A Little Uncertain.

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This is the story of a 19 year old boy finding his way home. All the characters names, except Jake have a meaning to them if you pay attention closely.

Just like out of the perfect movie scene, Nestore, nearly 19, walked out the door and onto his own. His brown hair brussled in the wind, as he faked a smile of straight teeth to his family. He stepped in his cold, gray, ford as his family spoke gibberish to his soul and waved goodbye. They all thought it could be the last time the family trait of green eyes would ever be seen together again.

Now Nestore was young, so of course he thought there was more to life than just dreaming at home through nights. He'd been through a lot more than what people had pictured him to be. He had gone through abuses, heartbreaks, and misery. He was misunderstood where he lived, and for once he wanted to be on his own. He wanted to go away to see what he could find. He wasn't going far, but it was far enough away from Wayne, New Jersey.

As he settled down into his seat, he began to start his lonesome roadtrip to Boston. The traffic was a little heavy, but that's because it was around Christmas time. He knew that had to be the biggest mistake of his life. "Who leaves their family right before Christmas?" is all he could think about. He finally had let his mind wander off, and he got over the thought.

Stopped in traffic that seemed forever long, he stole a glance of his backseat. All his old notebooks, his laptop, and his old guitar he had since he was 14. The traffic picked up, and he had traveled for about 50 miles now. The road grew so clear like the sky. He never liked Christmas, but he liked being home to see his friends. He smirked a little smile over the thought of fighting over who was the best at playing a Joe Purdy guitar solo as his music came on.

Some how he finally found himself reading the sign "Welcome to Boston" thirty minutes later. He said to himself, "Here I go. Here's my chance to find what all these years I've needed to keep me happy." He sighed, took a hard breathe, and began driving into the town. He slowly found himself pulling up to where he was going to live this part of his life, Spring Hill Commons. It was the cheapest he could find. He realized the value of money at this point because he didn't have much.

He walked into his furnished apartment, placed his armfull of stuff down on the couch, and stood there. He looked around for a while then sat on the bare, cold floor of the kitchen. When he was at home he always used to sit in the kitchen all alone to think. He would sit there and he would whisper softly to himself all the thoughts he had. It was his way of venting. It was his way of getting away from life and all the problems in it.

He layed there on the kitchen floor for hours debating of all he had just done. He was really into becoming a graphic designer for Five Elements. He had an internship he was going to start the next day. So he decided to just sleep on the kitchen floor tonight, since he was already a little homesick.

He woke up the next morning, grabbed a cup of green tea from the local coffeeshop, Uptown Espresso and headed off to work. He stepped into the building, everything was busy, but calm in his eyes. He was excited and ready for a day of work and growing up. His boss, Jake, sat him down at a computer and said, "Alright son, show me what you can do. You'll be working on a design for a while. You've got plenty of time to get this campaign done, so don't worry. Oh, You get 30 minutes for lunch, and you can leave work at five."

Nestore replied, "alright, thanks Jake." Nestore began hard a work on his project. It was for a local market's campaign. He didn't much care for it, but he knew he had to start off somewhere with work.

Five o'clock rolled around, and he stayed till five-thirty to organize his desk. Then he drove off to his new home, got out of his car, and just stood there. He thought to himself, "A walk would be nice, a walk would be really nice." He'd never really seen much of Boston anyways. He turned off his cell phone and threw it in his pocket. He wanted his own time, something he'd been dreaming of forever. He looked at the stars, remembering of the time he spent with Lia. They spent so many hours together, walking downtown, tackling each other then destroying each other with sweet, soft kisses. He loved her, but he was scared. He told her, "No matter what happens in my life, I will never fall in love with someone like you ever again, but I need to find myself, for we are both uncertain of our lives." She never really understood it too well, but she knew herself she was uncertain about everything in her life.

He finally took his long walk back home after four hours. He finally decided to set up his laptop then put on some soothing music. He liked Joe Purdy best. His music found his soul and made him realize everything in life and all the things that we go through. He was getting the feeling that everything was going to work out the way he planned.

So for six months he did the same routine every day. He woke up, got some green tea from Uptown Expresso, went to work and stayed thirty minutes after five, and would go on a four hour walk. On the weekends though, he would workout and write pages full of poems. He even would play his guitar a little and write letters home. He never really liked family much, but he knew they would worry still. Of course he e-mailed and sent text messages to his friends, but he began to start growing up finally.

It was June 12th, the summer had finally kicked in. Although, Boston wasn't that hot, and he liked that. He never was a warm weather person. He stood in front of his full length mirror and looked at his suit. He always thought, "Man! I clean up well!" Then he would laugh at himself quietly. He kept looking at himself though. He remembered he wore this suit the day of graduation a year ago. He remembered all the fun they had for weeks. He even remembered the time they spent in Morristown. They would go to the park and stay crazy teenagers. They'd have a jam session with their guitars and sing sweet, little solos. He would hold Tia and poke fun at Jace because he could never get a girl for the life of him. Even though he was a sweet talker and always knew what to say. They always would pick up Pavel and swing him around. He was the smallest of the three best friends. He was also so humble.

All of a sudden, Nestore's phone rang. It was his boss. He was beginning to run late. He didn't answer the phone, but quickly got into his car. He then realized he was letting his memories catch up with him too much. He started to worry again.

He went into work shaking. He set-up everything quickly and gave his presentation. His boss told him he had done a fine job, and only six more months and he would be be able to start working for real. He was happy to hear that. He was allowed to leave at three o'clock, but he still decided to leave at five-thirty as usual.

He went on his usual four hour walk after work still. He looked at all the trees, the teenagers being stupid, and stopped for a second and closed his eyes. He heard a voice of a confident girl saying, "Are you alright?"

He opened his eyes and replied quickly, "Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking for a moment." He notice how attractive her brown hair was. It fit with her skin tone and face like harmony.

"Well, I've seen you around here everyday. I'm always outside doing something."

"Oh have you really? Ha. That's neat, but you haven't said hi before ?"

"Naw, I'm not much of a talker, but I've heard about you a lot. My brother's your boss. He says you're doing really well for just starting off the way you are, and for being so young."

"Well thank you very much. I better get going though."

"Alright, well say hi next time," she laughed sweetly. He really began to wonder of all that was just told to him, but he went home anyways.

He sat on his kitchen floor again and cried softly to himself. He'd never felt this way in his life. He'd always had someone by his side. He never had felt this alone and lost. He shut off his phone and packed up only what he truly wanted to keep.His pictures, guitar, laptop, and some clothes. He place them in his car and stood outside his apartment.

A few steps forward torwards his car, that's all it took to spark such a thought. The thought of the hope that had all been lost. His mind had become such a storm. Nothing felt right, and nothing would make him feel at home. He never really knew what a home was until that night. He found in himself that just because you call a place your home, doesn't mean that it is a home. It's the people that you love and care for. It's the people that make everything better and make you happy. It's where all your memories are, and where all the new ones will be created. It's where your heart will always belong.

Nestore paid off the rest of the apartment that night, and began his new journey to the life he had really always wished to lead.

Submitted: December 31, 2007

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