Death Inc: The Hand of Death

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Daniel follows the profession of his Father, taking over for him as his successor. A binding pact initiated by Lilian, his new partner. The two must work together to complete their very first job.

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011




It was still dark outside when He came around and stirred me from my slumber. Heavy hands nudging me, not too rough but persuasive, even so. I muffled an annoyed exclamation in my pillow. But those hands shook me even more forceful.


“Get up.” His voice boomed into my ears with his softest voice he could muster. He's never mad at me, although I have given Him many reasons to be. I’m just a young man, regardless. A teenager with a surly, rebel attitude.


“Daniel,” he said, firmly. “It is time!”


I felt my body straightening up, but my eyes were still closed. I let my body auto-pilot, as I threw on a black shirt and black denim jeans. The black shirt had a white skull in the front. My ten fingers combed through my ruffled hair. Peeking through slit eye-lids, I made my way to the bathroom to splash some cold water. The coldness woke me up a bit as I wash away the Sandman’s crust from my eyes.


He wore his usual black coat and that wide-rimmed hat that covered most his face. His hands wore fingerless gloves that matched his black pants. He eyed me with huge orbs of eyes, as if he couldn’t ever imagine being someone’s father. He'd always remind me that many times. It’s His way of letting me know He was proud of me, his only son. He looked like he wanted to give me a hug, but I brushed past him with my grumpy attitude.


We made our way out the house and climbing into an old Dodge. The cold envelope us in this winter morning. My father started the car. It stuttered and then cough, going back to sleep mode. He turned to give me a disbelieving look and I covered a yawn.


“Even the car doesn’t want to wake up,” I said surly.


“Would you prefer we take the horse in this cold?” he asked, innocently as he rolled his eyes from me. A trait he probably learned too many times from his son.


He started the ignition again, allowing the car to stutter and cough. After many attempts, the car roared into Life.


“Wow, you gave it Life!” I sarcastically said.


We shot backward down the drive, my head bumping right onto the dashboard. The car swerved onto the road, and then shot forward like a bat out of hell. My body buried as the G-force smashed me into the seat further.


“Slow down! What’s your fucking hurry?” I asked, “Are you trying to kill us?” I looked at him and he returned the wide stare. I burst into laughter at my own joke. Again, he rolled his eyes at me.


“We are going to be late.” He gruffly said.


This time, I rolled my eyes at him. “We have plenty of Time” I muttered.


“I prefer to arrive ahead of schedule,” he grumbled.


That’s His trait alright. Sometime, he would sit there and lounge for hours before the schedule time. It’s His way of pre-gaming.


We soon entered the city and must go through Toll. I get annoyed that he’d want to go through toll, when I know for a fact we do not need to pay the Trolls. We came upon the window and the booth man saw what we want him to see. An illusion. My father handed him an old coin, worth a little more than the toll itself. Then, we shot through the road again.


The moon was still high, Day have not yet awaken. We probably have three hours before Dawn.


“Are you ready, son?” He asked, turning the car into a street corner.


“It isn’t that hard,” I shrugged. "We've gone through this many times. I got it down on pact!"


“The practice itself is simple,” He said, “It’s the pre-gaming that you should master.”


“I know,” I said, “Patience is virtue. You’ve told me many times.”

“You must get that in your iron skull!” He reached over to ruffle my hair.


“At least I’m not balding!” I shot back, chuckling my evil laugh.


We parked in front of the apartment. I stepped out of the warm car into the frigid cold. I could see my breath every time I take my mortal inhalation. He, on the other hand, stride through the cold with no special effects. His breathing did not emit mist and the cold does not affect his bones. I cursed the flesh I wear, envy that my Father was not affected by the environment.


We made our way up the stairs like two hitmen, which is to say we stomped noisily up the flight. Mid-way, I was slowed and gasping for breath. I latched onto the rail to hold myself up.

"Wait up, Dad!" I huffed. I cursed my mortal shell that weakens me.

"Why couldn't we just take the Shadow Express?" I complained.

"Quickly Daniel!" his voiced echoed from the top flight.


Finally, I met up with him at the top of the Penthouse Suite, room number 669. The nine itself was hanging loosely. I rang the doorbell and instantly heard the lock unlatched. He leered at me first to take my image. Incoffident of myself, I tidied my shirt and hair to be presentable. I then, put my game face on, as my Father started to rap at the door.


She opened the door, looking as stunning as a young goddess. She had on a Red silk kimono, hugging tightly around her sexy curves and ample bossom. Her pale legs rode up and met upon her bubblicious buttocks. Her red hair fell freely to her shoulders and she smiled her ruby red lips at me. Her green eyes moved from me, to my father.


“Hey Mr. D!” she greeted, “Both of you, please do come in!”


