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K. This is inspired by NIXIE 's story (AM I BEING HAUNTED). i have also had many scary experiences and heard many stories in my life. i would like to relate it to what religion, society and other sources say about it. i will add a few experiences and i will surely continue it on.
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Submitted: June 30, 2008

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Submitted: June 30, 2008



I would liek to start with a little story of what happened with my sister. My older sister was possessed by a ghost what we call a (JINNAT: JIN IN SHORT) in arabic. I am muslim. and we believe in Jins (Ghost) having their own life, like humans. There are baby Jins, Women, men, there are good jins who worshipa nd dont trouble peopel, while there are bad jins who trouble people and talk to them leading them into trouble.  When a JIn (ghost) possesses a human, an Imam (which is a priest for muslims), reads specific prayers  and does stuff (which im not 100% sure of) and gets the ghost off the person (exorcism).  Now, my sister was possessed in an airplane and i was a very small baby (heard from my parents). We were coming to sister used to yll and hit my mom (do bad things that the JINN inside her forced her to do. ) She used to scream and run around saying look tehre, its her again, tell her not to come close to me. finally all this ended when an IMAM was called. FORTUNATLY i was small then and i didnt understand anythign, because even hearign about it freaks me out now :S

now, there is ALOT of other stuff like when i saw a shadow inside my closet or when i thopught i saw a face on my wall. These could be hallucinations.

The scariest thing was when i was doing my hair in the washroom mirror and i noticed a person wlaking behind me in the mirror. the scary part is i didnt see the person walkign behind me in the mirror, i saw it in my eyeballs. i don't know how to explain it, but you know how u can see reflections in your eyeballs, i saw a reflection of a peroson that wasnt me in my eyeball in the reflection of the mirror, but i coudlnt see that person in the LARGE mirror itself. they say that you can't see ghosts in kareg mirrors. i dont know how to explain this incident. it was a very scary one. i... im still kinda freaked out, but w.e

movng on to how when my best friends grandfather passed away. she was very tight with her grandpa. she said that she could see him sitting on a chair in the middle of  their basement. he used to tell her to come sit with him and talk and she said she always wanted to go but when she tried moving forward a force seemed to stop her. they say that when people die, their soul goes directly to god. when we say we see dead peple, its usually a JINN in the shape of that person.  i wonder what would've happened with my best friend if she went to sit with the JINN in her grandpas form...

also, once i was sitting near a closed tv talking to my sister. for a few seocnds i couldnt hear a thing, but i culd seee my sistre tling. then a large roar and then a squeaky long narrow sound, like when someone scratches the chalkboard. i started screamign and asking if my sister heard that . she said no. and i felt this fear, i dont know how to explain it. then i heard someone whisper in my ear. i dont know hwta they said, but i knew it was a voice whispering in my ear saying somethign, which im not sure of. i was horrified, i clogged mye ars and screamed, the voice wouldn't stop. i started crying and after a while the voice stopped. this was the most recent experience and i will never forget it

Many things happen. i am only fourteen and i havent experienced much. but these few experiences really were a big experience for me.

please share your epxeirences if you have any. thanks

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