Megan Echo: Library Collections

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We are introduced to Megan Echo, the bespectacled Librarian hell bent on collecting past due fines. *First Draft*

Submitted: December 21, 2013

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Submitted: December 21, 2013



Three crisp knocks came from the door in perfect beats.
Robert and Joey paused the game and looked at each other.  Joey spoke first, “You put pants on and get it.”
“I put pants on yesterday.  You do it.”
Joey couldn’t argue with the logic and begrudgingly stood up as three more perfectly timed knocks rapped at the door.  “I’m coming, calm the fuck down!”  Joey lifted the stained clothing off the floor until he found some torn sweats to pull over his boxer shorts.  Stepping over piles of filth he called back, “Don’t you unpause and attack me.  I know where my life was at.”
He opened the door, interrupting another sequence of precise knocking at two beats.  “I’m fucking hear calm your ass...”  
The young woman standing before him had caused his brain to lock.  His eyes quickly took her in.  Her dark brown eyes stared at him from behind a pair of black, cat-eyed bifocals.  A chain connected the frame around her neck.  She stood in her high heals in perfect posture.  She wore a white blouse long sleeved blouse, black pencil skirt, and dark stockings.  Her short hair was pulled back in a small tight bun held together by several long pins to  reveal her angelic face. 
“Would you be a Mr. Joseph Giles?”  Her melodious voice was sweet and cheerful.  Never had Joey been filled with such joy to have a woman call out his name.  He stared at her, completely incapable of forming words.  “Mr Joseph Giles?”   His name escaped from her beautiful red lips again.  Suddenly very aware of his sloppy, unkept appearance Joseph stammered out an answer.
“That’s me,” he weakly stated.  
Her red lips spread to a smile.  “Excellent!”  Placing her large carriers bag down with a metallic crunch, she turn around and bent over.  Rummaging through the bag Joey stared at the slit that ran up the skirt.  He could barely make out the top of the hose at mid thigh. It connected to a garter belt.  He was also suddenly aware that the sweats were exposing his rather visible interest in the girl.  He moved his hands over his crotch and held them together, trying to look as natural as possible.  
She spun back around holding a clip board with a stack of paperwork attached.  She pulled a pencil from her bun, and he realized that it was held fast by a series of writing utensils as opposed to hair pins.  Flipping through a few sheets, her busy eyes quickly scanned the document.  “Ah, here we are.  Mr. Giles, I am Megan Echo.  I come to you as a representative of the Kingsport County Library.  A recent audit has revealed that you never returned the item, ‘Animorphs: The Visitor.’  In addition to a back log of fines for the book reaching the maximum one month time frame at five cents a day and the replacement cost I am here to collect eleven dollars and thirty-eight cents.”  She made several marks on her paper and placed the pencil back into her hair.
He blinked and stared at her.  “What?”
“Eleven dollars and thirty-eight cents.  It’s all right here.”  She held out a form printed on dot matrix paper breaking down the costs.  He took it from her, never bothering to look at the paper but instead intent to stare at the perplexing beauty in front of him.
“But... I read that book in middle school.  It’s been, like, 8 years.”
“Nine years and thirteen days.  Both the Kingsport Library System and yourself are lucky today.  They do not have a statute of limitations on fines so they can collect on this grossly overdue book and you are lucky that their rules don’t stipulate any sort of interest.  It would have cost you a pretty penny if they had.”
“So... you’re like a librarian there, huh?”
“A librarian, yes.  However I am only on loan to Kingsport from the Library of Congress to help them collect the overdue fines.  It is tough for libraries in these times, I’m afraid.  With computers and Ipads and Kindles people are not as interested in the printed word as they once were.  Funding is hard to come by and so a more direct approach of monetary collections was in order.  I am helping the good people at Kingsport with this audit.  Now if you please, I would be happy to collect the eleven dollars and thirty-eight cents now.”
Joey looked at her blank faced.  She hugged her clipboard to her ample chest.  The blouse sunk down.  He was sure if she moved the clip board he could see her cleavage.  “Megan, is that what you said your name is?”
“Miss Echo, if you please.”
Laughing at her formality, Joey looked through her spectacles to her large, slightly magnified eyes.  “Miss Echo, I’m afraid I don’t have the cash.”
“Oh, don’t you worry.  I can take any form of credit card, personal check (upon verification of course), or money order.  Paper money is not necessary.”  She smiled again and waited for his response.  
“WHAT THE FUCK IS TAKING YOU SO LONG!” Robert screamed from the living room.
“ROBERT!  SHUT THE FUCK UP!”  Joey yelled back.  “Sorry bout the screaming Miss Echo...”
Cutting him off, the shapely librarian spoke in a tone that seemed to hurry the conversation, “Oh no problem at all, but if you could please promptly pay I am quite busy today.”
