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Submitted: March 09, 2016

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Submitted: March 09, 2016



The class silently entered the abandoned mine shaft.

“Single file boys and girls” Mr. Lotney lead the students.


“Mr. Lotney you’re not that smart, I don’t even think this virus is a real thing.” Complained Kari.


Mr. Lotney did not reply and continued leading the class through,


“Okay, here should be good.” Mr. Lotney stated as he sat the kids across an open area.


The fourteen children seated themselves anxiously as they waited for further instructions. A notification went off on Mr. Lotneys cell . It was a  breaking news notification stating that the virus has hit San Francisco. The class could hear screams coming from above, they cringed and covered their ears to avoid the sounds of agony.  


The virus known as Kakester, but most called it the mad K virus. This started from farmers using a combination of the wrong pesticides on their cows, most of the meat was recalled and not eaten; but not all of it. This incident occurred in Russia, a young family used the store bought ground beef for their supper and each of them had traumatic symptoms.


The K virus starts with your entire body feeling cold, almost frost bitten as a result of your organs shutting down. Hallucination begins shortly after this, it has been commonly reported for people to see bugs under their skin, so they are scratching at themselves trying to get them out. After about a minute of this happening the brain completely shuts down, as an obvious result the human unfortunate enough to catch this virus dies instantly.


The virus travels so fast, it is now airborne and if you are in the same room as a person with the virus there is a 100% chance you will get it. It travelled through Russia within a couple of hours and made its way through all Eurasia and made its way across seas to Australia wiping out all sea life. From there quickly conquered South america, and lastly swept over north america within hours.


This process took no less than 72 hours as there was no time to find cures or even find a way to get away from the issue. Mr. Lotney had the right idea by bringing the children to an abandoned area that nobody would visit to stay away from the virus, earlier that day he had stocked an area with food, water, and blankets.


Surprisingly he was the only man in the world smart enough to do this. The rest of the world did not think that it was possible for a virus to travel this fast so they didn't take the proper precautions. “I hope my mom is okay.” Viola said hesitantly.


Viola was a young ambitious girl, she would always be the first to raise her hand in class or to volunteer for anything. Her work was always handed in days before the due date and her long light brown hair was always perfectly curled to add to her brilliant blue eyes. Some said that she would be president one day, from her confidence to her authority, to intelligence. Mr. Lotney always knew he could count on her for taking charge.


Some of the children whimpered, others sat still unresponsive, while others yelled from frustration. There was absolutely nothing they could do to help other than bring the uncontaminated down with them, but that possibility of a breach was too risky.


11:17, the class had been in the mine for seven minutes, it felt like hours to them, the screams had continued. The guilt of the class surviving and nobody else began to strengthen, eventually it became too much. “I am going to go see if i can find anybody who was not affected by the virus yet, I know I will have to be cautious, but I couldn’t live with myself if I don't make sure there are no survivors.”


Mr. Lotney ran out before anybody could stop him, the children all lost control, without an adult in the room they were completely out of hand. They were screaming, some were crying and others were already eating the spare food.


“STOP!!!!” Yelled Viola as she stood up on a large rock. Everyone paused, “We have to all be on the same page or we might as well all go upstairs and get the virus.”


The children understood this and sat down silently, they formed a circular like figure. Looking at each other they were still in shock of the elephant in the room, nobody will ever see their families again. They continued to sit and think, no words were exchanged for minutes, those minutes increased to an hour.


After a long period of time had passed when Duke finally spoke up, “Mr. Lotney isn’t gonna come back, it’s been an hour!”


Duke was known by all of the students, but a complete jerk, he is rude, and not smart. He always has a variety of girls on his arm, mainly because of his insanely muscular and tall body. Some would even say he is the most popular boy in the school. Duke is all about being liked by everybody and keeping his popularity, but doesn’t think for himself a lot of the time.


“Duke he will come back, have some hope, won’t you?” Viola Snapped back.


Two more hours passed, Duke was cuddled up to three girls, as Viola was counting and rationing the food items Mr Lotney had stored for them.


“Marijana can you pass me that can of tuna.” Viola asked as she motioned towards the rock it was placed on.


Marijana, crouched down against the wall looked up through her brown hair, her tanned skin and big bold lips made her one of the most beautiful girls in the town. She slowly stood up and handed the tuna to Viola emotionless.


Viola grabbed it, thanked her then continued. Days past and the children remained in the mine, they were eating two meals a day, and mainly sitting around waiting for Mr. Lotney. Above was silent, and curiosity was felt among the kids to see what may have happened.


“I’m going outside, it’s stuffy and cold down here, and I’m so bored.” Duke stated as he stood up and slowly walked out waiting for followers.


