Death Inc: Two Side of a Coin (Soul)

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Daniel was to meet with a "client". Only to find out that his "Cousin" Damien got to her first.

Submitted: October 13, 2011

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Submitted: October 13, 2011



Daniel’s Story –


Shit! I’m going to be late!


I rushed through the crowded streets, running as fast as my mortal legs could go. I wished I could have just teleported, or at least FLY!  My heart was pounding in my chest, as I gasped for breath and feeling all of my energy burning through my shell of a body.


Damn that eternal sleep I had. I awoke late when my internal clock jolted me awake at the last hour before my appointment. Indeed, I had taken a long sleep and this Time & Space vortex had somehow confused my natural time-pattern. I felt disoriented, unaware of night and day at some point of my awake-existence.


I spied the destination building appearing into view. Only a couple more meters to go. The streets this morning was already crowding with pedestrians and morning workers. The buildings around me were all sky scrapers and commercial office.


The destination building would be filled with more people in a few minute. A crowd was to be assembled. And soon, a young woman will meet her Death. Or should I say, will meet Me. It is important that I stand by her side where she will take my hand, and I will lead her to her proper destination. If I am late to meet her, her very own soul will be lost and eaten by the Darkness.


My name is Daniel. My occupation is Death. I have inherited my father’s role and it is important that I succeed in his following. The Old Bone have been retired, leaving his once partnership with the Man in Red to their successors;  Lillian and Me. Our title was Mr. Death and Lady Devil.


But our partnership was later broken, due to our dissent for one another. Centuries of the Pact between Mr. Death and Mr. Red have been shattered in mere months by their prodigal heirs. I felt that Lillian was deviating from the original agreement and was pursuing her own selfish greed.


The original pact states that Mr. Red  cannot take a soul unless it is NOT registered with the Higher Above. And Mr. Red cannot release the soul himself. Only Mr. Death can provide that service.  Therefore Mr. Red and Mr. Death must work together to claim the souls of the Dead and the Wicked.


My father, now referring to himself as Mr. Bones, was tired of the profession and had trained me to be his new Hand of Death. I was then introduced into Death Inc, the partnership between Mr. Red and the original Mr. Death. Mr. Red himself had trained a Succubus to be his Regent of Souls. Her name is Lillian, the Lady Devil.


On our first assignment, Lillian wanted to take the power of Releasing the soul from me. She wanted my Hand of Death entitlement, and also she wanted my mortal soul, since I am still a mortal as of the present. But regardless, she could not claim that entitlement.


Therefore, she plotted against me to claim 1,000 souls before I myself can release them first. Even when the souls she claimed herself were of Innocence and had been Registered first through the Higher Above. She was stealing other entity’s souls, not just of the Wicked. I found this to be highly unethical and illegal on our Agreement.


As it turns out, my dilemma is that I cannot let a soul be claimed by the Lady Devil first. Therefore, I must reach the Decease and take them to their rightful destination.


It’s Time!


I turned the corner toward the destination spot, only to stop Dead on my track. The street was filled, but not crowding. There is no crowd. The people were sitting idly by the Café spot, drinking their morning Java with no care in the world. There was no woman on the top ledge, threatening to jump off and splatter her brain matters all over the street.


I am confused. I looked around myself, checking to make sure that this is the right spot where my appointment was to be. Am I early?  This Time-matter have really disoriented me. AM I LATE??


What’s going on?!


My eyes came over to one of the outdoor table. A man and a woman was sitting, enjoying their coffee. My heart thumped in my chest, and the heat of Anger rose into my face. My eyes burned against the back of the man with the slick black hair and white collar shirt. The woman in front of him dabbed at her eyes, as she was crying and was previously distraught. But here, she was smiling warmly and shyly at her new friend.


As if aware of my burning gaze, the man with the slick black hair turned around and caught my eyes. He offered me a knowing smile.




My face burned with intense Rage and I gritted my teeth, growling. I stood Frozen in Time, unleashing my own Fury in secret. I snarled aggressively and roared with Hatred and Anger.




The man with the slick black hair got up from his chair. The woman and the rest of the world sat frozen in Time. He stride over to me, calmly and smoothly with that frozen smile on his face.


“Hail, Daniel,” he greeted.


I curled my fingers into a claw and held it out to him, wanting to strangle him. He stopped a few inches away, still smiling arrogantly.


He shrugged as if he doesn’t know any better. “I…I didn’t know she was one of yours.”


I snarled at him, twisting my face into something hideous. I did not know what came over me, then.


“You son of a bitch!” I barked.


“I didn’t do it on purpose, you know?” he defended himself, “I was just offering her help, and she just fell in love with my charm. She couldn’t go through her suicide. It was an honest mistake. I didn’t target her. She made available for me.”


A dizzy spell came over me as my blood boiled inside. I took a deep breath to calm myself. “You and your fucking sister…” I spat with disgust. “You have been interfering with MY deaths! There are RULES set in place, all you have to do is FOLLOW THE…FAWKING…RULE!”


“But where’s the FUN in it?” Damien shot back with his eye lighting up. “Stop being the corporate pawn and become your own Knight!”


“You’ve always tried to one-up me, Damien,” I accused, “Ever since we were young. You made a deal with that Witch for my soul. That pact still exist today!”


“Thus it have helped you many times already,” Damien pointed, “That’s the reason why Lillian can’t claim your soul. Or even Mr. Red himself can’t claim it. You’re actually protected by that Pac t. I helped you!”


