Death INC: Born from Fire

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The Man in Red ventures into the depth of Heldes to find the ONE Soul that had escaped him many centuries ago.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



The walls of flame parted, and a figure emerged from within. Long, flowing Red coat lingers behind like that of the fire itself. The man with the slick black hair and pale complexion looked up to his surroundings, and beamed a widening smile. Satisfied that this was the RIght place he belongs. He stepped from the wall of Flames onto the putrid ground made of discarded flesh.

The torturing cries of damned souls echoed around him, greeting him like a musical ochestra to his ears. He inhaled the scent of burnt offerings, and exhaled with a deep, pleasurable sigh.


Home. Where he had once dwell in. Ages ago, when he belonged to the Brotherhood of Devils, or what it is now called Devils Inc.


He once had a name, but oh so long abandoned. He now goes by the moniker of Mr. Red. Formally known as Mr. Devil; or simply "D".


He ventured forth into the depths of the realm of Heldes, the name He himself applied to. Oh indeed, the realm itself has been called by different names by different storytellers. He had one purpose in mind, one reason why he'd return to the place he had left long ago. Even with his widening smile, frozen on his face, he was not at all happy to be there. He was determined to find the thing he was searching for. The One thing that was stolen from him.


He came upon the dark watery river that leads toward the first destination. He stood impatiently at the bank, awaiting for the boatman to make his appearance. Sure enough, the dark hooded figure apeared from beneath the blackness of the water.


The boatman stood upon a sturdy container. His size towering over the Man in the Red. Mr Red himself beamed a widening smile and greeted his old patron.


"STYX!!" the man in Red greeted, his smile genuine. "Long time, old pal!"


The hooded Styx peered closer to the man in Red and almost toppled backward in surprise.

"Oh jeezus! You're back!" rumbled the ancient voice of the ferryman. "You made a terrible mess, last time you were here Red!"


"And I will finish what I started!" Red proudly proclaimed, offering a gold shilling.


"Damnation," cursed the hooded ferryman. Reluctantly, he took the gold coin and mumbled, "…can't refuse service. Hop'on, now!"


The Man in Red fluidly hopped onto the container, and the ferryman began rowing slowly down the dark river. It's been ages when Mr. Red had any interaction with the Ferryman Styx. The ferryman himself looked gravely thin, for a guy who's all bones. A Skeletal himself and a detracter from the Reapers corp, who now served Devils Inc.


Within Red's widening smile, he sneered with disgust at the former Reaper. He has become a slave to the Devils, instead. Red himself could not stand the rules and regulation that the Devils Inc associates had placed upon the "company" and that was the reason of his rebellion.


"Skip the tour, Styx," Red commanded. "I don't have the time to see all circles of Hell today. I must have audience with the Horn King!"


The hooded ferryman looked back toward Red. "And too does the Horn King wants an audience with you. For so long, you've escaped his attempts to bring you back."


The Man in Red beamed a wider smile and slashed at the air with his hand. "Oh come now. Those daemons he sent were untrained and undisciplined. That's the main problem with this new Devils Inc. There is no quality in the products they produced. It all went to shit when the OG and the Fallens departed."


The ferryman scoffs but continue rowing. They ventured in silence. Wanting to irked the ferryman even more, Mr. Red asked an annoying question. "If you judge me for leaving Devils Inc under my terms, what say you for leaving the Reaper Corps?"


The ferryman stiffen, and his bones rattled as he shudder. He whips around and his skull face beamed anger at Mr. Red.

"Say no more, Red!" Styx growled, his eyes glowing tiny blue flames. "What lies has Daniel Bones spread about me? Hrm? I choose to serve the company that treats me with respect. That actually gave me a JOB, rather than those Reapers who got me doing paperworks, filling out forms. Bagh!!"


Angry, the ferryman rowed quicker. Mr. Red chuckled noisly.

"Oh Styx," Red continued, "So how long have you been chaffeuring souls to the many department of Heldes? Seven centuries, perhaps? Where's the promotion? Are you going to be doing this for the next millenium?"


