Mental Suicidal Note: I Saved Myself

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This is just a short passage about a girl finding herself, just before she tries to commit suicide. They're more to come. Enjoy

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013



Life as we know it is not easy. As I write these words I have my medicines lined up, my razor blades to cut deep, and my father's gun cocked and ready to blow. Am I sure I want to end it this way? Was there anything that you could have done? The real answer is no and no. No I am not sure I want to end it this way, I want it to end first by me knowing that I am loved. I would rather be loved and missed, than trying to live my life to be remembered. There was not anything that you could have done because that is what led me here. You did not make a real effort and that was fine with me. I am a loner and a true misfit. My breaking point you ask? When I have had a horrifying dream and soaking in my wrinkled sheets, I wake up and I realize it is not a dream, it's summer and I forgot to turn on the air conditioner. I have just blacked out into hoping this perception life was just a mistake of my reality. Well enough of this prolonged talking time to get this started. But, I have just realized, coming out of my entangled thoughts and looking down at a blank piece of paper, I haven't written anything down yet, I'm conversing to my reflection in the mirror across from me. I feel better and the pills are no longer there, neither is the sharp razors, and the gun is nowhere in sight. Someone has helped me and that someone is she. I have just found a new friend and that friend is me.

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