“What was the deal you made with that Witch?” I asked, “You’ve never told me. Yet, you bet on my soul. For What?!”


Damien offered me another smile that was wicked and arrogant. “It’s best that you don’t know at this current existence.”


“I have the RIGHT to know!” I barked.


But the world began again and Time continued as it is. He walked away from me, as the people breathed in Life and continue in their existence.


Some day, Damien. I will pick your Death, I vowed.


“I will welcome you with open arms, Cousin,” Damien replied to my thoughts. 



Damien’s Story –


Damien doesn’t care so much about the corporate world. He’s sick of it. Corporations and Businesses are all control by Laws and Regulation. Thus such entity are governed with political agendas. He’s SICK OF IT!


To him, they are like the game of Chess. The Executives move their Pawns here and there, doing their biddings while they themselves reap in the riches without getting their hands dirty.


He’s sick of it because his own Father is CEO of a company that pushes immoral standards and thus destroy a person’s soul little by little at a time by the use of its product.




He found himself standing on the roof of his father’s building. Standing on the ledge, peering down at the tiny beings below. He knew his father loves the view at such a high place.


He breathed a deep breath and closed his eyes, feeling the cool breeze of Life. He suddenly hear the door slam open and a woman burst out, crying with distraught. She gasped in surprise to find the young man standing on the ledge, with his arms held out and ready to jump.


“Oh my god, NO!” she shouted to him. “Don’t DO IT!!”


Damien blinked and was confused. “What?”


She screeched with terror. “Stay calm! Don’t do it! Oh my god..! You! Just get down from there and we can talk about it..”


Her face was filled with caution and fright. Her wet eyes strained with tears, but they were alert and protective. Damien tilted his head, looking at this strange woman with interest.


“It’s not worth it,” she continue to barter, “You’re still young…you’re still handsome.” That last sentence caught herself off guard.


Damien smiled warmly. “Why not?” he asked, testing. “Why is it not worth it? I’m sick of it. SICK OF IT!”


“No…No,” the woman said, shaking her head and trying to influence him. “Don’t be! Such emotions are momentary, you have to be strong!”


“Actions are everlasting,” Damien said, “It is BOLD and a stronger statement! If this is just a feeling, it would surely pass. But I am SICK OF IT! I want it to STOP!”


“Okay,” she said, “Just get off the ledge…and we can make the bad things stop. It’s not worth your life.”


Damien peered into the woman. “What are you doing here anyway?” he accused.


The woman suddenly regain her senses and remembered her own purpose. She sighed and cursed at herself. Her own selfish agenda was pushed back when she saw the young man about to commit the same thing she was there for.


“Oh…” she sighed, looking away almost in shame and embarrassment. “Oh my god, just…just get off of there first, Okay?”


Damien didn’t move. The morning sun basked him in a glowing radiance. “Why don’t you come up here…and join me?” the young devil suggested.


“What?” the woman asked.


“Let’s do it together,” Damien tempted, “That way, in Death we can be together and we won’t be alone.” Damien held out his hand to her. “We can hold hand together as we plummet three thousand feet. Our brains smashed against the pavement and our bodies mangled and crumbled on the street. We paint our bodies on the canvas.”


The woman’s eyes enlarged and her mouth formed an O shape. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed, “That’s sick! Get OFF OF THAT LEDGE!”


“Come here,” Damien beckon.


“No!” she refused.


“Come on,” Damien summoned.


“I’m not throwing myself off the building!” the woman said with disgust.


“But…you were going to,” Damien pointed.


“Hell NO!” she said, “I…I just wanted some air.”


“There’s plenty of air down there,” Damien said, smoothly.


“I…I don’t want to do that,” the woman said, finally deciding to go against her commitment. “Please, just get off that ledge. I know I can’t persuade you against what you are feeling right now. Trust me when I tell you I know what you’re going through. But please, let’s just talk about it. Let’s not throw yourself off the side of the tower, for God’s sake!”


Damien smiled. “For your sake, I’ll get off because of you. You can buy me coffee.”


The woman’s face relaxed and slowly inched forward to where Damien stood by the ledge. “Okay, just stay calm and be careful,” the woman said.


Damien took a step forward. He foot slipped and he toppled sideway over the ledge. The woman screamed in horror. “NOOO!”


The woman held out her hand and grabbed at his arm. She used two hands to hold him in place, as he dangles on the ledge. “Get up! PLEASE!” she screeched, commanding him.


“It’s okay…” Damien said, “You can let go…”


“NO!” the woman screeched, “You will FALL! I can’t let you fall!”


“You’re too generous, madam,” Damien said, “You’re the only one who cared.”


“GET UP, GET UP!” she strained, lifting him. Her struggle was quite amusing to Damien. He could easily get up himself, but he allowed his body to dangle on the ledge. If she was to fall with him, he could have her soul. But her kindness entertained him. His conscious sneered at him for being soft.


Pull her out. Let her fall!


“PLEASE! Don’t fall, don’t DIE!” she struggled, lifting him as he put more weight for her to tug at.


Let her beg for mercy. Let her offer her soul to you before Death takes her!<Shut UP!>


Damien grabbed the ledge with his other hand. He pulled himself while the woman tug him up with her support. “Come on, come on!”


He fell over the woman’s body and they stared into each other’s eyes. He leaned down and gave her a longing kiss, in which she accepted with wanton need. Her heart ached from a previous hurt, but now they melt into his embrace. He broke away from the kiss and smiled warmly down at her.


“How about that coffee?” he asked.



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