Through Drunken Eyes

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For those of us who waste our Life in such bars. We view many things through different perspective. *Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart"

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011



Here I am, or – There I was, sitting upon the grimy stool; in a dim-lit bar across from the old, abandoned asylum. Drinking heavily to my heart’s contempt. The strong poison, already clouding my mind and numbing my face. Blood fused with alcohol shooting straight into my brain; my heart thumping clearly loud for the patrons to hear.

Who was there, but just a handful of drunks chasing their life away. Doing the same thing, as I am doing; here upon the bar-stool. Staring at the bottom of the pint-glass, and chugging at the glorious gold nectar. Empty is the glass, when my eyes came upon a shadow figure; far in the corner.

His form was a silhouette, hidden in the darkness. It was his eyes that caught my attention. So hideously creepy it was, the orb of large whites and glaring pupils. It continued to bore into my vision from the bottom of the pint-glass. I put down my drink, and return the stare.

He was unmoving, almost like a statue placed strategically at the corner of the bar. If it was not his chest heaving up and down, I would have figured he was a decoration. I wiped at my chin, from the loose drips that befell from my lips, and I continue to stare back at those two saucer-shape eyes.

He blinks!

But still, those moon-orbs stared harder into me. I turn away and gave him my cold shoulder, and I called upon the bartender for another pint. The stupid oaf sauntered with my drinks as if the world could wait for his turtle foot. The pint glass flop in front of me, with suds filling over the rim. The glass was ice cold to my touch, as I lift it back to my lips. I gulped down the liquid like a thirsty drifter.

The icy cold froze my brain, and I paused for a minute. My eyes leered back to the corner, and the stranger with the evil eyes had not looked elsewhere since! His two white balls continued to glare at my position. I glared back, challenging him to a stare contest. My eyes got tired, and I blinked away.

What the fuck is wrong with this guy?

I return my eyes to take in his description, just in case I need to identify the villain. I managed to look away from those distracting eyes to focus on black, moot-filled face. His head was round, and came up on the top like a small cone. Bald, I assumed by looking past the shadows. His expression never changed throughout the entire time he focused those alien eyes at me. They were expressionless, almost like the guy was in a coma or a petrified stupor and he couldn’t close those eyes even if he were dead.

Funny, as that thought came into my head. He almost appeared to be a “Zombie”. No, not like Night of the Living Dead ghoul. More like “White Zombie” type of zombie. One of those things that are under some sort of voodoo mind control.

I giggled. I felt giddy, and I chuckled at him. I gulped down some more ice-cold poison. I made sure he saw me laughing at him. My eyes return to his position and revealed a manic laughter.

But his eyes suddenly grew wider. His face still unmoving. It was just his eyes that enlarged into a bulbous egg. His expression still less. Oh! Did I just got a reaction from him? Ah, well. Fuck him! He’d entertained me enough already.

But those eyes bored straight into me, sending a chill in my spine. His whole figure seamed to dissolved into the shadows. And thus, just the eyes were visible. Those Evil Eyes!

(Act II)

TRUE! Nervous, very very dreadfully nervous I had been and am. The drinks had sharpened my senses, not dulled it, or destroyed it. Or had not merely manipulated my sanity.

I looked around myself, hoping to find another person who could clearly see my plight. But it seams the rest of the patrons are lost in their own, numbed mind. Am I the only one experiencing this happening? Surely, no one is witnessing this peculiar person, just standing in that corner of the bar and gawking at me?

And why me? Had he always had his eyes set on my image? Was he always there, before; when I entered the bar? –How did I enter this bar, anyway? I have lost my thoughts. Those eyes burned into me, as I could feel it probe into my soul.

My head turn away, and return to see that man’s eyes; round and disk-shape, gawking and glaring. My eyes turn away, and return to see the same image. Unmoving, unchanging! The same happens as my head shook back and forth. Oh it was completely mental!

Madness! But the patrons, and the bartender paid no attention to my curious head movement.

Yet, that Man still stood at that corner, his huge eyes gaping, gawking, glaring – STARING!

“Hey what’s your problem BRO?!” I shouted at that figure.

He blinks!


My fist clenched, my teeth grind. I burn my eyes upon him, squinting with fury. His own Eyes glaring in return. Expressionless.

I return to my drinks, agitated. Quickly downing the last drops from the pint. I dropped whatever money I had to pay for whatever tab I incurred. I launched off the dirty stool, and head my way over to the Restroom, passing the Man and his creepy eyes. Not daring to look at Him.

The door swung shut after I enter, offering bright light and calm; soothing tranquility. I emptied my bladder from the liquid I had consumed. My eyes rolling to the back of my head as I released my discomfort. The evil Eyes came into my mind still.

A coldness then, in my spine as the air froze. A presence lingers behind me. Someone stood there, at a corner of the Restroom. Not daring to look, but curious like a fool. I turned around to see the same Eyes boring again into me.

Even in the bright room, the Man appeared to be in shadows. His black face, and black attire were grimy and almost like he had sprung from the earth. His bald head glister in the light. And those two, HUGE ORB was even more horrifying as it drilled into me!