"Your destination aproachs!" growled the ferryman. Red chuckled to himself.


When the boat finally reached the bank, Red quickly hopped off and bid his farewell to the Ferryman.

"Don't wait up!" Red said, but the ferryman was already fading into the darkness as quick as he can.



Red took in the surrounding of the Ninth Circle. Ah, yes. The Realm of Treachery, where he himself deceived the Deceivers. Mr. Red himself became part of the Devils Inc due to his sin.

PRIDE, it was that he mastered in.


He ventured forth, passing the Ninth realm until further deep, and even darker it became. The shadows itself became an entity, and Red's physical form melded with the darkness. This new department was not a physical realm, but a mental state of mind. The place where all demons and devils go to to rejuvenate their evil self.


And when he had enough, he was spat out of the shadows like a baby borned from fire, screeching with pleasurable agony. He gasped and collected himself, and whooted with excitement.


"Gawsh, I missed that experience!" he panted with orgasmic satisfaction.


He continued forward until he came to another realm. This realm was filled with purple pods, and daemons with leathery wings. They were all feminine, and beautiful to the eyes of one who dwell in Heldes for so long. But yet, he had missed them oh so. He remembered the times when he had resided for a great deal amount of time with those lustrious daemons, who pleasured him and fed off him. They used to feast on him, as he relinquish the many souls he had gathered, sometime throwing centuries of hard earned souls for a night with the Queen of the Succubi.


And just the memory of Mother First (the Queen of the Succubi), did the actual being made her appearance. A gargantuan Devil with a harden body of stone, and two huge mound on her chest. Her eyes glowed fire red, with lips the colour of human's blood. She sneered at the image of the Man in Red, revealing fanged teeth. Her hair was made of fire, and they grew denser when she got angry.


"DANTES!" she sneered.


The Man in Red winced and his widening smile waned into an almost sneer from the mere mention of his old name. But yet, he could not lose his cool in front of the Mother.


"Lilith!" Red greeted.


She gave a rumbling roar that sent the other succubi fleeing in terror.


"You DARE returns after you've made a MESS in our realm!" growled Lilith, the Mother First.


"You knew I'd come here after you had sent me that message," Red said. "Call forth your man-servant, the Horn King and we shall talk of a proposition!"


Her glowing eyes brightens and a small smile cracked from her lips. "I KNEW you would take the bait, Dante."



Moments later, Red and the Mother First aproached the realm of the Horn King. Sitting high upon his throne ontop of a mountainous mound of flesh. The Horn King uttered a low rumbling laugh at the sight of the Man in Red.


"Hur-Hur-Hur-HUR!!" the King laughed.


Beside him stood a stickly figure dressed as a court Jester. His pale face was thin and long, and he too had a widening grin. The Wicked Jester snapped his head back and forth from the Horn King and to the Man in Red. Then, he let out his own cackling.



The Horn King slowly stood up, revealing his massive form. Flesh of red, and the two horns that emerged from the side of his head was as thick as his own thigh, but Black as a coal. His eyes were cat-like and yellow. The Horn King beamed a satisfied smile, filled with fangs.


"Welcome back," bellowed the Horn King, and then adding with delight, "….SON!"


Red's widen grin fade and grimaced with anger and disgust at the mere mention.

"Where is IT?" Red asked, getting right to his point.


"I thought you came here for a proposition?" Lilith pointed, coyly.


"HRRMM!! How rude of you child, to ignore my calls," the Horn King grumbled, "And here you are, finally! If I had known it would bring you to me quicker, I would have played the Ace card right away."


The Man in Red closed his eyes, and gave a heavy sigh. "For so long, I have searched for the ONE soul that had escaped me. That was denied from me! The 1,000 souls of the ONE!"


He glared at the Horn King. "And all this time, you knew where it was!"


"It was YOU who fled from us, Dante!" Lilith accused. "And what do you propose to give to us, for this information?"


"That Soul belonged to me!" Red exclaimed.  "I had rightful claim for it. But his Death never came, and he lived another life. And then, another. And Another!! He lived 1,000 LIVES!! And now, I can't seem to locate his whereabouts! I really don't have TIME to barter!"


