The EASTER shopping day!

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This story is also a story i wrote as a little girl and i decided to share it. please have the little ones in the family read it!

Also, don't hesitate to comment!

this story is about a family of bunnies, who are shopping for easter, but as the story goes on, they notice that they made A HUGE MISTAKE! what could that mistake be?

Submitted: July 18, 2008

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Submitted: July 18, 2008



On FEBruary 12th, the "C" bunny family went Easter Shopping. They were going to have an easter party on FEBruary 14th.

So, first they went gift shopping for the loot bags and saw lots of hearts and cupids! Mother bunny wondered why they had hearts and cupids for easter.

"So, what should we do now?" said Mother bunnny.

Baby bunny said, " I think hearts and cupids might be the symbols for easter now, mother bunny!" Everyone agreed on buying hearts and cupids for the lot bags and so they continued shopping.

They now went to a store called, "ITS SHOPPIN TIME!" Every kind of clothing they saw had a heart, cupid, a bunny hugging another bunny, or any of the colors pink, red, white or a pattern of all.Everyone was confused!

MOther bunny said, "shouldn't they have easter eggs, or pretty patterns onthe shirts instead?"

Father bunny said, " All these patterns are probably popular for easter now!"

so, they all decided on buying the shisrt they saw earlier.

Next, they went to the grocery store and said, "FINALLY, EGGS FOR EASTER!"

Everyone stared at the family.

The "C" bunny family said, "What? Easters coming up!"

So, when they got home they rested. On February 14th, They started decorating with a large sign saying "HAPPY EASTER" and lots more.

When everyone arrived, the guest acted wierd.

The "C" bunny family wondered why everyone was acting wierd when they worked so hard to get ready for the Easter party.

When everyon left, mother bunny asked father bunny what the date was. He replied saying it was february 14th. They argued with eachother saying ti was APRIL 20th. Baby bunny finally said nO MOTHER! ITS FEBRUARY 14th!

Mother bunny said, " OH MY GOODNESS! That's why everyone was acting so wierd! Today isn't EASTER, its VALENTINES DAY!"



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