Change And The Ways.

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a poem of change.

Submitted: April 06, 2007

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Submitted: April 06, 2007



There is something every human heart shall fear.
It will rip our soul to shreads and make us tear.
Our minds will lose control and take over from rage.

We will never find a way to forget the pain.
We will watch this effect every singe person, in almost every single way.
We will pretend we have no fears,
when we are scared to lose all we've gained.

Afraid to make a new start and a better us.
To lose someone that we held tight,
And even a friend who has touched our life.

Places will grow old, and some will crash down.
The style and owners will pass and go.
People will die from the pain of a broken soul.

And we will risk it all to make it through.
We will have no way to fix this from the start,
Because the day we are born, is the day it begins.

This method of change, we shall never win.

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