The one that I lost

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It's in the point of view of a women-mid 50's- which has lost her love at a young age and she talks about her life after his death and the night she found out. The inspiration was from the Kate Perry song "The one that got away."

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011



“You’re losing it!” was the last word he said before he stormed off in to the night, taking his guitar case and the car keys to the van. I run outside after him yelling at him, knowing he wouldn’t be gone forever, he had to come back home, didn’t he?

I watch the car go back out of the drive way, little did I know that was the last time I would see him...alive.

The nextnight I went downtown to the hospital to identify Dean, the accident beat him up pretty bad, but when I saw the watch I gave him for his birthday last year, the one he was flaunting around as if it was expensive, knowing it was a knockoff copy. My eyes water when I look up at his face, like the police officer said over the phone he was almost unrecognizably, with glass bits covering his face, blood oozed off his cheeks from his open cuts, but there was one gash that was a foot long and it started from his neck to his ear. I turn to the doctor next to me.

“w-what happen here, was something there?” I crooked out. It looked as if something was jammed into his neck at on point.

“oh, a large chunk of the glass ended up in there,” he pointed at the gash. “but we got it out.”

“is that-”

“how he died?” he nodded his head. “the second we pulled it out we knew it was the end, he was suffering from the pain, he already lost a lot of blood ma’am-”

“why’d you pull it out!?! He could have lasted!” I shout at the man.

“only for an hour or so, we were hurting him if we did any more then that.” I fell to my knees screaming at him for killing Dean. Two men walk in and ask me to leave, I try to break there grip, but it was pointless. They walk me to my car to make sure I wouldn’t run back in to there building. I get in to my car and start to drive, I don’t even make it half way to my house, I park into the nears parking lot of a Motel 6 , before I can turn off the car I crumble in to a ball and tears flow from my eyes, i try to keep a steady breath but ended up making the tears come faster.

That night I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t ,I was to afraid to dream about him and then to wake up to see he was really never here. I didn’t go home until it was mid day. When I get there I see my mother’s car parked in my drive way so do get out of my car I go back and eat at the nears dinner, I didn’t want to see her, I didn’t want to her here say "sorry foryour lost," because I know deep inside of her sick soul she was thinking

“thank God, if he didn’t die on his own I would have done it myself.” I bet that’s what she’s thinking know, I say to myself.

A few weeks pass and I still haven’t had a good sleep, there dreams that make me want more and never get anything in return or nightmares that I am running to Dean but he seems to never gets any closer. I try sleeping pills but all that does is make me live the nightmare longer.

Only if I would have know what I know now, that he wasn’t coming back...well he was on his way, but never made it. If we never had that stupid fight he’d probably still be alive, and I wouldn't be here in the same house alone with the only child I had with him. The only reason he was coming back was because I told him I was having a baby....his and my first -last. that made him happy enough to come back, but didn’t stop the drunk driver to hit him on the freeway that night.

Oh only if I knew, I would have came to him, or we could have met up somewhere different other then that rat infested cafe of the I95. who would have knowat 21-the age where I had already made my parent hate me and was having a child out of wedlock.... If I told my mother she would have skinned me alive, if I told my father...let’s not talk about what he would have done, probably kill Dean with his bare hands.

I live in the same 2 bedroom house, it’s like I am waiting for something, waiting for him to come back.

“he’s gone!” I try to tell myself every morning of everyday ,but that facts never seems to seep in completely it’s as if I am 21 forever in my heart when my mind is at 54, trying to get over the lost, but the heart always wins.

My son-only son, the one I named after his father is gone now, off to change the world he said when he left. he looks more like his father then he looks like me, his long brunet hair and green eyes remind me of his father, it almost breaks my heart whenI saw him grow up as he turn to look like his father even more as the years past.

the thought that Iwas not the only person that lose in his death...that Dean Jr lost lost a father and I lost my love, has past threw my mind more then it should but i can help

The one that got away.

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