Three Brothers

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A twisted Faery Tales from the Wicked Jester!

Submitted: April 12, 2012

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Submitted: April 12, 2012




Three brothers decide to go live on their own from their parents.

The Oldest brother, who is strong, built a house made of stone.

The Middle brother, who is a woodsman, chopped woods to make fire.

The Youngest brother, who is cunning but lazy, stole straws from the Scarecrow to make straw-beds for the brothers to sleep on.


After having lived in their new home for two weeks, along came a young woman who asked to serve the brothers as their maid. She came in, clean their places, cooked for them, and tuck them all into their straw-beds.


After a while, the three brothers started to have desirable feelings toward the young woman. She was very seductive, and lead them all on.


The Older brother wooed her and she went to lay with him. She soon found that the sex from the older brother was too rough!


The Middle brother then wooed her and she went to lay with him. She found that the Middle brother was a bit limp!


She then went to seduce the Younger brother, who at first appeared Lazy. But she found that sleeping with him was Just Right!


The other two brothers became increasingly Jealous. With too much negativity and tension, the younger brother decide to leave the two bastards and go with his new "bride".


As they made way to the bridge over the river, the woman stopped and turned to the Younger brother.

"Do you Love me?" she asked.

"Why dear, you've already have my heart," he replied.

"I've had a taste indeed," she said, "Now I want you Whole!"


With that, the woman turned into a hideous Troll. The younger brother was taken back.

"OMG!" he spelled out in exclamation point.


The Troll drooled hungrily at him and advanced forward.


"Wait!" said the cunning youngster, "How are you going to prepare me?"


"I thought I'd just gobble you up," snarled the hairy troll.


"My young flesh is tender and juicy over a flaming fire," he said, "How about I go retrieve some straws and woods for you to cook me over? It would only take half an hour trip back."


The Troll said, "Do you think I'm stoopid?....It's only a ten minute hike back to yer house! We've just CAME from there, c'mon!"


"Yeah-yeah. Ten minutes then?" he said.


" 'Urry it up!" the Troll said with an accent that came from nowhere.


Quickly, the cunning youngster dashed back to his house. He gave a sigh of relief.

The middle brother noticed the younger brother back. He inquired where the sexy momma went off to, and the younger brother revealed the location of the bridge.


"But wait, bro!" he called to his brother who was already heading toward her. The middle brother is fast and he wanted to have the beautiful woman all to himself. He left his young brother behind in a cloud of dust.


"Your loss!" the Middle brother called behind.


The young brother did not give chase, knowing he cannot catch up to him. "No brother, it is your loss," he grimly said.


The Middle brother came upon the bridge, where the Troll has turned back into a beautiful woman.


"I have taken my brother's place!" he proudly declared to the 'woman'.


Her face lit up with joy. "Oh joy!" she exclaimed, and thus turning back into a hideous Troll. "Now I won't starve to death, waiting for the runt to come back!"


"OMG!" the middle brother repeated his young brother's exclamation mark.


The Troll lunged at him, but the middle brother was quick and sidestepped the Troll. The quick movement confused the Troll's momentum and it toppled over the bridge, falling into the raging river below.


Meanwhile, the Older brother returned from his Masonry work to find his Young brother sleeping so soundly upon his straw-bed. The younger brother was of course tired from his escape and had fallen asleep after the middle brother left him.


The Older brother was filled with Anger and Jealousy. The Hatred filled him with something Dark. While his Young brother was sleeping so peacefully, the Older brother set the straw-bed on fire, thus burning his brother Alive!


The middle brother had returned also from his flight, to find his older brother murdering his younger brother. He swiftly grabbed his wood-axe and chopped his older brother into pieces.


The stone house was filled with burning flesh, and chopped pieces. The Middle Brother's mind just snapped from the violence. The house was thick with darkness. The middle brother hoisted his bloody axe and took off into the woods, while the house fell into despair.



Along came a wolf, that was too curious to be called a wolf, but curious as a Cat. He followed the scent of burning flesh, and he was too hungry to be aware of his surroundings. He entered the rubble house and spied the bloody meat on the floor. And also the burnt crispiness of flesh.


He hungrily devour the chopped meat and was enjoying his meal, until the Authority arrived. He was accused of killing the two brothers, with the middle brother presumed missing.


When asked for his comments, the wolf simply replied, "W-T-F..."


To be continued....
The Lady with the Red Hood 

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