The three girls that had been on him the entire time followed him. Viola knew it was a bad idea to leave the mine but she too was extremely curious, after a brief moment of thinking she too followed. After the rest of the kids witnessed this they all followed.


They walked through the pitch black mine with the only guide of Violas flashlight she found in the food storage. A small crack of light showed from the door and peered in from the outside, Viola pushed it open and the sun shined bright on all of their faces.


“Oh, my, god, sunlight!” Marijana said quietly with a smile creeping up on her face.


They looked around to see bodies among bodies, laid across the area that they used to call home. The children stood for a moment not moving a muscle in awe of the terror that had occurred.  


“Drinks on me?” Duke shouted and ran into 120th avenue. Was he not affected at all by what has happened? Viola thought to herself. The three mindless girls followed him like puppy dogs along with seven other guys.


Duke blasted the door to a Rickhouse bar and popped off a cork of a hundred dollar bottle of whiskey. He lifted it up over his face and poured it into his mouth but lacked accuracy and showered himself with the aged alcohol. The other boys were pulling open cabinets and drinking, breaking and collecting bottles of whatever they could get their hands on. Kari, one of the three brainless girls started hitting a beat on the drum kit placed in the corner for music, as the other two played a melody on the piano. The eleven kids were out of controlled and more drunk than they had ever been.


The avenue was located on a cliff that was bordered by the brilliant blue ocean. Viola could taste the salt in the air as a cool breeze moved across San Francisco. Across from Rickhouse Bar was a police station, accompanying that, a town hall, directly across from the two stood a newly renovated Walmart, and a Starbucks was beside, a gas station that included an On The Run convenience shop, a Leisure center, plus a Good Life Fitness completed the popular place known as 12oth avenue.  


“I don't understand how they make these frappuccinos so fast.” Viola said as she poured another strange concoction she made down the sink.


She walked over to the table Marijana was sitting at and said, “I know it sucks that everyone is gone, it’s actually awful, but we can’t bring them back. So we need a plan to bring back the human race.”


Marijana agreed and she made a detailed plan with Viola on what they were going to do to bring back the population. While they were hard at work the kids at the bar became even more out of control, they ran over to the near Walmart and raided the food, the ate boxes and boxes of food.


“Let’s see who can eat the most icecream, ready set go!” Duke shouted.


The kids all tore into boxes of ice cream and ate it as fast as they could, dripping all over the floors and wasting half of it. They ran around the town screaming and destroying property. The street lights were being tugged on and there was garbage everywhere, the streets were covered with the kids empty bottles and human waste. Viola took a look out the coffee shop window and instantly freaked out in shock from how much damage they had done in such little time.


She ran out the door to and began yelling at Duke for what he had caused, “Duke how could you let this happen!? This is our city, why are you destroying it. That is against the law! We have to focus on repopulation and fixing the human race.”


Duke looked at her for no shorter than one second before he raised both his hands, turned around and walked away shouting repeatedly, “Whatever the hell we want! Whatever the hell we want, no laws no rules, whatever the hell we want!”


All of the other children began joining in, it was chaos, the children shouted “Whatever the hell we want” as they destroyed property, duke set fire to the town’s police station, blew up watermelon and oranges because the explosion was exhilarating, and the city was growing to be more and more destroyed by the minute.


“STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” Viola shouted at the deranged anosolents.


They appeared not to hear her and kept doing whatever they wanted. Viola stormed over to talk to Duke again pushing over the drunken teenagers as she made her way over. She saw him lighting up yet another building.


“Duke! What is wrong with you? This is inhumane, I can’t believe what I am seeing.” She barked.


“You know what Viola, we don’t need laws, the laws just made everyone angry, nobody wants laws, so we arent gonna have any!” Duke bellowed out.


Viola didn't know what to respond to this, she stood still shocked by what he had said before she turned around and ran off, she ran, and ran even further, she kept running and running until she made it to downtown San Francisco. She had lost all hope, she didn’t know what to do anymore. She entered a hotel, the odd body was laid out in the building. Viola walked over to the front desk and opened a drawer that contained several small envelopes with room numbers on the front. She grabbed her lucky number, 18, and went up stairs to enter the room.

Viola looked around at the clean hotel room, there was one king bed with a big fluffy duvet as white as milk next to a cream velvet couch, the mini bar was loaded with treats. Viola kicked her shoes, and clothes off, grabbed a water bottle and stepped in the shower. She unwrapped the soap, wet it a little and scrubbed the dirt and stench off of her body. Rinsed off and then shampooed and conditioned her long locks. She finished her “shower” and crawled into the clean comfy bed. She was so tired from all the running that she passed out within seconds.


