Darkness: The Beginning

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A work of pure Fantasy and fiction. By no means the following work is the author's belief or to be taken as a religion. Another Anthology.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




  1. The Darkness


In the beginning, there was the Darkness. And in this darkness, there lies entities that had no form. For Darkness were they. Along came the Word. The One who called forth the Light. And thus the Light began to illuminate the shadows, burning and destroying the formless entities. Scattering them into dust.


And when Light and Darkness was separated into two, the entities continue to exist and hidden in the Shadows. The scattering dust were molded and created into existence. Of such became matters, carbons, elementals. And the Earth and the Heavens were formed.


The Word was a powerful voice. The Word, that became a Breath. And with Breath, there came the Life. The Life that was breathed into the dust. The dust that was formed into shapes and beings. And there was Life.


The Word also became multiple entities. The commanding authority was the powerful voice that Create. The minor words, became messages. And with messages, took form of Messengers. And they reside in the Light.


The Creator was not satisfied with the inferior life existence upon the Earth. Thus, with physical hands that manifested itself, created an image unremarkable like anything that was created. Made from the earth itself. Unknown that the earth was tainted with the dark entities’ dust particles. The Breath that filled the shell became the life and soul of the form. And thus Man existed, with both Light and Darkness’ essence.


When all was good, the Words were silent and ended with a period.


The Darkness itself, having watched and learn how to mold a shape. Thus creating an image like Man. But missing some pieces and adding something extra to entice and entrap Man to devour his soul, and rob of his breath.


She was something stunning, and almost perfect. Her own flesh were extremely pale, having made from the shadows and collected dusts. She was soulless, but her spirit was manipulated by the darkness. She was Lilith. And she came to Man, and tempted him to join her into the Shadows. He was curious, for he never saw anyone like himself.


The Messengers saw this and alerted the Creator. Who thus banished the abomination. The Creator also struck Man down into sleep, and erased the image of the vile figure. But knowing how alone the Man felt, the Creator decided to create a companion. One who completes Man.


From him, he created Her from Man’s parts. He fit Her like a puzzle with Him. Two pieces that connect as one. He who holds a key, and She who holds the gate. And when both pieces are connected, they multiply and creates new Life. And they became multiples.


The entities of Darkness cursed the Light, and they cursed Life itself. They saw the new Woman, who is She and Her; and they were in fury. A replacement and a “perfect” specimen. They went to her, and tempted her. She was NOT perfect. She disobeyed. Her eyes were now open, and she became curious. Curious like the entities itself from the Darkness. Rebellious indeed. And the two Man and Wo-Man were banished from their paradise.



The Darkness continue to manipulate, and torment Man, and their mini-creations. The offspring of Man and Woman, He and She. They became THEY. And multiply.


The entities of Hatred and Envy emerged from the Darkness itself. The Darkness whispered its Hate and Envy to a Brother. They told him to destroy his other brother’s image. And he did, leaving the brother’s blood to pile into a huge pool. The Breath of the brother cried out for justice. And soon, the Breath returned to the Light and the surviving brother was banished and punished.


But the pool of Blood grew, as the Darkness bathed in it and corrupts it. It grew huge, into a Blood Lake and the entities wallow in it. Through the Blood, the remaining essence of Flesh and Breath help create Shapes. And these entities emerged from the Darkness with form. The forms were hideous, and imperfect. They were vile creatures, and were called demontes.


They were lead by the exiled Lilith, who became their Master. For she was the Mother (first) of all the demontes who emerged from the Darkness itself. Her kingdom was in the Blood Lake.


The Darkness continue to influence Man, and corrupts many. They soon became the wicked, and closed their ears and their eyes away from Light. They stopped listening to the Words. And thus prompt the Creator to wipe away their Existence.


  1. The Heaven’s War


From the Lake of Blood, came the seed of corruptions from the Darkness surrounding and engulfing the area. The demontes ruled the area, and feasted on the Sons of Man. And Man called upon their God to aide them.


The all powerful Word sent forth the Messengers, and created a faction of Angels-Servants to do battle against the vile demons. And they became full, in the image of Light and Man. Lead by the most heavenly-beautiful celestial warrior; The Morning Star.


