Gray Unknown

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Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011




Gray Unknown

Barren is the Earth. Desolate was the planet after rains of fire bathed the surface. Mother Nature once so embracing now scorns mankind, armed with our own radiation fought back with her own monstrosities. Faced with these challenges mankind did what it did best: prolong and survive. The wealthy Highborn society moved, moved underground and formed colonies below the crust of the corrupted soil, taking with them the scientist, business men, medical officers, and mechanics essential to maintaining their comfortable everyday lives. The discarded people rejected from the Highborn lived their lives running day to day, living the life of a madman, afraid of the world and all of Mother Nature’s amenities.

All this happened in a span of ten years. When I was six the world went back to the days where trash was dumped into the river. Biologist might have warned us but for the sake of time and effort we took the easy way out. Warnings were overlooked like cheap pamphlets thrown to the side, and when the world started to rot, like a half eaten apple left out to long, people just ignored it spending time enriching themselves with bodily fats and mindless games. It was only at the end of the destructive span that people began to fear, running around like chickens without heads. Shielding their bodies as Mother Nature decided to embrace them in a neck breaking hug.

Thick, heavy cloth encases my body, the only protection between the world and me. The harsh, sun burns unprotected skin, but that isn’t what the cloth is for. The bright light immediately blocked by darkness as it began raining. I start sprinting, sprinting through the barren streets of the once vibrant city. I throw myself into an abandoned store and quickly throw my clothes off making sure only to touch the dry sections. Another one of Mother Nature’s retribution, the world is constantly changing between the scorching sun and the caustic rain. It’s cold but I soon start a fire using scrap wood lying around and paper I always carry, with an old flip lighter. Look around the room, gray weathered cement on all four sides. Desolate, dark and cold, looking around once again, seeing empty stands once filled with food. Remembering younger days where people gorged themselves with food and threw out the remainder that could feed an entire town now. If there’s food now people fight tooth and nail for even a crumb, I’ve seen people chasing rats and fighting over them in order to see who gets to eat.

My memories are cut short by a growl that slashes through the air, as I look forward towards the rain. Only one type of being could live without protection Mother Nature’s hunters: the Misshapen.

In the past the Misshapen were originally people like us; they were a group of people that were cast aside by the Highborn. Unlike us they couldn’t find shelter fast enough. They became exposed to the excess radiation from the world’s population. Their bodies twisting convulsing from the poison that soaked the Earth. So Mother Nature, out of pity, decided to bless them, taking away all their pains by changing them to monsters, rending from them their humanity and granting them with a hunger for flesh. The Misshapen walked on all fours with their elongated arms and stubby powerful hind legs, each having only three fingers, with strands of hair at the top of their head, sharp pointed teeth, and long claws. How these things were humans I would never know.

It starts walking into the room, rain dripping from its bony body, its matted hair clinging to its pale head. It lunges at me as I fall backwards, feet kicking upward, throwing the heavy being away. I don’t want to make that much sound but there isn’t a choice. The Misshapen dizzily begins to compose for another pounce, when its life is cut short by a bullet through the brain. Where did that come from? Friend or foe? Can’t think much, the other Misshapen will come. I run, run through the raining streets the rain burning through my skin. No choice, run and maybe survive or get eaten by monsters. Can’t go on, skin corroding to the bone, and never make it back home as I fall down. Face lands with a splash, beyond feeling pain as my visage begins to sizzle to nothing. My sixteen shorts years flash before my eyes. Vision clouded, the red sun glows: so beautiful.

As life came to an end, a blurry figure outlined by the glowing sun walks. Taking their time step by step. The person came to a stop above me as I stared up, their face hidden by a hood draped over their head. Staring right ahead looking towards the gray brooding sky. A hand on my head as I started to drift away. My body felt ethereal as their hand drapes over my eyes a soothing sense in a impregnable world. Mother Nature’s last embrace.

He is dying as I walk up, seeing him running flesh bubbling from the rain. A trip and he falls landing in a puddle of rain. Walk closer the flesh on his face sliding off, landing with a soft horrendous plop. The world is killing us, but how can he have such a serene look? I stand over him, seeing his eyes looking through me toward the gray sky. My hand rest on his forehead, a gentle gesture of love. His eyes begin to close, my hand sweeps slowly down helping them on their final movement, closing them forever. Life is fragile I think as I begin walking down the long winding road away from the dark towers and crumbling walls toward an unknown destination.


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