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A story about the infinite possibilities in the world... knowing that everyday we make choices that effect our future.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



I don’t know how I ended up here but I’m in a long corridor lined with doors on either side. How did I become stranded here? I was just in my classroom talking about college then everything blacked out.

I run towards the end but it seems to stretch on forever. Frantically I try each door turning each knob blindly, but each one is locked. Looking closely I see that each door is different with a different pattern, color, and doorknob. Looking even more closely I see that each lock needs a different key, as each keyhole is different.

“So this is what Alice felt like when she fell down the rabbit hole.” After a frantic moment, I pause and start walking again, but a wave of dizziness makes me collapse onto the hallway floor. Then one out of the many doors clicked and started to open.

A person walks out of a door very near me in fact.
“Yay finally someone to ask. Excuse me sir where am I and how do I get out?” I ask him. I can’t really see his face with the door still in the way.
The black door closes with a click.

“Hi me, I’m you.” The stranger said. He’s filthy wearing only rags, and he kind of smells.

“I’m most definitely am not you. Great a crazy guy.” I look closer and I notice he’s wearing the same clothes as me.

“I’m you, I’m you that fail, I’m you that was lazy, I’m you that never tried, and I’m you that never went to college.” He screamed while smiling. Then suddenly poof he was gone.

“Well that was weird.”

Slowly get up and look at the door the crazy guy came out of. It was dirty, scruffy black door looking closely I see that the whole door is made out of black garbage bags compacted together into blocks and stacked to make the door. The one next to it is made out of papers, the next out of glass I can’t see through it was a really fancy door with intricate designs though. Another lock click opens. I dread what other “me” can possibly come out of one of these many weird doors.

A deep crimson door opens, a flash of light glances out. I see a knife protruding out first followed by a wide eyed “Me” covered in what seems to be blood. I began to back up when he talks.

“I’m you, but you can be me.”

“Can be? I don’t want to be.”

“I’m you that tried but failed, I’m you that was driven in a corner, I’m you that doesn’t value life.” Poof he was gone while waving his knife back and forth.

I must be going crazy.

I’m going to end up as a knife wielding homeless guy. At this point I’m sobbing, all that hard work trying to be successful in my life ends up with this. Knowing that I’ll just end up as this whats the point in working hard anymore? Another door clicks, this time the one made out of paper. One page slips out and floats towards me. I look and see a degree from a college, it’s really dirty and yellow from age, but this really cheers me up.

Out comes me reading a book. He stops outside the door stares up, and pauses then looks back into his book.

“I’m you, you might be me.” Without a smile, just cold fact.

“I’m you that passed, I’m you that graduated, I’m you that succeeded.”

“How can I be you, what should I do?” Remembering the last two, I became very scared I didn’t want to be like them

“Study Study Study, dump the girlfriends spend Friday night studying, ignore you’re friends, and focus solely on grades cast aside your family.” Poof, off he goes.

Family and friends the things I value the most. How could I ever be him... how could I grow to be him? I look inside his room, seeing mounds of paper on top of a basket labeled: WORK then the door shuts as fast as it closes with one final creak before it clicks.

The glass door opens,the one with the really fancy designs out walked me following a big fancy cane. That “me” wore a flamboyant suit with a quick nudge of his foot he closed the glass door.

“Hey me, you could be me, so why not be me?” He continued speaking.

“I’m you that got lucky, I’m you that’s rich, I’m you that only values money.”

Hmm. Wealthy, probably influential why not be him?

“Think about it man, if you become me you can have the world in the palm of you hand. Buy everything you dreamed of. It’ll be the fast life for you from then on.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Think about it? What’s there to think about? You can be rich!”

“Well money isn’t everything.”

“YES IT IS!” He screams then poof he was gone too.

It seems that everyone of my future selves are either crazy, homicidal or a prick in general. This place is just making me more depressed and depressed, If I ever get out of here I don’t think that I would want to grow up. “Peter Pan take me to Neverland.”


“Great which door is it this time?”

The camouflage door started to open. A person stepped out, he had an impressive aura to him standing tall and proud with an American flag on his shoulder and a gun on his back. I’m surprised because I never thought of joining the army as a future possibility at all, honestly war scares me and I think the world is better off without war.

“Soldier reporting, I’m you, and sir you should be me. I’m you that's proud, I’m you that loves his country, I’m you that’s willing to fight.”

“Why should I be you?” I asked this is new they never asked me to be them before.

“It is an honor to serve one’s country especially on the front lines of a war.”

“I haven’t thought about that.” Patriotism? The best I’ve ever done is say the pledge back in eighth grade.

He started to walk away, he turns and I see on the back of his helmet on his head a bullet hole.

“So how did the war turn out for us?”

“We won, but there were a lot of deaths, our parents are still crying from the letter that read K.illed I.n A.ction.”

I peaked into his room and see a jungle, men mouths scream but no noise come out of the room. I saw explosions but they didn’t make a sound. Then a blinding white light after a barren land. The door slowly creaks to a close.

All the doors click all together filling the whole corridor with tension. My skin started to crawl and a slowly backed up.

“Oh my god.”

The thought of having hundreds of possible Sammys in this one corridor scared me.

All the doors opened and out rushed the Sammys each one different each one unique, scary, and overwhelming.

“I’M YOU, AND YOU’RE ME.” The hundred Sammys echo.

I start running because they start chasing. Every door I pass by opens with a new Sammy coming out screaming “I’M YOU, AND YOU’RE ME!”

The end of the corridor which seemed so far away came to a stop before me. The plain door there offers an escape but at the same time fear. What kind of me can come out of this door?

However, looking behind me I see a threatening wave of bodies closing in. I just want to get away.
I tried opening but it wouldn’t budge.

“Locked DAMN IT!” As I looked behind me. Realizing that there were probably millions of “Me” running towards me. I see a lot of them fighting each other, the homeless me hitting the rich me, the college me ignoring everybody and reading. So much conflict can happen in such a small corridor.

The moment before they run into me they freeze. A monotone voice speaks.

“They’re you, and you CAN be them.”

Slowly the plain door opens, as I grimace for what could be. And all I see is a barren room, just four white walls. Hidden in one little corner was a mirror as tall as me. I close my eyes and open, what I see in the mirror is me. My image talks and says in that monotone voice.

“There is no laid out path in life, if there was it wouldn’t be called life only a routine. Unexpected things that plague the known, may change the course but does not alter the journey.” As he was talking he seem to age both backwards and forwards taking on a different appearance every second. As his sermon ended, everything faded black and I was back in my class. The teacher was scolding at me for falling asleep.

Possibilities - by Sammy Tung

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