She welcomed us warmly as we stepped into a cozy apartment. The carpet and the drapes were all fire red. The appliances were emerald green. This was her apartment and she managed to put her flavor into it. Her place smelled like black licorice. I fucking HATE black liccorice.


“You’re early!” she said as she set the table with tea and cookies. He thanked her and took a seat. I stood behind him like a bodyguard.


“Oh come, Daniel,” she said, “have a seat yourself and enjoy some cookies. I made them myself.”


“With what?” I asked, giving her an accusing eye.


She opened her mouth to say something, but smartly stopped herself. She gave me a knowing wink instead. She was very seductive, and only two years older than me. But she tend to put on her tease to older men. Ancient men. Especially to the man who sat next to me.


I took a cookie and bit into it. It tasted vile and I spat the piece out, noisily. Her smile faded and her green eyes stirred something wicked. I dared her to react but she was saved by another man, materializing from the back room.


“Ah, my old friend,” said the voice from the shadow.


My father stood up to greet. The man in the red robe approached the dining table and took my father in an embrace.


“How fair you, Mr. D?” he asked.

“My joints are acting up again,” my father gruffly said, “it comes with Age.”

The man in the red robe laughed and clap my father on the shoulder. “Nonsense! Your old bones just need some lubing.”

My father’s attention turned toward Her. She return a luscious smile.


The man in the red robe turned toward me.


“Ah Daniel!” he greeted, “My, have you Age!”

“Greeting, Mr. D,” I greeted the man in the red robe.


“Today, you will become one of us!” he proclaimed.

“Looking forward to it, sir,” I replied.


“Well! Since you are a bit early,” the man in the red robe said, “would you join me for a drink?”

I swallowed a vomit that escaped my throat. I did not try to hide my exploit.

The man in the Red Robe laughed even heartier and slapped me on the back.

“It will take some getting used to,” he said.


“Come Daniel,” my father beckoned, “we must not be impolite.”


“I’d rather get to the contract soon,” I said.


“Patience, Daniel,” He warned me.


“Well, the boy is anxious,” the man in the red robe said, “Youth!”


The man in the red robe pulled out a vanilla envelope from his robe itself. With a frozen grin on his face, he handed it to Her, who took the folder reluctantly. She rolled her eyes at him and gave him an annoyed sigh.


“Lilian will brief you on your assignment,” he said, grinning. “And she will show you the ropes.” The man turned away and head toward the dark room.


“I don’t get to ask questions?” I called to him.


“Lilian will brief you and show you the ropes…” came his hallow voice. “You kids have fun! You’re our future…..” His voice died within the shadows.


My father put his hands on my shoulder and look me in my eyes. “You’ve waited for this your entire life. And I have waited for Ages. I know you will succeed. You make me proud, son. I’d never thought I’d live to see this.”


“Dad, you’re making me leak fluids,” I said, avoiding his eyes but it fell on her’s.


She sneered at me with a false smile, laughing with her eyes at my mortal weakness. She wipe a finger on her cheek, imitating a fallen tear. That bitch!


He finally let me go and nodded his satisfaction. He took the wide-rimmed hat off and placed it on my head. “This is yours now,” he said, his pale skull exposed and the image of a dark tall man flicker out. What remained was the Old Daniel Bone himself. Then, he followed the man in the red robe into the shadows, where he too fade from the present and into whatever hell they go to for their "drinks".


She chuckled. It was soft at first, then it became scornful. I felt my knees getting weak so I sat myself down on the chair. She came behind me and dug her two inch nails into my shoulder as she gripped me tightly. She lean forward to where my ears were and blew seductively into it.


“Daddy’s gone, but Mommy’s here to discipline you,” she cooed, taking off my father’s hat and ruffling my hair.


“Quit it!" I said, gritting my teeth. I grabbed at my hat, and placed it gently on the table.


I felt her tongue slither from her lips and slurping into my ear. She nibbled on my ear and her tongue danced all over my cheek and neck.


"Let's get to the pact, shall we?" I asked. She slid herself around, assembled herself on my lap and grinding her pelvis onto me.


“First thing first,” she whispered, seductively. "We must bind our pact as one…"


I was disgusted with her, but my body betrayed my opinion. I held her by her feminine waist to hold her still from damaging my equipment. Her green eyes pierced downward to me, as she allowed her hair to fall over my face. She took my face with her hands and brought me closer as her ruby lips kissed and suck on my own lips.


She tasted vile! Like the shit cookie that I had eaten. But I couldn’t spit this taste out. She held me tight as she smeared her unpleasant tang all over me. She broke away, and shrug the silk kimono off her shoulder, revealing her huge mound of flesh. Her nipples were dark and round. She grabbed at my head and buried it between her chest.