Meanwhile Marijana searched 120th avenue for Viola but had no luck. She witnessed the kids exploding food that at the moment could not be reproduced and glass shards lying cross the streets. Duke sat in a kids, plastic swimming pool that he had filled with all of the Nutella the nearby stores had. He looked up and really looked at Marijana for the first time, in awe he gazed at her perfect complexion and plump lips, he had never seen so much beauty in one person.


“Wow” Duke said quietly.


Marjiana scoffed and turned away to find some food, she entered the walmart and noticed the once fully stocked shelves empty and trashed. If this was the rate they were going through food they would starve to death within the month.


She turned back around to see Duke standing in the entrance, “Looking for someone?”


Marjiana stared into the store, “Well, I was looking for Viola, but she was nowhere to be found so I thought I would get a bite to eat but that’s not going over very well, because there is no god damn food!”


Duke continued to stand and stare blankly at Marijana, unsure of what to respond.


“You have let these people go insane Duke” Marjiana stated.


Duke had never admired somebody so much to actually listen and ponder what somebody had said to him.


“Follow me Duke” Marijana lead him up the stairs and onto the store's roof.


They gazed at the view from the roof, the sun was setting and the smell of smoke filled the air. The flaming buildings heated their cheeks and garbage was covering all surfaces that used to be clear. Sounds of shouting kids was heard and it was a loud, unpeaceful environment.


“Do you see what I see, this is what you have instigated. They listen to you, and only you, you need to fix this before we all die. This is not liveable.” Marijana told.


Duke took in the view of 170th avenue, he accepted what Marijana had said and sat down. “I get it now, I get it, laws, rules, we need them. They were made to keep us alive, not to just boss us around.” Duke spoke about his epiphany. “I will fix it.” Duke took a stand and ran down to the disorder.


He accumulated everyone into the bar and stood up on a table, “Alright, we have had our fun. We are about to run out of food and water, yet it has been five days. We need to clean up and fix what we have caused!” He said to inspire the teens in a motivational voice.


“BOOOO! We thought you were cool man!” A teen named Ty shouted from the crowd. Other joined in on the booing.


“Stop guys!” A different voice from the crowd spoke, “I agree with Duke, we are gonna die soon if we don’t have laws and rules, Rules rule! Rules Rule!” The young boy named Cooper chanted from the crowd.


“You were only right about one thing in that little speech Cooper, you're going to die soon” Ty said with intent, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small hand gun.

Cooper stood in fear as Ty pointed the weapon to his head.


“Ty don’t you dare!” Marijana said from the back of the room.


Duke jumped down from the table and ran to cover Cooper, before he could make it a loud gunshot sound went off. Cooper dropped to the ground surrounded in blood.


Ty had a smirk growing on his face. “I never liked him.” He stated.


Duke screamed, “This is not what we are! We don’t kill our own kind! Ty you are a terrible human being I cannot believe you could do such a thing, you are sentenced to 18 years in prison! From this day forward we have laws in place, now follow me.”


Ty mockingly followed Duke out of the bar and into what was left of the police station, surrounded in ashes and charcoal stood a metal cage. This survived the fire and was in the open so Ty could be monitored at all times. The children searched through the ash for the key to enter and lock the jail cell.


They digged and searched to find the small key, the kids coughed but kept rummaging to find it from fear of Duke.


“Found it! Well um, I think.” Kari screeched with excitement as she ran to hand it to Duke.


Kari held a old rusty screw driver and extended her arm towards Duke. “Kari! This is not a key!” Duke hollered in disappointment.


Kari put her head down in embarrassment but quickly got over it and continued to search.


“I think this is it.” Said a boy looking up through his chocolate brown hair.


“Let’s see what you got there Josh.” Duke said motioning the him over.


Josh handed a bronze rusty key to Duke, he followed up on this process and opened the door to the enclosure, grabbed Ty and shoved him in. He locked him in and turned to face the rest of the crowd. From the distance a silhouette of a girl stood to watch them, Duke stared trying to recognize who it was. As she stepped closer he identified the girl was Viola. He knew she would be proud of what he was about to do.


“Alright, first order of business, we need to clean this mess.” Duke stated, the kids scrambled into walmart for garbage bags. They scooped up the garbage, ashes and other miscellaneous items and filled a collection of bags, then loaded them into a truck.


“I’m impressed, I never thought I would see you like this.” Viola admitted to Duke.  “I’m so glad you took my advice.”


“Viola, I did not take any advice from you, it was all that babe Marijana.” Duke said admirably.


Viola scoffed and watched the kids clean up their wreckage. Once every last piece of garbage or unwanted item was cleaned the garbage bags were closed and stored at the dump far from where the teens had inhabited. Josh reached into his backpack he had been carrying and pulled out two bags of six bagels, he handed one to each kid and they quickly devoured them.


