new mom

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about a girl who likes a guy but she has a secret ( i don't know any good titles so if you have any suggestion i will greatly appreciate it thanks)

Submitted: April 18, 2013

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Submitted: April 18, 2013



I sit here pondering on  what to say

But i'm afraid to say it the wrong way

I look at the stars after every long day

And think to my self... 

How does it feel to know there's a guy  

A guy who cares for you and promisesto be with you

But there's something stopping you, something that you think he wouldn't like 

You cry and cry but don't know what to say

You see him every day and to ashamed to face him

You're thinkingof how to tell him but you tear up again

You walk up to him and start to talking while wiping your face

You tell him how you feel, you tell him how much he means to you

But when the words come out you feel like a ticking time bomb of tears

thinking he doesnt want to hear

yoou let the fuse to the bomb go

'Hoping he doesnt think you're a hoe

you say the words but he's calm

Beacause he already knew you're a mom 

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