James: Part 2

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This is the sequel in the James trilogy, enjoy.

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



"Oh my god," said Stephen.  ''No, why, how," said Katherine screaming while breaking down into tears collapsing to the ground. The scene was extremely horrific, the type that traumatizes soldiers in war. It was the type of sight that you can't bear to look at, but almost can't take your eyes off of it due to the graphic nature and pure shock of the sight. There lay eight people, either dead or dying. The rest frozen with shock and fear. Seeming that the event that had occurred just moments before had either taken or destroyed there soul. Stephen was speechless, he looked around slowly with his eyes, fearing every time he looked at a new specific place, that he would see something he would not want to. And he did. There lay Mark, the man that darted into after his wife, and his wife Stephanie. There heads were severed off, and there bodies next to them, seeming as though they dies in a hug. Stephenie's eyes and mouth were opened, looking as though she was screaming. While Mark's was closed, and peaceful looking. Stephen  seemed to break from his spell and started slowly and nervously making his way to one of the neighbors. But before he could reach him, the man pointed the pistol to his head, "NO,"  said Stephen but he was to late. "Bang," the gun went off shooting brains out of the mans head. "Nooooo," screamed Katherine. Stephen stood there, bewildered, and suddenly tears came. But before he could fully break down, one of the frozen neighbors seemed to come to life, she screamed bloody murder. Stephen quickly turned around to see a huge figure come at him, but to only throw him to the side, slamming him up against a tree. "Smack," the severe pain swelled in his spine and head. He was just in time to see the man swing a large knife against his wife's chest. She collapsed and the man then turned to one of the neighbors and put the knife in his thought. The blood was so red and fresh, he could see it in the dead of night. He tried to move but the pain paralyzed his body. The man then turned to Stephen and walked fast over to him and grabbed his throat and leaned his face closer to his,"I thought I told you to not be a hero, not look what happened, and this is all due to you, and now your trapped and your all mine, he then tossed Stephen over his shoulder and walked slowly away from the gruesome scene. "N-n-n-noo," grunted Stephens injured wife, but all James did was look at her and keep walking.  

"Where....where am I," Stephen thought. As the foggy eyesight obtained by the previous event faded, a strick of pure horror ran across Stephen's slightly bruised face. On the walls of where he seemed to be tied up in a wooden chair was unfathomable horrors. "My god," Stephen whispered to himself. He gazed at the wall of decaying heads, skin of faces and what seemed like limbs hammered to the walls. There was a wooden table with a dried out heart and kidneys. Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps emerged from outside the door. Stephens heart began to race, faster and faster. The door swung open, and there stood James. He was wearing a gray hoodie over his face, along with the rest of sorts of clothing, jackets, hoodies, ect. "You seem freighted," said James as he walked over to a drawer in the corner of the shack. Stephen sat in the chair without saying a word, he was frozen in fear. James opened the second to top drawer and started to rummage threw it, the swishing and slicing sounds of knifes rang from the drawer. Suddenly James's slowly and and almost mockingly lifted up a metal ball with knifes attached to it, facing the small metal ball. "You know what this is?" "No," said Stephen in a shaky and nervous voice. "Let me explain then," said James while walking over to Stephen. James then walked behind Stephen in the chair and made the metal ball expand into a circular form while putting it around Stephens head. "You see, this goes around your scull, and the knifes drive closer, or deeper into your skull, or brain every time I pull the lever in the back." Then a maniacal laugh came from from the monster with a human face."Let me demonstrate," James said. He then quickly pulled the lever back driving knifes into the fresh flesh of Stephens skull. James laughed and enjoyed the sight of seeing Stephen in pain. Back and forth he went driving in and out the knifes in Stephens cut flesh. Stephen screamed in horror, pleading to stop, begging. "You wanna see somethin that ya will never forget Stevie?" Stephen looked up at him in pure horror with blood dripping down his face. "Be right back," James chuckled while walking over to the corner of the the room and lifting up a floor door and lifting up a little girl out of it. The girl was bruised and battered, terribly skinny due to lack of food. James then took off his hood showing a monstrous face. He smiled at Stephen and then looked at the little girl who seemed to have a blank expression, as if she was already dead on the inside. He then took a pocket knife from his coat and started slowly cutting the little girls arm. Stephen was speechless seeing what was transpiring in front of him, and seeing how much of a pure monster someone can be. The little girl took it without expression. After what seemed like forever, Stephen said, "that's enough, take it out on me." James smiled a sickening and disturbing smile and put the little girl back in the floor. "Save her for later," said James giving a wink to James. James then started rubbing Stephens head. James started moaning with his eyes closed. "Mmmmm, I can sense your fear, it gives me pleasure." Stephen then started have the reality of the fact that he would most likely die in the hands of James, as so many others have sink in.  

