The Sword Shall Call The Mountain

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I based this on a conjunction of two old Polish legends. The first being that when the sword falls from the statue on Sigismund's Column in Warsaw's Old Town, legend says that Poland will soon be in great danger.

The second legend is of Giewont, who was cursed to sleep undisturbed under a mountain in the Polish Tatras, and will awaken to rescue Poland when the country is in great danger.

Submitted: October 24, 2011

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Submitted: October 24, 2011




The sword shall call the mountain when the loud

Metallic thunder crash of hilt and proud

Blade on uncomforting stone echoes down

The narrow cobbled streets of the old town.

The sword shall call the mountain when some strife

So mortally awesome threatens the life

Of a noble, sturdy and ancient land –

A call to arms so fierce and great, the hand

Which invasion feeds will flinch and start back.

The steel of Sigismund the old will crack

Stone with dancing and melodious tune

To make rise the southern giant! Rock, hewn

And cleft and broken and scarred will divide

So forth the legendary knight shall ride!


Giewont, our sleeping saviour, forget not

Us who shout your name and paint it in hot

Colours across the whisp’ring mountainscape.

Wake and march and ride and march and reshape

The course of things. Catch the fast-falling sword,

Bring us the rescue our King foresaw, ward

Our fragile land and see it once again restored.



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