Franny the Fox

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This book is the first that I have ever written. Franny is the name of my grandpa that passed away on Thanksgiving in 2012, a river named School Creek runs through our back yard, and in the woods on our property, my sisters and I built a fort we named Stick Fort. Just a little background knowledge on where I came up with all of the settings. Also, all of the character's names (except Franny) are names of animals we have or used to have. Please enjoy! Feedback is appreciated!

Submitted: February 10, 2016

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Submitted: February 10, 2016



In a woods far away, called School Creek Forest, a fox named Franny lived in a fox town called Fort Sticks.  He liked Fort Sticks because he lived there with all of his family and friends. But, even though his family loved him, he didn't have a lot of friends.  This was because Franny’s fur was white, where his friends’ fur was red, and Franny had thick, warm fur, where everyone else had thinner, cooler fur.  When the sun shined brightly through the tops of the trees, Franny couldn't run and hunt like everybody else because his fur made him too warm to run around.

“Lazy pants! Lazy pants!” everyone chanted when, instead of looking through the underbrush and dead leaves for mice to gobble, Franny had to lay, panting inside his den trying desperately to cool off.

“I can't help it,” he would try to explain,”It’s too hot outside for me!” But all of his friends would just shake their heads and scold him, saying that he should stop making up bad excuses if he ever wanted to be taken seriously.  So Franny sadly laid in his den, wishing that he could be like everyone else.

As the year went on, the weather got colder, and one day, Franny woke up to see his breath hanging above him in a fluffy gift from the heavens.  He heard muffled barks from outside his den, and trotted up the tunnel to the entrance.  When he got there, though, he found why he could not hear clearly what was being said outside his home.  The hole that let him in and out of his house was packed with cold, wet, light stuff as white as the cleanest patches of fur on his back. Franny was touching snow for the first time in his life!  But when he dug himself out of the snow, he found that not everyone was as excited for the fresh precipitation as him.  Foxes old and young were grouped together in the center of the clearing they called home.  Shivering and shaking, the mayor of Fort Sticks was on top of the tallest stump giving updates on how everyone was doing and what was happening.  Immediately, Franny joined the pack of foxes moving snow away from entrances of dens that were trapping others inside.  They were all cold, and complaining about how they were going to freeze into icicles, or that their paws, ears or noses were going to freeze off, but Franny wasn’t cold at all.  In fact, he felt like he was made for this weather, and was able to dig out whole dens by the time a group of three was able to finish half of one.

Instead of making him too warm, his thick fur was keeping him just the right temperature, and when he sat down, other foxes almost tripped over him because he blended in with the snow perfectly.  Finally, he could hunt and not have to stay in the shade or get too warm.  The other foxes that lived in Fort Sticks, however, could not catch a single bird because in the snow, they would tremble with every step they took, and were not able to use their red fur to blend in with the snow covered ground.

As winter went on, Franny was the only fox who could catch enough prey to stay full, and started to spend all day hunting for everyone else in the town, too.  Finally, everybody else in the town started to see how hard Franny could really work.  

“Wow, Franny!,” said his sister, Ally,”We're really sorry for making fun of you and calling you lazy. You are being so nice to us even though we were so mean to you. Thank you!”

“Aw Ally,” replied Franny,”That's okay.  I love helping everyone out however I can.”

At first, this was always his answer, but as more and more people came up to him, he realized just how much they relied on his superb hunting.  Eventually, he made other fox families pay for the food they got.  At first, his payments were only small things like somebody telling him a story before he fell asleep, but as he got greedier and greedier, he started demanding things like a group of foxes digging extra rooms in his den or even selecting a group of foxes to live with him and act as his butlers, maids and cooks.  The foxes complied, if at times carefully, because they needed the prey to feed themselves and their families, but as Franny’s demands grew worse, they started checking their actions.

One day, the fox community rebelled when Franny made the ultimate demand.

“Now, if everyone wants to have enough to eat tonight,” started Franny, “you are going to have to make me the mayor of Fort Sticks, because I've been doing most of the work around here anyways.”

When the crowd started to leave, Franny shouted, “Wait! I'm not done!” And when they all turned back around to listen to them, he continued,”I also want the prettiest fox in town as my wife.”

After that was dead silence.  All eyes turned to the fox named Bailey, who was undoubtedly the prettiest fox in Fort Sticks.  She was shocked too, and stood there for five seconds with her mouth hanging open. Then, she snapped her mouth shut and trotted back to her den.  

Now, there was once a time when Bailey would have said yes and went along with it, because she used to have a crush on Franny, but when he became so demanding and bossy she started to wonder if she really did like him.  The day before, she had decided that she did not like the new Franny unless he changed back to his original state, so she figured that would be her answer.  When her best friend Hanna trotted in by her, she told her this and they decided to stand up to Franny together.  At last, they heard him come into her den and explained everything to him.  

“Oh, guys,”came his reaction,”I'm so sorry, I'll change it back right away.” And he did.  He told everybody that everything would be changed back right away, and let them decide what to do, after apologizing.  When the foxes of Fort Sticks saw that the old Franny was back, they were so happy that they decided to let him keep his position as mayor.  Bailey was so happy, she have him a lick on the nose as soon as he hopped down from his perch.  When summer came again, everyone treated Franny differently.  To thank him for feeding them all through winter, he got to spend all day relaxing in his den with his wife Bailey, and he got first pick of the fresh prey the foxes brought back from hunting.  Franny was very thankful, and the other foxes in Fort Sticks were too.

They lived like this until Franny died, and then his white-haired son took over his position.  Generations passed, but even years later, the story of the white fox that saved Fort Sticks is remembered and passed on to little fox cubs. And in the winter, when the foxes turn white they know that they each have a part of Franny the fox inside of them.

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