what i hate is love

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tell about don't ever fallen in love with wrong person..

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012




......what i hate is love......
its about when i was on my bed and i was hearing radio channel from my cell phone my usual habit .because i think i will get good sleep when i hear lovely songs..but that night i hear up an interiew by a girl that incident i am sharing with you as my new story.............
may be 11 p.m. i was hearing radio from my cell phone.but my hands stop on that frequency that tell me about a love which she hate....now the words of that girls..................
i was fresh to the job and suddenly my eyes stopped to the chief execuitive of my company.He is as young as me but look very serious about his work..that my first sight to him stopped me and i feel curious to talk to him and travel a road with him................but that not happened for many years ............
that was the occasion of company sales party and i met him and talked with him ..and i thought he was a perfect match to me (this is her wrong assumption)...then their small met up turn to a big relationship.....they start dating each other and to become a good partner but have you ever seen a white and lovely pigeon fall in love with a crow...thats happens here.. the conflict start like that they are on their jobs but when at burdens over(working day end)he asked her something which she denied..may be he wants to get physical but the girl denied it this fused the the boy up he left his gentlemen image and do something worse.....when the next day she come up with her colleages everyone looking at her with nagging suspicious eyes the men tell everyone about this and when she try to talk to him he didn't give response at all .this happens when a person fall in love with someone wrong person...this left the girl with her guilt that she loved someone who is not able for that and she think this love is nothing a blind feeling but as someone said '"there is someone somewhere for everyone" so the girl dont loss her faith on true love and she neede to wait when right one come for her.............after all hearing this i thought it is right idea for new writing and i slept with an idea in my mind....

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