Marriage, My Wife and Me

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Its about My marriage how it all started and how has the journey been so far in the past 2 years .

Its going to be in parts and will see how the response is and will post them accordingly.

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012



What a day it was ….

Early morning yesterday seeing my wife’s Neha face smiling while she was still fast asleep was worth a million dollar, just felt like all our worries and tension just disappeared for that moment. It was one of the best smiles I have ever seen or witnessed. My wife who is my angel …looked the most beautiful she ever has.

Why I am writing my wife and me not happy?? Oh yes we definitely are very happy .In fact we both pray every day thanking god for bringing both of us together. I always tell her and my friends that after I got married and 2 years after been married, I always feel I should have got married earlier. Why did I decide to get married so late?

Marriage like they all say is an institution, you learn a lot of things, you sacrifice a lot of things and you learn a hell lot of things. 

Marriage for me so far has been a journey, and I am sure my wife will also agree. Where did it all start?

If I remember right it was March 9th, 2009 when I was back in India, Bangalore working with Royal Orchid Hotels as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager and  I was just a week old in my new job , busy with my routine work daily being busy for lunch also had two banquet events on that day. Still remember it was busy, crazy busy. I was all over the place doing just about everything from Set up to meeting guest, to taking orders, to serving. My day wasn’t going good at all. Just before the banquet event was about to start I heard my phone ring,  before putting hands in my pocket to take the phone out , I was like is it my boss calling asking me to do something else or probably my General Manager if something has not been right somewhere . In just that span of seconds all these weird thoughts were crossing my mind, till when I saw my cell phone, ahhhh my Mother calling from Mumbai ( My birth place) , my cell phone read as Moms Cell phone , was I relieved or was I relieved . Well I picked it up with a sigh saying Hi Maa , and the other end the voice was soothing as it has always been , since the time I was small, the voice of my mother. Surprisingly always when something goes wrong in my life or sometimes I wish I could vent myself out to someone, I always and believe me always get a call from my mother , call it telepathy or Mothers care that she could feel it when her son or daughter needs them the most . Wow in my head I said how are you , well normally anyone , I mean anyone would have said yes I am fine and you , my mom would have always asked me how are you doing ? must be busy at work ? but this time it was different. She was Hi Sandeep  do you have a girl friend?? I replied “a girlfriend”?  She said yes do you have any? I replied no but why you ask? You know that’s not something mothers in India ask . And with me it has never happened before , even when I had one my mother never termed her as my girlfriend , so why is she asking me this time ?

She said “you know today I had two girls come over, they had their cake business but now they plan to close it down because their Mother health hasn’t been good , she has been suffering from cancer “. There was a pause , I was listening and then I said “ ok “ , so what is that you want from me and how does this concern me having a girlfriend  : , to which she said “ Arre you listen na , I am not finished yet , was just seeing what my servant was doing inside the kitchen “ , then she continued “ They both looked very pretty and beautiful , I liked both of them “ . She continued” That I was just looking at both of them , they wanted to give me some boxes they had purchased for their business, but now as they plan to shut it down , they were wondering what to do with these boxes , so they called one of their Aunt who gave them my number and said she is my friend and she also has her business why don’t you both twins meet her “ . I was like “Twins”, my mom replied “Yes”. She said “yes both are identical”, they both look same, I like one of them to be my daughter In law “ . “Daughter In law “ , I shouted. My mom replied yes “why, you have a problem , you only said no girl friend right “ Hmmm it was an ambush I thought  to myself , I was still thinking that my mother was fooling with me, so I  asked her “ which one you liked “ , she instantly said “ Both” , I said “ Both “ you want me to marry both . She said “both are the same I don’t care , I have decided that I want one of them to be my Daughter in law” . And then me and my family have always been very dramatic about few things and actually in India most of the people are a little dramatics about things  , to which my mom said “ you only told me once that you and dad choose a girl for me , and I will happily get married because you guys know what is best and what is  not good for me  “ , Did I actually say that , must be once while I was being dramatic or maybe not , but who remembers  and who cares . I told my mom “No, wait what is that they do “ , where are they from . She just told me that she didn’t have much detail but will get back to me will call the same aunt who referred them to me and will find about their background. And then to cut me off completely she said you must be busy will call you tomorrow and hung up. I said to myself  I have been busy all day , and was very busy even when you called mom , thought of talking to you for a minute or two will kinda relax me down , but I guess things are not meant to happen the way you think. The whole Night even during the event or while smoking a cigarette, I was thinking about what my mom spoke to me . I was not sure if I wanted to get married; I was nervous or was I Happy because my past relationship didn’t worked, was I desperate to get married. The thought kept bothering me even after work, while I was walking home. I reached home which was three blocks away from the hotel I was working.  Took my Suit off, changed into my night clothes, light up a cigarette and the sat on a chair near my patio area and just looked up at the sky, still thinking about the day , about the girl who my mom was talking about , thinking how would she be , is she tall, good looking , career minded , homely etc all these thoughts crossing my mind . I was restless to know who my mom was talking about, at the same time I was thinking about thing that have happened to me in past. I lay down on my bed, all different thoughts crossing my mind and then just before sleeping I was like what a day it was and slept.



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Marriage, My Wife and Me

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