOW I DON’T SEE A SINGLE CAR.” I never thought I would miss the presence of traffic. If I just saw one single car on the road I would’ve been relieved just a little, but I couldn’t see a thing through the mist. I hung up the phone and slowed down as I arrived in Bakery Street, where my parents lived. It had been quite a while since I visited them so I had to make sure I got the right house number. 13, 15,17…19! I noticed they had company, lots of company. There were at least 15 cars parked in front of their house. I parked mine across the street and stepped out of the car.
Why are there so many people here? I wondered. I look left and right before I crossed the street. As if there were cars on the road that could’ve killed me. It would’ve been ironic though. I got to the front door as I rang the doorbell twice. I waited as I gazed at my reflection in the little window of the door. I looked exactly the same as I looked the day before. What is wrong with me? I mumbled to myself once again. I stood there for about 2 minutes as I decided to go through the backdoor which was always open. After I walked through the moist grass I got in through the back. I wiped off my shoes on the “welcome” mat as I heard people talking, it came the living room. As I walked throughout the veranda to the door that would lead me to the living room, I was full of excitement that I was finally going to be able to see human beings again. The door couldn’t open any faster, but I was confused with what I saw behind it.

People, along with mum and dad, crying. All dressed in black. Had I just walked into a home funeral? Who had died? were the first questions that popped into my head. I entered the room, but no one even noticed me. Looking at my own clothes, basic jeans and a white vest, I felt inappropriate. I tiptoed to my parents trying not to disturb the mourners, but I stopped as I noticed the picture of the lost person. It was a picture of me taken last year on my vacation in Paris. I stopped and looked around me, it looked like I had participated in my own funeral.
“Mom, Dad?” I asked rather quietly “I’m right here!”. They didn’t seem to notice me. “MOM? ITS ME! PLEASE ANSWER ME!” I started to burst out in tears, but they didn’t even look at me. I begged them to notice me, but the way they kept whispering, crying and talking to each other made me wonder if I even existed. When I stopped yelling for a second I captured the conversation between my dad and his brother, uncle Will.
“I’m so sorry for your loss, it all happened so sudden. I can’t believe we don’t even know how. And Mark-”
MARK ! I didn’t hear the rest of what Uncle Will was saying and started looking for Mark between the silent faces, but I couldn’t find him.
“MARK? MAR-“ I stopped looking as I bumped my back against something. I was startled as I noticed a coffin behind me. A shiny black coffin. I stared at it while I wondered who was lying inside. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I grabbed the handle. Slowly I opened the casket. What I saw confirmed the impossible. My own dead body. it was clearly me, though my face seemed hardly recognizable of the many scars my face had. I let it fall shut as I landed on my knees, crying of what I just saw. I wanted to wake up from this bad dream, but I knew for sure this wasn’t a dream. I tried to scream the pain away. The pain of my parents crying over my loss. The pain I had, knowing I was already dead.

I took my hands from my face as I noticed the room changed again. Not in any weird Rubik-like constructions, but it faded away like a piece of paper vanishing in fire. I started to feel cold, the mist was back. The room had transformed from my own funeral to a place outside. I was sitting on my knees on the edge of a road. As I stood up I noticed a car, my car, with me driving behind the wheel. I could remember it so clearly, only seconds before the accident happened. I was in a flashback.
“LOOK OUT,” I screamed at myself seeing the other car slamming into me. The accident happened more gruesome than I ever could imagine.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” was my reaction to what I saw; My own body split in half as my upper half laid on the motor cap of the other car. I couldn’t believe what I was experiencing; seeing me in the past as a metaphysical character of myself, dying in a car crash. What shocked me the most was seeing the other car open his door. A man in shock running to my remains.
“LAUURAAAAAAA,” he yelled loudly. Mark, my husband whom I was so worried about for the past hours had accidentally killed me. It all happened so fast that I didn’t even notice it was Mark’s car that crashed into mine. I saw him, panicking and screaming from the pain. I saw he was wounded too, but he was more hurt of the accident, which was a result of my stupidity. He got back into the car and drove away to what was left of it. I saw him heading to the nearby channel, he didn’t stop. He disappeared into the fog. When I reached the channel I saw his car sinking into the deep after he crashed into the water. My emotions were hurting me so much that I decided to do whatever it took to end the nightmare I was in. As real as this world felt to me, I let my body fall. I felt my back hitting the water, but it didn’t feel like water. It felt like I crashed and fell into pieces on a concrete floor. what did it matter? Wasn’t I already dead?

My body felt warm and clean. I could breath, and when I opened my eyes I could see. Everything was gold coloured. I was floating in a breathable warm liquid that felt beyond comfortable. It felt so peaceful. I looked above me where I saw light beams shining through the gold as I swam to it. The liquid felt like water when I pushed it down to lift myself up. I got above the surface. Everything was white. Not cold and misty white, but warm and soft white. The light came from in front of me, lighting up my bright blue eyes. I stepped out of the fluid as the gold water slid off my body like mercury. My purpose on earth was done, my case was closed. When I understood I was dead, I had accepted the facts. I got happier and happier as I slowly walked into the bright warm light. How cruel and sad death can be, it is heaven that heals the bruises and makes them beautiful again. As the light welcomed me in, I stepped into the afterlife.

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