She reached down and released my extended member through my fly. She engulfed me with her body, somehow, and I fell into her electric lair. She rode me until my soul threatened to leave me. My heart thumping loudly and irregular. The blood quickening. I was going to loose conscience. 


But I held on for dear Life! Until the flood erupted and broke through the gate. She threw her head back and cried in orgasmic satisfaction. She sucked me dry with her demonic womb. My whole body emptied and shuddered with electricity, until the stream weakened and the worm withdrew.


I gasped as if I was drowning. I felt limp, entirely not just the member.


“Fucking succubus,” I gasped.


She smiled her teethy smile and her eyes teased with delight. Quick as she had shrugged off her robe, she was quicker to shrug it back on and went right into business, now that she had her fill. I glimpsed the juice of our fucking dripping down her legs, but she gave no care.


“Your father and my old man are partners for Life!” she said, “Now that their alliance falls to us, their demon offspring, we will lead D&D into a new Age.”


She opened the folder and flip through the pages. “We have a list of names and date. Each one hand-picked by me. I’ve had experience with scouting long before you were of age.”


She paused and look away, thinking something wicked in her disturbed mind. “Hmm, we should change the name to L&D.” She set her green marble eyes on me. “Or rather, how about just L ? As in, just Lilian.”


I pulled my pants back into place and combed my ruffled hair with my hand, and looked at her. "After the bond of our pact was made, you're trying to short change me? You know you can't do this alone. Our Fathers had a deal."


She made an annoyed face and swipe her hand in the air. "That was ages ago! One person to Release, the other to Absorb. I'm skilled in taking the souls myself, you know. I don't need DEATH to do the releasing for me!"


I gave her a bewildered look. "No Lilian. We had a deal." 

“Not WE,” she said, her eyes glowing red and her ruby lips curling into a mischief smile.


I stood up, and bracing myself for an attack. “First you took my flesh so freely with this bullshit 'Bind of Pact'. Now, you want to take my soul too? Because I'm more human than you??"

“Daniel,” she said coyly, “The first name on my list is yours.”

"Somehow, I knew this was gonna happen," I mumbled, looking away.

 “I did not spent time with your Father just because he was my father’s partner,” she revealed.

I gave her a teasing smile. “You’re wrong. Although I may appear human, and my flesh ARE my weakness, my very own soul is already claimed by someone else. All due to your own 'Brother' who screwed me a while back. So, either we get to this contract or you do what you have to do to get through me." 

I bowed my head and placed my father’s wide-rimmed hat over my ruffled hair. I felt the cold shadow engulfed me and form into a black robe of darkness. My right hand became skeleton. I revealed the skeleton hand to her surprised face. 

“This is the hand of Death,” I proclaimed. “And I am….Mr. Death, in the flesh! So you can’t claim their soul if you cannot kill them. I have that authority, Lilian!” 

She sneered with annoyance, but soon shrug it off. "Oh well. I tried." 

I pointed a skeleton finger at her. “You’re NOT even the daughter of Mr. Devil. You’re just a succubus!”  


Her face twisted in anger. "Hey! Don't you insult me."


“Your Father ain't Nothing without Daniel Bone!" I added into the insult.


“You will not insult my father!” she screeched, leaping toward me. Her beauty shed and her true form revealed. Her wings flap open and she glided into me, torpedoing my body through the glass window. Our body meshed together in the air and she clawed at me with her talons. I was careful not to touch her with my right hand.


She pushed off me and her wings allowed her to hover in the air, while my own body slammed into a dumpster. My bones rattled from the impact and I was buried in garbage.


I heard the ground trembled as she landed from the air. Then, a few second later, her beautiful face looked down at me.


“Can we get back to work now?” I asked, meekly.


She slammed the lid of the dumpster and everything went black.




“We’re going to miss it!” she snarled at me.


“Who was it that threw me out a three story window and locked me in a dumpster!” I accused. I could still smell the weak old pizza that was a colony of molds.


Regardless our differences, she took my left hand and dragged me through the streets. We ran in the shadow of the moon. Dawn was closely approaching.


“Isn’t there a better way of traveling?” I asked her, “My father and your father could walk through shadows. When can we do that?”


“You’re so annoying!” she said, “That’s why we collect these souls. We use its energy force to enhance our skills.”


“But it also looses our humanity,” I said, “although, I don’t know any human trait in you."


She threw me forward and I skidded on the wet street. She came from behind me and knocked me down even more. She clawed at me with her hideous talons, while I try to block each blow.


“Stop Lilian!” I begged, “We’re not going to make it!”


She shot ahead and I clamored back up and followed her trail. “You can’t do anything without me, so wait the fuck up!” I yelled at her. Adding under my breath, “stupid cunt!”




