An unusual day

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A usual day ends unusually...

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012




An unusual day


The day he broke off all hesitations, he decided to say goodbye!

It was a hot summer afternoon, a glary ray of sun was peeping through window panes making the darkness glossy with golden strokes and patterns. His ivory black pen was shaking in hopes, and suddenly it wept and fell in deep.

Several times he thought of deepness, how those loosely bound kites behave like thoughts lingering in his head. He ran off in endless routes, he became mad, he cried alone, he laughed again after a long sleep with his old pillows. He woke up and broke off!


It was his piano that mourned in d minor, it was his old torn pages bearing incomplete sketches of love screamed what is a very complicated word!



He tried several times, but could not afford!

His feelings were genuine; you would call it serious like those days of hope when you all fought for a piece of land! You would see his character like black and white era as his details would mesmerize you! But the basic fact, he loved you and you were numb!

Now many of you would quarrel over numbness!

Please keep quiet as he is preparing to say goodbye after all. The sun is dipping deep in the sea; the sky has worn velvet for his retirement!

You always said you don’t feel that way!



How you don’t understand how much he cared for you!

You like movies where he yelled again and again, Yo Comprendo?

The answer was always numbness and shifting the direction of talk to another stream as  brook takes a lean path finding obstacles!



It is pelting down outside like cats and dogs quarrelling over a piece of flesh in a same cage! Other days he used to enjoy the rain! His window panes are slitting drops as the wind thrashes over it.

He bought a knife, a long length of thread and a few sleeping pills.

Feels like it was planned very much in his mind unknowingly!


You told you have someone really in your life might be parted but inside you!



A huge pile of books, papers, clothes and of course your favorite music!

So it is time! Staring at the knife placed so naively on the table rather innocently, the thread as well as those sleeping pills.

He always liked pills at least they have peculiar colors and aroma of something which he felt long long ago!

He stood up and took one of his old wooden chairs and placed in the middle of the room. The room is very gloomy and moist.

He looked up and made a face then looked all over his place. So many memories! It is always hard to say goodbye. Suddenly fear crawled into his spine as he took the knife.

He took the knife and cut the thread in a proper manner to make the knot.


You never had feelings really. You never took it seriously!

The clock whistled 10’o clock. A siren broke the silence shamelessly.



He smiled!

Lots of things to do. He piled up all books one by one onto the chair. Stacked them in separate sacks and fastened them with knots.

Clothes came then and then the music and other articles.

He did not bother for his old sofa set, his bed, his rocking chair, his teapot.



Pendulum counted it midnight.

He was set to sail for far away. He was set to say goodbye.

He took one pill and went for a midnight dream with his old pillows.

Tomorrows morning would be a good day after all.

The smell of drenched woods poured the air and he went to sleep.

Thoughts were as still as the eye of a kite runner on a midsummer day and peace prevailed the thoughts.

Tomorrow would be a better day. He would wake up and break off!


He gifted his old piano to the sweet little neighbor who used to call him uncle!





A short story by Arnab Mukherjee

© Copyright 2018 Samudra. All rights reserved.

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