Chorley Chronicles- part six

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Decisions need to be made, and a plan of action formulated.

Submitted: March 10, 2013

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Submitted: March 10, 2013




Chapter Six

The enormity of the situation settled on us like a fug.  We were in deep shit.  Nessa started sobbing again, Tommo doing his best to comfort her.  Jase put his arm on Chris’s shoulder, and she let him.This just got worse and worse.  Someone needed to take control.  I went back inside the tower, grabbed my binoculars from my rucksack and climbed the ladder to the roof. I could get a clear view of the town from up here.  I scanned the roads.  There were a hell of a lot of the undead out now, must be getting on for midday.  The sun was beating down now, the temperature hotter than yesterday.  This weather had been like this for six weeks.  I looked at the ground around the tower.  We couldn’t light a beacon fire up here- the grass was as dry as a bone, a spark would set it off.I looked down at Chris sparking up a cigarette.  She had a habit of flicking the ends of her cigarettes as far as she could, usually at people.  I relayed my fears to her.  She gave me the finger, but stubbed her cigarette out on the brickwork of the building, all the same.

If the phones were going to be down, we’d need some way to communicate.  I remembered last week, I’d gone to Cash Converters to sell some DVD’s and I’m sure I saw some walkie-talkies in there.  We’d have to scope it out.We also needed torches, stoves, general camping stuff.  We could do a raid on the big outdoor leisure shop on the retail park.  Food, water, changes of clothes.  I didn’t really want to go back to the house, not with Mark’s rapidly rotting corpse in there.  Time for a new wardrobe, I thought.  I’m pretty sure the others would be happy with that.  I made my way back down the ladder.

I stood close to Nessa, she was standing almost within Looby’s arms reach.  I could see Looby’s skin had taken on a grey colour, the veins stood out in dark relief, almost like the blood had congealed.  I remembered the output from Mark’s head, maybe when they were ‘freshly turned’ they functioned internally just like any other human, but once death, if you could call it that, had set in, maybe they deteriorated like a normal dead human.  To be honest, I didn’t have the answers, and we had more important things to do.

I talked to Nessa, explaining what we needed to do- find safe shelter, get walkie-talkies, food, water, clothes.  She seemed to perk up at the mention of shopping.  Both of them loved to shop, that’s what Saturday’s were for- they’d be off into town, or the Trafford Centre, or over to Bolton.  Then hit the town Saturday night all dressed up.  They’d get the lads to buy them drinks all night, and even a bag of chips on the way home, but they weren’t slappers, and most of the lads knew not to expect anything from them.  They were a good laugh.  They were inseparable.  Until now, that was.  Looby had her arms outstretched, trying to grab Nessa, the rope around her neck getting tighter with each forward motion. 

I outlined my plan to the other three.  “We can’t stay here, I mean, it’s easy to defend and I’ve not seen any…. “I motioned to Nessa, Hamish and Carter, “…around here.  We need to be near supplies, near the roads.  If there are others that are alright then they might need us, and we might need them”.

Jase nodded.  “I’ll load up the car”.  Chris grunted something like “I’ll give you a hand”.  They disappeared inside the tower.

“We can’t leave them like this”, said Nessa, motioning to our three tethered zombies.  “They need to be put to rest”.  She looked at me; a sudden strength seemed to come over her.  “You do the lads, I’ll….. I’ll deal with Looby”.

I nodded.  Jase carried several bags out to the car, returning with his baseball bat, my weapon and a shovel.  I handed my weapon to Nessa.  It would be the cleanest, I thought.  Jase walked over towards Hamish and Carter, they shuffled around the flagpole on their leashes.  Looby stayed where she was, head on one side, looking for all the world like a little lost girl. I’d yet to see what they’d do if they got their hands on a human, and I wasn’t in a rush to find out, either.  Nessa stood in front of her, turning the weapon over in her hands.  I heard a dull thud and a crack- Jase had already despatched Carter, he lay still on the ground. 

“Goodbye Lou”

Nessa lifted the weapon high over her head, then brought the sharp edge down hard on her friends head, cleaving it open almost to the bridge of her nose.  Looby Lou dropped to the ground, at peace at last.

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