The Snake Woman

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A man falls in love with a dancer and they were married. But at night, the husband found a nest of snakes dwelling in their home…

Submitted: September 28, 2011

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Submitted: September 28, 2011



She was very beautiful. Her name was ”Kong”. I fell for her the first time that I saw her. A young daughter of an old Sage in the small village of Srei Snam. She was a dancer when I visited the village during an event to celebrate the Naga Festival.

I watched her perform her fluid ballet in honor for the Naga King. She moved so elegantly to the sounds of drums and flutes, swaying her hips and gliding her legs. My eyes were glued to her feature and long black hair that fell to her waist. Her beauty glowed brilliantly with the moonlight shimmering on her caramel skin.

I was mesmerized by her performance as if she was the piper and I was the snake. I was completely lost in a trance to the movements of her enchantment! Those stunning almond shape eyes caught my round orbs and she held me in her gaze, daring me not to look away.

She finished her dance and the crowd broke from her spell. I approached her and offer my praise. She was shy and those stunning eyes that took over me, looked away. After then, I offered her gifts and courted her throughout the days. It was not until I met her father, the old sage of the village, did she warm up to me.

Her father was a sick man and had been bed-ridden for many weeks. He also suffered from Osteoporosis and was unable to care for himself as his legs and joints were too weak to support him. He was her only family member and for him to be sick, left her discouraged from living her own Life.

I offered to help with medical bills and proper care for the old sage. Soon, I gradually was welcomed in their small hut home for informal dinners as a guest to the old man.

One day, as Kong went to the marketplace to retrieve groceries, I confided to the old man while tending to his health. I massaged his bony legs, as I had done many times upon my visit. They were skinny and frail, and too soft to the touch.

“Sir,” I began my proposition, “I care very deeply for your daughter and I wish to serve her for the rest of my life. I only ask for your blessing.”

The old Sage smiled and chuckled softly as if he had heard the joke before. “I’ve seen it in your eyes and I could hear it from your heart, before you ever thought to ask that question, young man.”

“Please take care of her, if you truly love her,” the old sage continued, “She too is frail and will be alone when I am gone.”

“Your daughter is one of a kind,” I said, not knowing the full meaning of what I said, then.

“I give you my blessing,” the old man said, weakly, “And love her, no matter what happens.”

I was excited and couldn’t hold down my eagerness. When she returned, I proposed to her and revealed that her Father has given me his blessing for her hand in marriage. She agreed, pleasantly.

We kneeled in front of her Father for his full blessing. He managed to pull himself up to a sitting position and recited the rites of marriage and unified us as one. We made our vows and commitment in front of him as he became a witness to the Heaven. That was our marriage. We did not have a ceremony.

That night, we rest on the straw mat on the floor that was our bed in the small wooden hut-house. We cuddled and our fingers explored each other. Her soft body was cool and soft. Her black hair was silky and smelled like spring flowers. I kissed her on her lips, and I kissed her from head to toe, caressing her body with my lips.

Her fingers found my snake and she released it from its dwelling. She swallowed me in her mouth and I moaned with ecstasy. I buried my fingers into her silky hair as she nibble and licked me with her flicking tongue. She released me from her grip and slither on top of me. I buried my snake in her warm dwelling and kissed her soft body, flicking my own tongue all over her flesh.

We made love like two snakes, intertwining and rubbing our flesh together as one. Our gasps and moans were hissing in the night. I drove into her, pounding with pleasure as she took me into rapture. Her body swayed and bounces as if she was dancing for the Naga King.

And then I released into her, spitting my venom inside of her. She finished her ballet and fell on top of me, spent of all her offerings. I wrapped my arms around her and we laid there exhausted.

And so, my loving wife Kong was mine. I cherish her and love her so deeply. That night, we became one. But as we released our essence into one another, her Father released his soul from his suffering. Our happiness was short-lived.

The next morning, we found her Father’s remains on his death-bed. His face fell into peaceful slumber. He no longer suffers from the pain of his disease. Kong cried river of tears and I consoled her. We prepared the proper preparation for cremation.

Soon, the village heard of our union, and the departing of the old sage. They recognize us as a couple and wished us a long union together, along with giving us their condolence. We thanked them with our gratitude.

The old sage was cremated and his ashes spread within the wind. Kong and I have taken resident in the hut-house. No sooner did the nightmares began.

Few weeks had passed since then. But one night, I woke to a sound of whispering. We slept on the straw mats on the hard floor. The hut itself was just one room and it was surrounded by woods. The mat that we slept was a few feet from the entrance door.