And He conquered the Mother (first) of the Demons; the one called Lilith. Destroyed her image, and scattered her essence deep into a huge pit-cavern. And He pushed against the Darkness, away further from the Blood Lake, so as it would not influenced and corrupted the Life that surrounded it.


And all was good at the time.



  1. Darkness Incarnate


HE was one with the Darkness. He was just a face, in the shadow. The light of the void. The odd cog in the wheel. There were many entities that resided in the Darkness. They were Legion, but this One was rebellious against his own.


He broke away from the Void. He took with him, part of the Darkness. He ripped their unity, and left them weakened. He took with him a portion of their identity. And this, he kept himself. And they, the Darkness cursed him. For he broke the Shadow.


He presented himself to the Light. And he influenced the Morning Star. And he manipulated the Messengers to rebel against the Light. Against the Word. And those who lent their ears to Him of the Darkness. They became Fallen.


Him of the Darkness, cloaked himself with the Shadow. And taught the Fallens on how to use the darkness and the shadows as an image. And the Fallens too, spread the Words of the Darkness. And they influenced the Sons of Man to follow their Dark ways. And thus these followers were known as Dark Followers.


The Fallens took control of the demontes that they once defeated. And they waged a battle against the Light. For the Fallens were filled with Hatred and Envy; the influences of the Darkness Entity. The Fallens were envied of Man, for they had lost their favor from their Creator.


Soon, these Fallens took their own form of that of Man. And walked among Man. But their appearance were more heavenly, for they know the beauty of Light. They know how to manipulate imagery for their appearance. And they spread their Lies, and their manipulations. Their deceits, to crush the Light of Man and fill their soul with Darkness. And to prove that Man should not be favored over them.


The world was filled with the Wicked, and the Darkness grew from the hatred and enviness of all beings. The Darkness began to rule once again.


  1. A New Beginning


The Messengers brought news to Man who still clung onto the Word and was pure at heart. The wicked, and the corrupted will be wiped out by a great flood. And thus, this was God’s will to the world of corruptions. The Darkness was flooded along with the Blood Lake by a massive flood from the Heavens. Only those who were contacted, and true to the Word were saved. And through them, Man multiply once again with the Word spread among them.


But as nations were built, Arrogance and Prejudice took form. Released from the Void of what’s left of the Darkness Entity itself. And through both, slowly the Darkness grew. For Man’s will is easily corrupted. They still hold essence of the Darkness in their flesh. With their heart turning black, so too Him of the Darkness emerged. And so too, the Fallens. And thus, the Dark Followers continue to exist.


The Fallens had took shelter in the pit-cavern below the Earth, along with the demontes. They figured it was a safe bet to rise from their Heldes, and continue to corrupt Man and test their faith.


Him, of the Darkness took form of Man. And walked among them. Learning, and studying their faith. He did not tempt them like the Fallens. He did not influenced them with dark emotions like the Darkness Entity. He now merely observe. For now, he is curious as to Man’s importance to the Light.


  1. The Blood Lake returns


Centuries passed, and the sight of the Blood Lake re-emerged. And with it, brought a new guardian.


In another nation-state, a tribe of people had condemned a young woman and cursed her with Damnation. This act brought on by Hatred caused the woman to become a vassal for Darkness Entity. And she was consumed, and absorbed by it. It granted her her vengeance, through the ultimate power against those who distrusted her.


The Darkness entity rejoiced for they have successfully destroyed a person’s Light, and now can use the vassal as a weapon against Mankind. But Him, of the Darkness was rebellious against his brethren. He influenced her and promised change. And he brought her to the Blood Lake, where he offered her to the Guardian. And the Blood Lake took her.


In her place, Nephrilla the Queen of the Blood emerged. Him, of the Darkness, and Queen of the Blood copulated, and became one. In the Blood Lake, the Dark Followers drank from it and bathed in its essence. Their image did not distort nor changed, and they kept their form. But yet, they now thirst for Blood. Thus, they were the Ancients. The very first Vampires.

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