The Thunder From Down Under

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This is a poem about a boxing kangaroo. I got the idea from the "boxing kangaroo" cliche'
I've always been a big boxing fan so the poem was really fun for me to write.
The name i stole from my dog Rocky, not to be confused with Balboa, Graziano, or Marciano! hahaha.

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



The Thunder From Down Under

I'm telling you a story

you may not think is true,

a rhyme about Rocky

the boxing kangaroo.


He comes from the land down under,

he trains hard every day.

He keeps in shape - he's strong and fit,

for fights that comes his way.


Once he fought in England

against a wily fox.

He caught him with an uppercut

and knocked his socks clean off.


He fought a lion, big and fierce,

but Rocky was too quick.

He danced in circles 'round the ring

until the beast was sick.


He fought a Bengal tiger once,

it lasted fifteen rounds,

but Rocky beat him black and blue

before the cat could pounce.


He knocked spots off the cheetahs,

stripped stripes off zebra's too.

And once bashed an elephant

on a trip to Brooklyn zoo.


The thunder from down under

had fought a hundred fights,

but not a creature great or small

could put out Rocky's lights.


There's a reason for his toughness

and why he was so smart,

Rocky fought them with his brain

instead of his big heart.

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