To Destroy The Darkling Night

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Written in terza rima, a rhyming pattern made (in)famous by the Italian poet Dante Aleghieri, author of the wonderful Divine Comedy.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



To Destroy The Darkling Night

In magic thick and sweet I step between

Deep fissures, rising crests of bounding light,

Impossible geometry unseen

By human soul before. Like waves, the sight

Of this does chill my core and warm my heart

In sickly ostentation. Such a flight

Of artifice divine! The quick’ning dart

That beauty snares and bids to soar along

Horizons flecked with gold does pierce the art

My mind will keep, to render it so strong

‘Gainst flashing, creeping evil. Shining jaws

Will resonate the righteous, dancing song

And carry me to comfort ‘mid applause –

Their grand cacophony does banish dark

And slith’ring shadow. So it shrieking draws.

I bid farewell to doom and praise the stark

Unquenchable: that morning thirst which slays

And cracks the day in twain, the godly arc

Proclaiming victory above all. Days

Make light of nights, though such is it that black

Is triumph’d! Kissing corners, bright’ning ways

That run and hide and veil their bitter track

Against the onslaught. Conquest! Conquest! Shout

Into the clouds with open throat, that back

The night does go! Success! Success! All doubt

And fear is vanquished. Sweetest sun I smile,

I weep, I grace your rescue – timely, stout,

Above all fearless. Facing such a vile

Ungrateful foe you scream upon the moon

To force your enemy to fall. Guile

Does overcome you not, nor tricks, which strewn

Before you shriek while day and night are hewn.


© Copyright 2018 Samuel James Weaver. All rights reserved.

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