"What's the hurry?" asked Lilith, moving her huge mass around Red to confront him. "You've been gone for a while. Why not pick things up where we left off?"


"Hee-Hee-Hee-HIM!" cackled the Wicked Jester.


"DANTE!" bellowed the Horn King, "I will gladly give you the information you so desired to seek. But you must agree to my terms!"


"And what is that? Serve you for another Eternity?" Red challenged.


This caused the Trio to crack up, laughing. "Hur-Hur-HUR!!"  "Hee-Hee-HIM!"  "HA-HA-HA!!"

And which also caused The Man in Red to be confused.


"In all fairness, Dante," Lilith replied with a rumbling voice, "We will freely give you this information that you seek. For this knowledge would lead you into an active course that would indeed benefit us!"


"Oh great," Red scoffed, "Just because I had deceived you once, you think you could use the same deception to play me?"


"The One Soul you seek," the Horn King interupted, "He rightfully belongs to you. And during that time, you were part of our Devils Inc, therefore the company gets a fair share. It was then when that One soul became Lost to you, you soon quit from Devils Inc."


"You made a pact with a Reaper," Lilith continued, "And formed your own Death Inc company. Oh, how you shamed us by joining our competitors, or one who used to work for the Reapers Corp nonetheless."


"Hee-HEE-HEE-HIM!" cackled the Wicked Jester.


"You SEE, DANTE" bellowed the Horn King, "Unkown to you, child! You joined hand with the THEIF who stole the One Soul from you!!"


"It is true," Lilith confirmed, "Daniel Bones is the one who has your ONE SOUL. He always had it, along with his other partner, the Tall Man. They had it before you were recruited into their organization."


The revelation of his partner, Daniel Bone as the one who has the ONE Soul caused Red to assess his situation. He will have to research this information, if it is true. His partner, he couldn't believe. They had a DEAL!!


Red's face twitched slightly in a brief moment of madness. He glared up at the Horn King. "How shall I return my gratitude, Sir?"


"Hur-Hur-Hur-HUR!" laughed the Horn King.


"Hee-Hee-Hee-HIM!" cackled the Wicked Jester.


"Come Dante," Lilith beckoned him, as the Horn King and the WIcked Jester fades into their darkness.

"I have another present for you."


Mother FIrst took the Man in Red back to her Realm of Lust where the purple pods resided. She cracked open a pod, as blood and flesh oozes onto the ground. From inside, a tiny creature nested.


"Take this, Dante," The Mother First said, reaching into the pod and yanking the creature apart from the womb-pod in a bloody pull. The creature screeched in agony, as if being burned alive. It flail its arm, and kicked with its tiny feet.


"From my flesh, and from your seed that long ago you've provided," Lilith said, "Our offspring. Born from Fire and Lust. She will prove to be a great weapon for you in the future."


Red took the wicked creature and looked into its green and fire eyes. It looked up at him, and stopped its screeching. It did not cooed. It did not gurgle, for it is NOT cute. It is a hideous, vile creature. But Red felt a connection to the creature.


"And you want nothing from me?" Red asked.


"Not at the moment," Lilith replied. "For we know what you will do. And we will always be here to provide for your needs. You BELONG to Devils Inc, Dante! So plot your next move, wisely and play your double role for Death Inc. And we will await once you retrieve your 1,000 souls of the ONE. With it, YOU will become stronger and powerful. And you will not forget about Devils INC."


She slowly slid away into the darkness, leaving Red to cradle the bloody creature.

"Come child," Red said, his grin widening and his mood lifted. "I shall call you LILIAN!"


Red opened the portal and quickly stepped through to plot his treachery.



"Hee-Hee-Hee-HIM!" cackled the Wicked Jester.

"He took the bait," Lilith reported.

"Keep an eye on him, Jester" commanded the Horn King. "He is hard to read at times. I wonder, who deceived whom? ….Hur-Hur-Hur-HURR!!"



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