"Whoop, whoop," police sirens rang from outside of the woods, with the red and blue lights flashing into the mist of horrors. Katherine opened her eyes and felt a intense sharp pain in her chest. She then heard the policemen making there way into the woods. "Here, here, we are over here," Katherine said in a horse but loud voice. A police officer yelled, "this way." The gang of police officers ran over in a hurry, but froze dead in there tracks when they reached the gruesome  stomach turning scene. "My god," said one of the officers in complete shock mixed with horror. All of the officers stood there still as could be, none without a trace of horror across there face. "Who......who could......who could do such a thing," said one of the paramedics on the scene with the police officers. "James, James that fucker, that fucker did it, he did all this, where were you, were you when he took my husband away, were thee fuck where you," Katherine screamed in anger and sadness. All the police officers, paramedics, and firemen on the scene could do was it there and take it, and maybe let it sink in.  

Katherine sat there in the hospital bed starring up at the ceiling with a dead blank expression on her face. The reoccurring memory of the horrors of the night before were haunting her as she sat lay there in pain. Not the pain of her wound, but the pain that they, or she had failed to exterminate James, and the pain that she may never see her husband again. As the pain was swelling up inside her, there was some noise and talking outside her room. She thought she heard some peoples ask if, "she was in there," right before three police officers walked into her room. Two of them leaned up against thee wall while the other squat down next to her bed. "Hello Mrs.Johnson," said the officer while pulling out a ball point pen with a small notepad, "I am here to assist the investigation of the where about of your husband, can you tell me step by step of what happened last night?" "Does it matter," asked Katherine in a storm yet soft voice. The officer looked puzzled and slowly said, "y-yes it does ma'am." "Why," asked Katherine, "why does it matter, we both know who took him, we both know very well who took my husband. Yet you won't find him, you never will. It doesn't matter what I tell you, so many wives, husbands, parents, children, and witnesses have told you their story yet you never find them. All you do is quit eventually and declare them dead. So please leave me alone, and go ahead and declare my husband dead. "But ma'am, don't you want to know where you husband is, he could be suffering right now." 

"Nooooooo," Stephen screamed as each individual needle was pulled out of the whites of his eyes. There were red dots all threw his eyes along with his face. He also had large gashes on the tops of his head where James inserted the knifes. James stepped back with a disturbing look of satisfaction, almost as if her was looking at a piece of art he had made and he was pleased. James then started to walk away, making eye contact with Stephen the whole time, with a almost intoxicating look on his face, as if causing pain to Stephen had intoxicated him. After James walked out of the room, closing the door behind him, and leaving the shack, Stephen dropped his head in despair.  He had a million thoughts racing threw his mind at once, then suddenly they all began to disappear, one by one, until there was one thought left, getting out. He lifted his head up, searching the room for anything to help him escape. He then spotted the knife James had been using to cut his arm, it was right next to his chair. Stephen thought it must have been a empirical by the grace of god. Stephen then quickly formed a plane in his head. He rocked the chair back and forth, until it crashed to the ground making a huge bang. He froze, in fear James would burst threw the door. But he fortunately didn't. Stephen then slowly inched his hands closer and closer until bam.....he had the knifes handle perfectly in his grip. He then started slowly sawing the rope until his hands were free. Stephen breathed a sigh of relief. He then freed his feet and leaped to the door, swinging it open, as if James was going to be right there. And right before he was about to leave, he remembered the little girl. He hesitated but he couldn't leave her, he went to the floor door and struggled to open it, and when he did, the little girl jerked out of sleep. She looked at Stephen as if he was her savior. Stephen got her out of her cage and went for the door. He swang it open, and there was James, standing there with a, "I gotcha smile," but was caught off guard when Stephen trusteed the knife into James stomach. James feel in agony, and Stephen and the little girl where off. They had escaped the shack, and for the minute, James, but now it was making out of the woods, James home.  

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