Death Inc: Have a Heart!

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The man previously known as Mr. Death, now known as Mr. Bones, take one last assignment.

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



Mr. Bones Have a Heart

Within the dark of night, in a small, broken down house where poverty lived. A tall dark figure materialized within the shadows. The black robe lingered behind like it's own darkness, until finally the full figure stood inside the home of the Hart family.

His head surveyed his surrounding, and slowly nodded in satisfaction that he was in the right place. He listened patiently for the heavy breathing of Sleep. Knowing himself a minute early for his scheduled appointment, he sat comfortably down on the broken couch; cottons spilling. He gave a heavy sigh, and savor the moment.

This was his last assignment. Only after this, would he really retired from his work. He had done these things for many centuries. Previously, he'd updated his wardrobe to fit in with the modern age. But after giving up his wide-rimmed hat and long black coat, he returned to his retro long robe and hood.

He is Daniel Bones. Profession; Mr. Death. Part of the Reaper Corps. And since centuries past, had contracted himself off from the corp and formed his own company known as Death Inc. Made a Pact with Mr. Red, another contracter from Devils Inc. Their agreement, One to Release, One to Collect. Now nearing retirement, Daniel Bones wanted this last assignment to end his epic career.

Thirsty, he got up from the couch and head to the kitchen. Quiet as a mouse, he opened the refrigerator and rummaged through the rotten veggies, to find a glass of milk. Expiration date was that night, but he did not cared about spoilt milk. He did not bother to find dirty cups, and just took a long swig from the bottle itself. Gulping noise echoed through the quiet night.

Ahhhhhh! He sighed after his drink. Not bothering to wipe his mouth, for he had none… The bottle of half drunk milk was placed back into the refrigerator. When he turned around, a shadow appeared from the darkness that caught Daniel Bones off guard. If he had a soul, it would have escaped him. Instead, he froze like a deer caught in headlight.

"Are you Santa Clause?" asked the small voice of a little girl, clutching a dirty teddy bear.

Daniel Bones examined the small innocent creature. It was only August, but the child was merely uneducated.

The little girl was dirty herself, and appeared unfrighten by the presence of the Man in Robe. She inched closer to him, which made Daniel Bones inched back, almost frightened.

"I don't want anything else for Christmas but one thing only," the small girl said, with as much hope and sadness in her voice.

Daniel Bones edged back toward the dirty couch and calmly sat. Not knowing what else to do, he entertained the child.

"What is it, child?" the Man in the Black Robe said.

Comfortably, she climbed ontop of his lap, while his entire robe engulfed her as it was baggy over his skeletal frame. She looked up into the dark hood, and found his calm eyes.

"Santa?..." she said, voice squeaking like a mouse. "All I want…(sniff) All I want for Christmas is for my mother to get well."

"Your mother?" asked the Man in the Black Robe, "Why? Is she sick?"

"She's ill," the little girl replied. "She has been ill for so long now."

"Hrmm," his voice rumbled in the dark.

"We don't have enough money to give to the doctor for him to fix her," she said, with those innocent voice.

She started to sniff even more, as fluid leaked from her eyes. She buried her angelic face in her hands. The Man in the Black Robe lifted his bony (left) fingers and stroked her dirty blonde hair. She reacted by wrapping her small arms around his body and buried her head in his robe as she sobbed.

"I'm very sorry to hear," he mumbled into her ears. She continue to cry until her heavy breathing indicated that she fell asleep. After a few minutes, he gently placed her on the couch for her to sleep. Tomorrow, she would not remember this visit. But she would continue to dream. She would continue to Hope, and have faith.

"Sleep...they are little slices of Death," his voice whispered.

The Man in the Black Robe stood over her, watching. For a brief minute, he felt a stirring within his rib cage.

Heavy footsteps came from the back room. A figure appeared from the darkness, wearing a wide-rimmed hat and black boots to match. Daniel Bones turned around to face his protégé and son, Daniel Deth. Young Daniel nodded toward the Old Bones.

"It's done," he said, "I've taken care of the Mother."

Daniel Bones felt a little light headed. "Hrmmm…" he grumbled, finding another couch to sit down.

"Took too long with the child," Daniel Deth said, "Not like you to be late on an assignment. Good thing I was here with you."

Young Daniel sat next to the Old Bones. "Getting out of touch, are ya? You would've scolded at me for being late. You're getting Old!"

"I was hoping to end my career with a Bang," rumbled the Man in the Black Robe. "But I'm glad it's over now. Now, I'll just enjoy my retirement."

"What will you do?" Daniel asked.

"Hrrmmm…" the Old Bones rumbled on, and closed his eyes in thoughts. "Dunno yet."

Daniel suddenly scoff and then followed with a snicker.

"Imagine that!" he said. "Mr. Death himself had a heart."

"I'm no longer Mr. Death, Daniel," Bones replied. "You have that title now. From now on, I'm just simply Mr. Bones."


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