The sound was coming at the foot of the mat. I stirred from the mat bed to find my wife sleeping so soundly. Her body felt so warm and soft.

But the sound came again before I drifted back to sleep. A creeping sensation snaked its way up my spine. In the darkness, my eyes fell upon a shape that sent a violent shiver into my heart. The moonlight from the open window illuminated the room just a bit. But the shape was too dark for me to see clearly.

I grabbed a broomstick that was close by and I quickly pushed at the stirring object in the shadow at the foot of the bed. It hissed violently and slithered. I gave a surprise yelp when realization came into my head.

I shook my wife urgently with one hand, while trying to push at the thing in the shadow with the broom stick. “Kong, wake up!” I whispered. She stirred in her sleep, but did not wake fully.

I pushed at the slithering creature again with the stick, pushing it away from the foot of the bed. It hissed but glided backward into the opening of the door, which was slightly ajar. The shape disappeared into the moon-lit yard. I followed, watching as its tail disappeared into the woods.

The cool night breeze licked at the burning sweat from my forehead. My heart raced like galloping herd. I could not return to bed that night. I boarded the door and fixed the cracks within the small hut. I was still awake when my wife rose from her slumber and prepared breakfast.

I did not dare leave my room, then. Kong was oblivious of the nightmare I had last night, and I did not bother to relive it with her.

We ate our breakfast together. She slurped her hot poridge so tenderly, with her perched lips. My heart warmed to her and I brushed away my dread. I reached for her soft hand and held them in mine. She smiled playfully at me.

“Last night, I dreamt that my father was still with me,” she simply said.

My eyes reflected something wicked and I shudder violently as the images rolled into my eyes like a movie reel.

“What’s wrong, my love?” she asked me, concerned when my hands pulled away from hers.

I buried my face and wept.

“Last night,” I choked, as she took my head into her warm bosom, “I saw a snake slithering by your foot. I was fearful that it would bite you and I would have lost you too!”

“A Snake?” she asked, sympathetically.

“A hideous snake!” I exclaimed. “It was a Beast! Larger than I have ever seen.”

“My darling,” she said, soothingly “A snake is a sign of protection. Perhaps it was my father’s spirit who wishes to visit us. You should not be afraid of the snake. You are my Naga King, and I will sing and I will dance for you to sooth your spirit.”

And she did. My spirit was calmed when she sang to me. Her body danced on top of mine as she cast her spell. When I released myself into her, I no longer felt the dread I had felt last night.

Weeks passed again when I was visited by the whispering Shape. The sound entered my spirit like an icy, cold water. I peeked through my half closed eyelids and saw the same shape slithering in the darkness at the foot of the straw mat. I tried to be calm and told myself what my wife had told me about the snake being a sign of protection. But fear gripped me as I felt the cold scales brushing against my bare toes. I pulled my foot up quickly.

My eyes were wide open and I tried to stare at the ceiling instead to keep my eyes from glimpsing at the creature. Something dangles from the roof. It felled upon my face and I felt the hard flesh scraping against my cheeks. I cried out and brushed the thing from my head. Another shape slithered away from the bed. More and more shapely objects slithered around the bed like a gathering.

Snakes! Hissing and whispering their demonic language!

I grabbed at the broom stick and beat at the dozen of snakes slithering in my chamber. I pushed them away and opened the door to let them out. I was filled with madness. I swept those slithering demons into the front yard and quickly shut the door.

My wife laid sleeping so peacefully. How I envied her for her serenity. I lie back upon the straw mat and wrapped my arms around her from behind. She stirred quietly, while I buried my face on the back of her hair. I felt her body shudder. It was cold, and her skin felt hard. She pushed away from me, until my hand that held her, was extended.

She was still asleep, but something stirred from my hand. I forgot that one shape that lingered behind while I was brushing away the slithering beasts. The shape emerged from her stomach and stretched upward like a cobra standing straight. I could see the shape of its head and suddenly its mouth widen, revealing long fangs, glistering from the moonlight’s reflection.

I grabbed at the shape and flung it across the room with crazed panic. I searched for a weapon, while the shape hissed and slithered away. The beast disappeared into the shadows. I searched frantically, lighting a candle for illumination. I placed candles at each corner of the hut to chase away the darkness that hid the devil.

I rummaged the kitchen for a knife and returned to the foot of the bed. I sat, alert and watching for any more shapes. It was not until the sun’s appearance did my weary head fell into slumber.

That day, while I sat in the cool breeze outside of the small hut that we called home, my wife returned from the doctor to bring joyous news. She is pregnant with our child! We hugged and kissed in celebration. I was filled with delight. I am going to be a father! Our love is great that we have managed to bring forth a new Life.