He smiled! With dirty; yellow teeth. His expression menacing.

I grabbed at the Man and flung him into a stall. His head crashed forward into the door, and it flung open. He bobbled on top of the toilet. But he turn around and his eyes glare at me; mocking me. I pushed him backward on the toilet. My boot quickly came upon his shiny head and I stomped him, trying to block out those hideous eyes. My foot went up, and then down! Stomping! Trying to break that face! Hoping his eyeballs would just spill out!!

Blood spurt from beneath my foot, and I continue to stomp! I gripped the side of the stall, and use more strength into my attack!


Squirt, says the blood.

I got tired of stomping. Gasping, I lift my foot away from him. His face a complete mess! But those eyes still continue to stare. I gave him one more stomp at an angle, and his head turned to the side. There, he stared at the graffiti wall. Unblinking, his eyes were. But they were not set at my direction.

Gasping, out of breath. I slammed the stall door shut and walked out of the bright room. My shoes making squishy sound from the sticky gore that clung at the bottom of my foot.

Back into the dimly darkness. The patrons paid me no mind. The bartender stooping over dirty glasses.

Squish-Squish, I walked past them. Still, no one had a mind. The stool I sat in, was now occupied. I ignored his head movement, from side to side. They were all just shadows.

(Act III)

Out in the open air, I exited that hellish hole. Had I paid yet? I completely forgot if I did. I breathed in the cold oxygen. The night was dark, and shadowy. I strolled on forward, with clear destination back to my home. Almost with clear sight, I felt the drunkenness waning. Yet still, I would believe I’m not sober enough to drive. If indeed, I had a car.

So I walked, or rather; I stagger in each step I took. My bloody shoe making footstep sound upon the pavement.



Wait. My shoes are sticky. It does not make clumping sound. It made squishy sound.


I stood still, weaving vertically.


I am still. I am not walking. Oh, must be someone else walking.

I turn to look, and through the shadows; I saw his Eyes first. Staring unblinking, set upon my direction.

He continued forward, staggering like a drunkard. Two round eyes gawking…glaring! Unblinking, still.

His head was broken, yet those eyes were still round and perfect. His face, expressionless and frozen. Mouth twisted at an odd angle, due to the pressure I placed from my foot on his face.

His arms swaying erratically from side to side, and still he advanced forward. He walked like a broken puppet on a string.

Heart begin to race, thumping against my chest. Dread filled my soul, and I started to breathe in rapidly. Numbed brain telling my feet to move, yet it remain frozen on the spot. Brain signal not reaching its impulse.

“Aaraarrgghhh!” my voice began first. And the legs followed.

I ran! Oh GOD!! I ran, tripping and stumbling.

I ran, cursing. Screaming in frantic mania. Of course, I turn to look to see if I had a pursuer.

Those Eyes were right behind me! I did not see him running, or chasing. But those EYES!!

They are following me!!

“YAAAAAAGGHH!!” I screamed.

Oh please, let me find my house! It came to view, and I frantically dashed toward it. I quickly searched my keys.

DAMMIT! I dropped it foolishly.

“Come On- Come On!” I pleaded as I tried to insert the key to the knob.

I dropped it again. Oh cliché!

Somehow, I got myself into the house. Darkness invited me in. I shut the door, bolt it. Shut the window, close the bind. I ran upstairs into my room, and hid underneath the cover like a child. I shook in fright.

Ah yes. But I peaked. Peering over the covers, expecting the bogeyman to return. But there was no one. Oh…no one in the room with me. No one standing by the corner, hidden in the shadow. Just my sanity.

But why do I feel like… somebody’s watching me?

And foolishly, I turn to the window.

The Eyes!! They were there. Peeking into the window, and staring deep into my soul. The Man and his Evil Eyes, standing; floating two stories high looking in at me. I screamed….

Rough hands shook me. Awake, I found myself still at the dim-lit bar. Multiple eyes staring down at me. The bartender lifted me up from the floor.

“You passed out! You okay? You need to leave!” said he.

“I killed him!” I yelled. “I killed HIM!”

The bartender shook his head, “I’m calling the cops, now.”

“I KILLED HIM!” I yelled at the patrons. “He’s dead! Those Eyes are DEAD!!”

I ran to the Restroom, expecting to find the remains of the Man with the Evil Eyes. But it was empty. The bright light burns my own eyes. I blink away the tears. I return to the bar. They all looked at me, as if I had lost my mind.

My attention turned toward the corner where the Eyes once stood. There, plastered on the wall; a giant poster of the movie “The Hills Have Eyes”.


I laughed. I laughed, as the police arrived and took me in for public disturbance. And even then, I laughed. I laughed when they took me into the newly built asylum, where I was placed in a cell.

And so, there I was- or rather, Here I am. Sitting in my chamber cell, writing this on a yellow notepad. Occasionally, multiple eyes peering through from people in white coats. The laughter was gone from me. And the Eyes never did returned.

But outside, the wind was picking up. And through the howling, I thought I heard a whispering.

“Let me In….”

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