What Green Industry Doesnt Want You to Know

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The truth about "greenhouse gasses is revealed here in a straight forward and honest manner.

Submitted: November 15, 2013

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Submitted: November 15, 2013



...Global warming has been occuring and some of this warming has been generated by human activity during the past couple of centuries. Certainly the combustion of fossil fuels has accelerated the rate of increase in thermal activity within the lower troposphere. There is no way to determine what percentage of the current warming has been caused by mankind and how much of the temperature up swing is a result of a natural warming trend within the climate.

This article4 will not dispute the fact that people have a hand in this issue, and that greenhouse gasses are infact generated as a result of petroleum and coal combustion as well as wood combustion. However, these gasses have had little or no effect on the temperature rise, and they will not in the future either.

But as the world population continues to increase, the temperature will continue to rise, barrring any natural climate changes. Consider all of the heat that leakes into the air outdoors from every house and building during the winter months (all of it because a furnace or baseboard heater must continually operate to replace the warm air that seeps out.

Warm air rises. Yes, and it also disperses, so we do not have palm trees growing in Fairbanks, Alaska during the winter. But energy can not be destroyed. Once this energy is released into the atmosphere, it accumulates, and as the warm air rises and expands, it eventually travels north along the tropopause and decends at or near the poles, where it works its way southward. So the greatest effects from this gradual warming is noticed in the arctic and antarctic regions.

The observable effects are manifest in the polar melting and refreezing of the ice caps. The melt dates occur earlier each spring, and the freeze dates occur later each fall. Now consider what would happen if no fossil fuels were burned anymore, and that all of our energy needs were met by nuclear fusion, or any source other than combustion.

No surplus greenhouse gasses would be released into the atmosphere. But guess what?  Surplus HEAT would be released, and the heat will continue to accumulate as more and more people are born. The global warming continues, and increases every day. Wven if the automobiles were powered by anything other than combustion, they still release surplus heat. Air compressors and chiller units release surplus heat during the summer months.

Get used to global warming because the rate of increase will be substantial. The effects of this thermal rise will become radically noticable in the very  worried about the warming trend, because if nature does not alter the climate, then man's influence WILL become obvious within twenty five years.

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