Months passed and she began to reveal the buldge in her stomach. Since our joyous revalations, the nights have not brought the uninvited guests. The shadowy shape had not returned. I thought nothing of it at the time.

We laid on the straw mat, cuddling as if it was that first night we became one. I caressed her tiny bump on her stomach, wanting to feel the stirring of Life inside. Kong giggled and said that I am being a fool for thinking that the Life is fully developed to respond to my touch. I held her soft body and kissed her on her head. Her hairs were shiny and thick, smelling like the forest. Nevertheless, I love her so much and I buried my face in her hair and caress my cheeks on those spiky threads.

She fell asleep in my arms.

I heard the sharp metalic sound spring in the quiet corner of our room. My eyes flung open and I quietly slide away from my wife. She was sleeping so peacefully with the moonlight shining on her heavenly face.

I went to the corner of the room where I had laid a trap cage. I grabbed a long knife and a torch before proceeding. The torch shone brightly at the shape in the cage. It was a monster! Even with proper illumination, the slithering beast was coal black like a shadow. But its eyes were demonic yellow and its fangs were twice as huge than a snake. It hissed violently and its curling body slithers in its confinement.

I reached for the cage but the beast lunged at me. The metal confinement shook and I was caught in fright, falling backward onto the straw bed. I heard the whispering from the beast in the cage, and then notice the slithering shadows emerging from the cracks of the hut. Dozen of smaller snakes slithering into the bedroom, heading toward my fallen state.

I cried frantically and stabbed at the oncoming creatures. The beast in the cage hissed angrily. I staggered upward and shook my wife awake.

“Kong!” I cried, shaking her violently. I wanted to get out of there…

A snake emerged from her hair and hissed at me. I grabbed frantically at the creature and flung it across the room. Suddenly, more snakes appeared at the head of the bed, slithering from the shadows.

“KONG!” I shouted louder. I tried to lift her from the bed, taking with me the blanket that covered her bottom torso.

Clink. The sound froze me on the spot. The metal confinement released the beast and the Devil slithered patiently out of the cage. I laid my wife gently back on the mat, and quickly grabbed the long knife. The beast lifted its head upward, standing tall and over my chest. Its mouth sneered into a menacing grin. Tongue flickering from its mouth and the two huge fangs lengthen, threatening.

Kong’s eyes slowly opened to see the horrendous creature revealed. She screamed in terror. The shrilling cry caught the attention of the monster snake and it turned toward her with mouth opened wide, matching her own.

The knife slide easily through the Monster snake like butter and its head eased off cleanly with mouth gaping open. The blood sprayed upon my wife’s face and she screamed even louder. The decapitated body thrashed blindly, spraying droplets of blood upon the floor and walls. The snakes slithered franticaly at us. I chopped at the oncoming snake, slicing and stabbing. My wife curled at the head of the bed.

A snake’s head slithered from her hair, licking at her face. I grabbed at the snake and tugged, but it would not release. I used the knife to chop at the head. More snakes emerged from her head, as if a nest was embedded somewhere. I tug at the snakes but they wouldn’t release. And suddenly, as I step back, I realized the snakes were rooted into her head. She screamed when she felt the slithering bodies brushing against her neck.

She rolled over and the cover fell. She crawled on her belly to escape from the straw mat. I stepped back even more. My eyes could not believe what I was witnessing. Her thick black hairs were snakes. And her legs were missing. Instead, she had the bottom portion of a snake. Her tail slithering, pushing her upper body forward. She crawled, crying until she came upon a reflected glass. Her eyes widen when she saw her full figure.

“Monster!” I cried, hysterically.

She turned to me and cried, helplessly. “Please…Darling, help me!”

I raised my knife and advanced toward her. She cried out in fear, and her snake tail pushed her away before the blade fell atop of her. The snakes gathered around me then, and now I felt their tiny teeth nipping and striking at me. The pain was sudden and fierce, throwing me off balance. They were quickly upon me, but I slice away those demon spawns. My wife looked toward me, crying. She called my name, wanting to help, but also wanting some help. She’s confused and alone.


“Monster!!” I cried angrily at her. My eyes revealed madness. It was those eyes that I saw reflecting back at me in her own orbs. Something stirred in her mind and she slithered away, out the door and into the woods.

The room was briefly lit by the moonlight and the carcass of snakes littered the bed. But those fiends continue to advance toward me from outside and from the shadows. I was left, fending for myself, killing those snakes. The only thought in my mind was of the Snake woman that got away. I was angry at myself and I cursed at the Snake Devil.


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