With my memories I cry

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This poem is about my life of being mistreated,abused sexually and physically and all the memories I have to live with every day of my life.

Submitted: May 29, 2014

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Submitted: May 29, 2014







When I think about what you have put me through

but i so wish this was not true

"I cry"


When you punched, kicked, battered and bruised me

when all i wanted is for you to see

"I cry"


Then there comes that very first day

when you took my innocents away

and i



You even made me scream and I kept saying


I even was praying

that one day you will stop playing


When I think that I will never live a normal life like any other

and then one thing becomes another

"I cry"


When I think about how you destroyed every part of me

when all i wanted was for you to leave me be

"I cry"


I have nightmares because of you and you say

"that's okay"

I even became gay

because my life was so grey



When I feel all this heartache, anger, frustration and pain

 I wonder

 am I insane?


When there is not one day that goes by, how I wish I can just

forgive and forget

even when you made a threat

I sit and wonder

 why havent you done it yet?


I wish every day that this didn't happen, but I always seem to

get these same question running through my head



When you even teased me and called me ugly and fat

then to top it all off you trod on me like a door mat

"I cry"


When I know all these things have changed me into a different human being

and then you started agreeing

"I cry"


Its like you think you never did anything wrong

but you know what?

 that doesn't worry me as I know I am strong


"I cry"

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