Music Lover (tonue-in-cheek)

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A message to those who can't decide on their musical preference

Submitted: February 09, 2013

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Submitted: February 09, 2013



Who played you so hard that you’re so worn out and out of tune now?

Was it the hard rocker with his head banging and instrument smashing antics?

Did he abuse you with his harsh vocals and destroy you with his riffs?

Did he strip you of your colour and leave you achromatic?

Was it his stage paint that always made you stiff?

Music lover, your taste changes too much.

Maybe it was the rapper with his arrogant lyrics.

His flashy bling left you dazzled and blinded you to his conceit.

Maybe it was he who reduced you to nothing but a speck in a sea of ass and tits.

Those benjamins he threw at you were never yours to keep.

Music lover, you should learn when not to touch.

Could it be that the reggae man wasn’t conscious enough to bring you redemption?

Did the ganja get you so high that you lost your way?

You probably felt weak when he whipped those locks in your direction.

The island vibe must have left you a castaway.

Music lover, how many more times before you realize?

What about the folk singer and his deep meaning?

You just couldn’t get it even when you tried so hard to?

Were you too conservative for his high ideals and far left preaching?

Must have been a slap in the face when you realized that song really was never about you.

Music lover, maybe it’s time to get wise.

It’s true that adult contemporary isn’t the most popular fandom.

It isn’t always loud or flashy, exotic or profound.

Instead, it’s all of the above and then some.

It’s a genre that loves moderation, doesn’t discriminate and can always be relied upon.

Music lover, you’re coming of age so stop fighting and face your destiny.

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