The Death Of Two Soldiers.

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The Death Of Two Soldiers is a two part series that is set to be released on booksie over the period of late 2010, part the two set series will be sold on amazon from november 2010 allowing people who buy it to get an early preview of part two of the story. The death of two soldiers recieved genuin positive reviews throughout locally and i look forward to hearing what you think, and is part II potentially something you could be interested in reading in the future?

Submitted: October 09, 2010

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Submitted: October 09, 2010



The Death Of Two Soldiers.

- Written By Samuel-Lea Meakins.


Soldier #1 (English);Thousands of troops lay around me, the fog creeping in towards me like an enclosing walls getting ready to squash me. Nobody around as far as i can see. Not a shadow, not a sound. I feel strange I don't have that alone feeling; something or someone is around me. The fog too thick to see an approaching person, I can hear my heart racing and feel my body shaking. My head telling me it's just another soldier looking for survivors, but my heart telling me that this was it, I was going to die.

Soldier #2 (German); A crazy battle, heated emotion, am i left standing alone in this cold, lonely place. The weather turned, fog as thick as snow. It kept putting dark pictures into my head of the family i left behiend. I don't want to be here, this is a life i do not want to live. All of my thoughts like my daughters jigsaw puzzle pieces, jagged. I can't think straight but if there is one thing i know, i'm not alone. Slowly taking small steps as if my body was being forced to move, I'd slowly begin walking towards the noise of heavy breathing and slowly scuffling as if the noise was a boomerang still spinning across the floor. Whatever it was I came in piece. I was tired of this; I had to get out of here, run away and hope they'd think I had died in battle. I felt myself feeling more cautious as I approached the noise, right now i felt crazy. Inside all i could feel was my head screaming turn around, run, scream do whatever just get out of here. Yet my feel continued moving closer and closer until I saw myself face to face with an English soldier, I know for sure it'd mean another death.

Soldier #1 (English); I finally saw a shadow coming closer to me, it was almost like he was approaching in slow motion, my heart beating like an 808 drum, my body quivering like an electric vibe rushing through my body, my eyes watered. I knew now that this wasn't another English soldier. I closed my eyes for a second as the thought of him firing hit me like a shock, I reached down to the gun hanging by my side, however I was unable to grasp it. I opened my eyes to see a German soldier staring at me eye to eye.

Soldier #2 (German); Staring into the eyes of the opposit troop for longer than five seconds and still being alive wasn't right and we both knew that, thinking over all the English I had learn't over the past years, I held out my gun, took a deep breath and released it, I looked down to watch the gun falling to the floor making a loud echoing noise as it landed into the dirt, moments later I lifted my head, held out my hand and claimed peace.

Soldier #1 (English); My heart slowed down as he stared at me, a sign of confusion came rushing through my body. He grasped his gun tightly, something I had been unable to do, and he then reached out his arm out and droppedthe weapon. There was an echoing sound as it hit the like dusty surface. He turned to me and asked for peace as the shock and relief sunk in I reached to the strap of my gun on my shoulder and slowly started to unequipped it, I then held my hand out with the gun in, still holding on with a tight grip, I stared at him and then released the gun. Which was again followed by the echoing of it hitting the dust like surface.

The Desend; Although now friends, I felt a funny tingling feeling flooding through my body and instantly expected him, but looking over at him I realised he felt it too as he was also rubbing his body trying to get rid of it. He coughed and splutterd and moments later, so did I. Breathing became hard and in as little as a blink of an eye we lay side by side choking and gasping for breath, my heart rate slowed until it came to a near stop, i turned my head to find he who i had just made peace with lay dead. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep...

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