Oliver Ryde Chapter ? – A meeting with one’s self

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Another Extract from a crime novel I am writing. Here Oliver has t have an internal conference with himself to determine the answer to his case

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



Chapter ? – A meeting with one’s self

Oliver turned to face him. “I need you to leave”


“I need you to leave now and stay away for at least 20 minutes, possibly closer to half an hour” said Oliver with an air of urgency and impatience in his voice.

“But why?”

“Because they do like to take their time and they, all of them except ‘B’, hate being here when others are.” Responded Oliver, his voice now filled with a good deal more impatiens. He left the room and could only guess who or ‘B’ and “Them” are.

Back in his studio, Oliver made tea. He put five cups of tea in front of five spaces around the sitting area. They were all prepared differently with different amounts of sugar and milk in each. He did this with a sense of annoyance as though he knew that it would have to be done again if it was not just so. He then unusually sat on one of the sofas and closed his eyes. When he opened then he saw three strange men sitting around the sitting area in front of the cups of tea. He was not surprised as if expecting them to be there.

“Good day gentlemen” he said to the three men before turning his attention to the forth place yet untaken. “Where is 2?”

“Right here” said a voice from behind

“Ahh good” said Oliver as a woman walked around and took the final empty spot next to him.

Oliver surveyed the three men and the woman. One was sitting in front of him in the arm chair and was known to him as B. He was wearing a long sleeve top underneath with a t-shirt over the top and a casual pair of trousers with brightly coloured socks. In Oliver’s mind he represented the voice of humanity and reason, as well as the laid back attitude he rarely had. As he controlled the room during these meetings, he sat in his arm chair.

Next to him on the other sofa was W. he wore several rain coats which resembled those Oliver had worn throughout his life, as well as an old pair of wellington boots and a rain hat with, strangely, a pair of sunglasses perched on top. He himself was an older man with a wrinkly face. All the rest of his skin was covered by woolly jumpers, gloves and scarfs and although looked uncomfortable in his seat, he drank his tea, proving as Oliver had known since meeting him, he never over heated.

He represented the worry and doubt which the bully’s had installed in Oliver’s mind at an early age. Early on W would have more a say in these meeting’s, but as time went by, his position decreased slowly, though his warning never went unnoticed.

The final man could not be more different than the others. He was called the inspector and was wearing a sharp suit with a bowler hat and had a brief case opened next to him. His face was so sharp that is could easily have been used to cut open a water melon. He bore no smile but instead an unemotional grim expression which Oliver had never liked. He was a man of fact and logic and had always forced Oliver to notice everything and then file it for later use. He often stated that it would be logical if he and not B were in charge, though Oliver though this unlikely.

This finally left the woman next to him. She was called ‘2’ and was not, in Oliver’s opinion, Attractive. But in many ways she brought comfort to him and that is why she sat next to him. Unlike the others Oliver didn’t know what she wore. He knew that she wore something but it was never within Oliver’s perception. All he could see was her and he was sure that when he met the real her, that is who he would marry.

This then was the four people he could trust with anything and he needed that right now.

“Down to business?” questioned Oliver

“Indeed” said Inspector

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