Worried she would leave if he payed, Joseph desperately tried to prolong the conversation.  “Well I don’t have the money I’m afraid.  Since your in town for a short while perhaps you would want to go out for a drink.”
Her smile quickly disappeared as her red lips pursed.  “Mr. Giles, I don’t understand why you would have funds for a date but not to pay back your library fines.  Now I must ask you to pay right this minute as you seem to have funds to pay for stale beer and takeout pizza.”
Joseph looked back to the trash covering the floor that she was referring to.  As he quickly realized his attempts at wooing Megan were for naught, his mood changed.  “I ain’t paying you now get out you pushy bitch.”  He slammed the door and walked away.
“What took you so long?”  Robert asked without breaking focus from the TV.  He pounded at the controller, obviously having abandoned the two player game a while ago.
“Girl at the door.”  
“Oh?”  Suddenly pausing the game, the subject had turned to a relevant interest of Roberts.  “Was she hot?”
“Dude, you wouldn’t believe it.  She had a perfect body, but was dressed all prissy like.  A total bitch.”
“Good tits?”
“You wouldn’t believe it man.  And get this.  She was a librarian to collect my fines from fucking middle school.”
“Really?  Was she wearing glasses?”
“Yeah, thick ones on a chain.”
“Oh man, would have loved to let her check out my books.”  Robert gestured receiving falacio as he spoke.  Joey laughed loudly.  
“Probably needed a man to screw some respect into...”
His personal insight into the needs of the female would not be finished.  A tremendous bang and slamming noise caused him to jump.  He turned around to see the door knocked from it’s hinges and Megan Echo standing calmly.
“Mr. Giles, as I stated before the library is in desperate need of this money and I will kindly give you one more chance to pay the eleven dollars and thirty-eight cents like a good boy.  Now stop fucking around and get your wallet.”  The room stood still.  Suddenly Echo’s small frame seemed intimidating.  Her presence filled the room.  The glare off her glasses hid her eyes as she waited for a response.
“My... my door.”  Suddenly a wave of testosterone took over.  Joey barreled forward.  “You psycho bitch.”  He reached back to slap her.
In a sudden and fluid movement Echo shot her hand into her hair, pulling out a pencil.  Easily dodging the lumbering attack, she quickly countered by slamming the pencil into the side of his neck. Blood spurt out as he instinctively grabbed at the pencil lodged in his neck.  Half choaking on blood and in a dizzied spell, he stumbled to the couch.  
Reaching into the cusions, his raspy voice managed to get out, “Robert... move your fat ass.”  Plunging his hand under his stunned friend he pulled a pistol out from the stained love seat.  Whirling to point it at the woman he quickly found a large handgun between his eyes.
She held it out with one straightened arm.  It was as large as her forearm.  The muzzle seemed as big as his eye.  It’s long nickle barrel connected to an ivory handle.  In an elaborate font that you would expect to see in an old English tome, the name ‘Moby’ was written across the stock.
He looked up into her face.  The whites of her eyes surrounded her brown iris.  A chill ran through his body as her psychotic gaze went right through him.  Without looking at her target.  She fired two quick rounds.  One into the hand holding the gun.  The metal exploded and fused into the mangled flesh of his fist.  A quick movement and the second went into the top of his knee and down through his leg.  It ripped through his muscles and burst out the back of his calve. 
“FUCK!”  Joey writhed on the ground.  He blood hemorrhaged out as he collapsed into a fetal position.  
“Oh, a wallet!”  Megan Echo’s face returned to a smile as she cheerfully approached the dirty coffee table.  “I’m going to have to charge you an extra seventy-two cents for each bullet.”  She pulled a twenty from the wallet.  Stepping outside, she picked up her bag and started sorting through.  
Robert didn’t dare move.  He just looked at his friend, shriveled and gasping on the floor.  
She entered again with a smile.  “You’re change comes to seven dollars and eighteen cents!  I have went ahead and placed it in your wallet for your convenience.”  As she moved to place the wallet on the table, Robert jumped back and scrambled into the corner.
The glasses turned to him, her flowing face smiled at him.  “Robert?   Any chance you are Robert Thomson?  According to my list you owe two dollars and sixteen cents for an overdue collection of short stories by...”
“Here!”  He fell to the floor and pulled a wallet from a pair of jeans.  He grabbed all the cash and threw it at her. 
“Oh, this is far too much.”
“Take it, just... just leave.”  His boxers began to darken as a stream of hot urine ran down his leg.  He started to sob.
“Oh!  A donation!  Thank you, the Kingsport Library is most appreciative.”  She gathered the money off the floor and stepped over Joey’s crippled body and toward the door.   Without looking back, she bent over again.  Her beautifully shaped posterior bounced in the air as she arranged the contents of her brown carriers bag.  “I’m sorry I had to get so rough Mr. Giles but you offered me little choice.  Please remember to turn your books in on time in the future and keep on reading!”  With that she hoisted the bag onto her shoulder and sashayed away.

© Copyright 2018 Samuel Thorn. All rights reserved.

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