Night rose and the kids went their separate ways, some hung out in the swimming pool, (that was not very clean anymore), some hung out in the gym, and most of the girls made themselves Starbucks. Everything was much harder to do with no power, but they persisted and used what they had.


Duke saw Marijana through the smudged On The Run gas station window rummaging through what was left of the chocolate bars. He jogged over to the store and opened the tall glass door.


“Hey, follow me.” Duke said with great intentions.


Marijana followed as Duke proceeded outside and up the ladder to the roof.


“Do you see this, do you see what I have instigated now?” Duke said with a smirk.


“Don’t be an ass” Marijana rolled her eyes.


The two viewed 120th ave as a clean organized place once again. Thanks to Marijana who had encouraged Duke to take control and do so. As Marijana stared into the beautiful night sky and examined each constellation, Duke gazed at her in silence. He inched towards closer, making a move on a girl has never been so hard for him, his heart was beating fast and his palms were lightly sweating. He pressed the outside of his leg against hers.


“The one thing about having no power, or lights, is that you can always see the stars so perfectly and bright.” Marijana said quietly.


“Well, all I’m looking at is you.” Duke smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.


“That was corny.” Marijana uttered and turned to face Duke, who was staring right into her big brown eyes.


Duke laid down on the wooden roof bringing Marijana into his arms, the two watched the stars for hours in silence, before they drifted off into a snug slumber.


“Hey you love birds, wake up!” Kari squawked leaning over the two intertwined teens.


Duke shot up with a baffled look sitting on his face, “What do you need Kari?” He asked in annoyance.


“There is no food left like anywhere, Noah and Josh got the last of the chocolate and miscellaneous treats but other than that there's nothing for us!” Kari yelled in concern.


Duke came to a stand and followed Kari off the building and down to the class, Marijana few paces behind. The children were frazzled and complaining about their hunger, many pestered Duke about what he was going to do, he remained silent. Duke grabbed Marijana by the hand and escorted her into the blue Nissan parked and attempted to put the little knowledge on car hijacking he had to use.  


Duke motioned Kari to pass him the screw driver she had found earlier, once it was received he jabbed it into the automobile's ignition. Duke turned the tool and a roar went through the engine, he knew he had succeeded.


“Wow! I cannot believe that worked!” Duke gloated before he drove off to find possible food source.


As Duke had only driven a couple times before he was swerving excessively throughout their expedition. The teens pulled up into a K-Mart and jumped out of the car. Marijana followed Duke into the entrance, but then fled the opposite direction,


“What are you doing” Duke asked, he turned the corner to see Marijana bent over dry heaving on the little food she had in her stomach. “I’m that bad huh?” Duke insensitively spoke.


“I’m, I’m driving back.” Marijana stuttered out followed by coughing.


Marijana and Duke raided the grocery store, taking all of the non perishable food items they could carry. Once their car was packed to the maximum they returned to their people.


Once they had arrived back they realized the class was gathered in the starbucks, Viola was standing on a table at the front, as if she was giving a presentation. Duke slowly entered curiously.


“Repopulation is a major goal for everyone in this room, each girl will be assigned a partner and once each person hits age of 18 they must conceive a child. Luckily I had done my research in regards to the responsibilities of a pediatrician prior to this rare mishap. So, I will be able to deliver the babies. I know it’s something you will not want to do, but it is required.” Viola dropped the sticky note she was frequently referring to throughout her speech.


The remaining children strongly disagreed with what Viola had said, who was she to control what they decided to do with their life.


“No! I disagree, no way I am getting knocked up at 18!” Kari yelled selfishly.


Agreeing voices ran through the crowd before Duke and Marijana took a stand, “I think Viola is on the right track to making our Earth strong again.” Duke stated, “Yes, you may not want to, but it’s the right thing to do.” Marijana added.  


“Whatever the hell we want!” Josh screamed, his voice cracking. “Whatever the hell we want! Whatever the hell we want!  Whatever the hell we want!  Whatever the hell we want! “ The children chanted.


They dragged Duke, Marijana, and Viola, who were kicking and screaming but could not escape, the kids locked them in the blue Nissan. Viola scratched at pounced on the windows and scratched at the leather seats, Duke hollered in hoped of being set free, while Marijana just kicked on the front windshield in hopes of getting free.


Josh disappeared for a brief moment, returning with Ty by his side. “Whatever the hell we want! No laws, no rules!  Whatever the hell we want! “ Ty shouted with the others. “Whatever the hell we want!  Whatever the hell we want!  Whatever the hell we want!  Whatever the hell we want! “ They chanted over as the pushed the shiny car off the daunting cliff, sending them into the great pacific ocean.


“Whatever the hell we want!”

“Whatever the hell we want!“  

“Whatever the hell we want!“

“Whatever the hell we want!“

“Whatever the hell we want!“




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