The Darkness of Solitude

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A story of a mans fight to free himself of his solitary plight, where he is trapped and forgotten, and how dark that can be. But no matter the darkness, light can still shine through.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




The Darkness of Solitude.


In the darkness of solitude

The loneliest man, alone he wept

His sobs ringing out like silent whispers

And harsh the wind swept

 And tore at his sanity

He walked on his own

In the darkness of solitude


The man he walked alone

He walked the path of fate

And he let out his weary moan

In this darkness he had come to hate

He always tried to hide

But always the shadow pursued

In the darkness of solitude


When he could hide no more

He looked out into the vast space

Crying, as darkness was all he saw

He thought of his life, what a waste

But however mad he were

To him an idea had to occur

In the darkness of solitude


He wandered on

With a haunting mocking following him

He wondered why he was the only one

Why oh why was it him?

But no matter his pleas,

Here he would forever dwell

In the darkness of solitude


As time began to ravage the fellow

He walked in this caliginosity

As a solitary soldier he marched

Such a travesty

For he was ravenous and parched

But he continued his lone journey, and he let out a silent bellow

In the darkness of solitude


As the cruel time passed, he began to lose hope

The hope of light and warmth began to fail

But without this dream he would never cope

So he now sprinted on, believing he would prevail

His mind was a place of carnage and disease

Crawling with his fear and his pleas.

In the darkness of solitude




In the darkness he hastened his pace

The loneliest companion

As the shadows all gave chase

He would never lose them, never escape

His jeering fellows silent they fell

And they left him alone in a hall of obscurity

In the darkness of solitude


The only sound he could hear

Was the sound of his breath,

He had nothing else left to fear

So he went to his death.

He lay down and went to sleep

A sleep so deep

There he would forever lie

In the darkness of solitude.


There is a vast difference in being alone, and being lonely

If you keep faith, love and compassion with you

If you are kind to everyone you see

You may never find true love

You may never live happily ever after

But you’ll be looked down upon from above

You’ll live by a smile and you’ll live with laughter

And you will never truly walk alone.

By Sam Hammond.

© Copyright 2018 Samuel Hammond. All rights reserved.

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