An old man woke from his slumber with a start. His eyes opened wide, staring into the darkness. He looked around, searching for the strange feeling that caused him to stir from his sleep.


A thirty-year old woman stirred next to him. His rapid breathing caused her to awaken.


“What is it?” she asked, not really concerned but curious.


“My meds!” he coughed, “Hurry bitch! My fucking meds!”


She reached for the tablets but it fell from her grip and rolled to the floor. “Shit!” she cursed.


“My FUCKING MEDS!” he hollered.


She was on the floor when his rapid breathing slowed. She froze, wondering if he was finally going to leave her in peace. She prayed that his heart would finally burst. But suddenly, rough hands pulled her up and her face met a hard fist.


“You stupid whore!” he hollered, beating her mercilessly.


The old man is suddenly filled with new energy. It was as if his heart cured itself from the disease he suffered for eight years.


“You fucking trying to kill me!” he hollered. She screamed in pain and fear.


He smashed his fist into her face and her skull. She bled internally in her head and collapsed onto the floor. But he was not done yet. His eyes raged with anger and malice. He stalked toward her, his fist clenched tightly. She shook the daze from her head and meekly crawled back, trying to escape him. She pleaded for him to stop his beating.


He raised his fist, winding up another blow. But I placed a hand on his shoulder. And I calmly told him, “Please, sir. Stop this.”

His breath caught in his throat and he sputtered uncontrollably. His body collapsed onto the bed and his body stiffened. His gaping mouth was wide open, and within a couple of minutes, a blue mist slowly leaked.


Lilian strolled into the bedroom and leaned down to the man’s gaping mouth. She gave him a kiss and extracted the soul of the old man. She nodded to me that she have it. I tilted my hat upward to have a better look at the woman. She struggled with her life.


“Such a waste,” I said, directing toward the woman. “She never lived her life to the fullest. She was under his control since he picked her up when she was a homeless teen.” I peered into her slowly dying eyes and watch her Life as a movie.


“She’s clean,” I revealed to Lilian. “She was just a lost sheep that was picked up by a wolf.”


Lilian strolled toward the fallen woman and lifted her chin up with her long red nails. She peered into the woman’s eyes and allowed her to see what she want her to see.


“Do you want to live?” Lilian asked the woman.


“Don’t do this!” I cautioned to the woman.


The woman weakly nodded. “Please….I want to Live!”


I closed my eyes in defeat. Damn! The woman just sold her soul to the She-Devil.


Lilian gave me a triumphant smile. “One more down the road.” She laughed.



My father once told me of his profession, “Death is everywhere. But there are some who we cannot touch. We are limited to those that are chosen for us. Many forces of power have their own Chosens. God himself have already made his list. We’re just thrown the leftovers. We cannot be everywhere, but we have Time on our side.”


“We almost didn’t make it,” Lilian said, accusingly.

“Just one minute too late,” I replied.


“Do you know what happens when we are one minute too late?” she asked, her eyes throwing daggers at my direction, “They get to live a little longer! And the longer they live,  their soul disintegrate slowly.”


“I’m still learning, okay?” I said. “That woman wasn’t even on the list. How do you know if she was not already claimed by someone else?”


Lilian gave me a crooked smile. “She chose to live her life in that path. She brought her own hell to herself. She was already giving up her soul, and I am glad that I was there to claim it.”


“She was dying, and her Death belongs to Michael,” I pointed out.


The Arch-Angel Michael, the Judge of the Dead. Just like my father said, Death is everywhere. But we’re not. For those who died, their soul get judged and sorted. My father and his partner, the other Mr. D, sought to claim their portion of the Dead. Mr. D puts his mark on those who gave themselves to Him. My father had the authority to release their soul from their burden. That was their pact.


For those who died and are not marked by us, they are returned to the original sender. Or they are claimed by others.


“Who’s next?” I asked.


She brushed past me, ignoring my question. “Come on, let’s get back to the apartment,” she said, without turning to me.



She rode me again when I penetrated her. I held the key to her gate. I stabbed her with force, letting out a bit of my hatred and anger at her. She accepted my violence with her own momentum, clawing my chest and face. She growled like a wild beast and when she reached her point, she shrieked a violent wave of power that bended the air around us. She sighed into my mouth and regurgitate the leftover soul she kept inside her.


A cool electrical energy ran through my system as I accepted the essence. She dismounted from me and walked away, swaying her lustful hips and moving like no mere human could. My body limped on the chair, as so my member.


“This could be a start to a wonderful partnership,” she said, returning with a new Red outfit. “Mr Death and Lady Devil.”


End Chapter I. “Young Mr. Death”

© Copyright 2017 Sammy Wang Yang. All rights reserved.

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