Death Inc: The Stranger

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A Stranger & A Lady takes a Bar.

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



The Stranger and the Lady in Red


The door to the B-Bar Tavern opened and a tall figure appeared from the night. Grey eyes surveyed the smoke filled room. Satisfied that this was the right place, the figure walked through the wall of smoke, causing the smoke to part through the long flowing coat he wore. A wide-rimmed hat covered half of his face, with long stringy hair spilling to the side.


He spied two men sitting at a table to the far corner of the room. Their drinks were half empty, and their eyes were partially closed. Their body filled with poison and engineered chemicals that young people take in tablet form. They were all ready half dead. A grim smile parted his lips.


He approached the bar counter and took a seat on the stool. The bartender looked up and saw what the figure wanted him to see.


“What can I get you, stranger?” the bartender asked.


The figure waved two fingers, as if brushing the bartender away. The bartender suddenly was occupied by another customer who wanted a serious mix of poison.


The figure relaxed his stiff body. He pulled a flask out from under his robe and a cup appeared from thin air. He poured the white liquid from the flask and downed the drink like a strong liquor.


Milk. It’s good for the Bones.


He emptied the drink from the flask and set the flask aside while he downed the rest of his Milk. Then, He placed bony hands on the counter as he sat patiently.


Minutes later, the door opened again and a stunning woman in red appeared at the doorway. All eyes turned to her as she shone with great beauty. Her green eyes surveyed the room and her red lips parted with a satisfied smile. She strolled into the room, swaying her hips seductively and moving as if she had muscles where no mere humans had, the way she walked.


She suddenly eyed the tall figure sitting at the counter, not even paying her no mind. She slowed her pace. Her destination took a detoured turn as she was to meet with the two fellas at the corner. She approached the counter and sat at the stool right next to the tall, dark figure. She caught the attention of the bartender and ordered a light mixture of poison, just the way she likes it. She sipped her drink with pleasure instead of rushing, like most do.


Her green lustrous eyes never looked away from the figure. He paid her no mind. His hands grasping the empty cup of milk.


“Early for an appointment, are you?” she asked, her voice filled with tease. “Or are you just killing time? That’s what you do, isn’t it?”


She laughed at him, her laughter filled with temptation that would make any man do things against their wills. But it had no effect on the tall figure in the wide-rimmed hat. He hid his eyes away from her.


She poked him with her long fingers. It jabbed at bones beneath the long coat. He sat unmoving.


“You’re never fun to be around with,” she pouted.


Suddenly, the two men at the far corner of the room suddenly went into a seizure. They collapsed on the table as their heart burst from their chest. The world stopped and Time took a still.


The lady in red slammed her drinks on the counter, angrily.


“NO!” she yelled, “They were mine!”


She stood from her stool and made to move toward them but he grasped tightly to her wrist. She struggled to pull away from his grip. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the souls escaping from the shells of their body. It wandered aimlessly. The tall figure unscrewed his flask and the soul was quickly sucked in. He tightened the screw, with just one hand while he held onto the lady in red.


She stared at him with fire burning bright in her now red eyes.


“They haven’t fulfilled their end of our deal!” she screeched, angry that the souls were stolen from her.


The tall figure stood up, now that his job was done. He brushed past her, leaving her staring with great hatred and anger. The tall figure stopped before the man who had ordered the seriously strong mix of poison. He whispered into the ear of the man, “I’ll be back for you”. And with that, the tall figure opened the door and exited the Tavern.


The lady in red watched him go. Her eyes turned to the man whom the tall figure had whispered. She slid coyly next to him and placed an arm around the man. The man felt her presence and the world continue as it was.


“Hey there, handsome,” she purred, “How would you like to make a deal?”




Mr. Death and Lady Devil  © 2008---Sam Eang Yann

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