The Coffee Mug

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short fiction about a troubled young boy



Coffee spilled on the table,the blank pages stained dark brown with coffee stains.The bed not made and the curtains closed,the T.V lying on the corner like a Drug addict

in Rehab.No he had not watched T.v for a long long time,all the dust on the screen poined it that way.Posture of Monalisa on the wall couldnt have looked more lifeless and

the book racks as empty as a Prostitute's heart.The state in which the room stood yelled out loud that a man in distress lived there.


The door opened and slammed shut,he bolted it from the inside,hung his coat on the hanger,took out his shoes,sat in the rocking chair facing the window but with curtains on.

He sat there in silence for a while.He did not want to speak,he did not want to observe,he did not want to exist,he did not want to breathe.He was cold as a razor blade and

silent as a tombstone.No hurry,no anxiety.No he is not paranoid and he is not afraid at all.All he seeks is comfort in the silence of a room locked tight and the curtains

closed.He stands up walks a few steps,reaches the coat hanger and puts his hand in the side pocket,a sound was made of 2 metals stricking together.It was the keys and from

the pocket he pulls a pack of cigarettes and smokes one.


"You are a liar,you have no respect,You cannot love,you can never love anyone" a voice yelling inside his head startled him as he nearly sticks his own arm with the burning

cigarette.The voices inside his head were always getting louder and louder stirring a rage inside himself,he did not want to believe and he did not want to give in to the

evil which were trying to bring him down.He was angry,he was frustrated,he was agitated and still he was calm.His eyes throwing a constant gaze at the Monalisa poster but

lost in some other piece of memory in his head,his hands were shaking once in a while like a tremor or out of anger or fear within himself.


Wait,I'll bring you an umbrella it's about to pour.You wouldnt want to get wet and let cold catch you tomorrow.Ok sweetie he said and he waited,She returned with an umbrella

and he took it from her small,soft hands.He kissed her on her cheeks,told her to take care of herself and he left.He remembered this little piece of rendevous with his girl

in his head.He was in distress,he certainly was not well.He had all sorts of thoughts running in his head,all sorts of that of her.Her tiny nose,her large eyes with eyelashes

painted black,her dark lusty hair and how effortlessly he used to clear her face of that lovely hair,her calling out his name and his telling mmmm hmmmm and hers telling

nothing,Her holding him tight and close to her and putting his arms around her tight so that no one would take her away.He rolled his phone and saw all her texts and the

picture they had clicked together in anticipation of always being together and having 2 lovely kids.Oh it was madness.It was two young people madly in love and there was

nothing wrong with that.Love was their friend and they were each others.He is out,he shakes his head in an attempt to awaken himself from the worthless dreams of memories

in which he has been swimming lately.He was dreaming out loud and it had to end now,right at that piont.He couldnt take it.It was and it had been mundane for way too long,

the apathy had taken over him and he needed to rise above it.He had to abate the pain and depression.He had to let go of what haad kept him holding on for way too long.


He took his phone out and dialed her number from the speeddial he had put her on.Her picture from the phone staring right into his eyes.It rang,rang,rang and rang but it was

not to be received.The phone ringing close to her beside her lifeless body which was laid to rest by him.Yes he killed her.She yelled at him,she cursed him but she loved him

too,and he loved her too but the bullet that came out of his gun at the very moment did not dare to love anyone.He finished what he held dearest to his heart thats why he was

ditressed,thats why he did not want to breath.thats why he missed her more than ever before,He was in shambles and he could not get out of it even if he tried his hardest to.

He took the life out of her and ran home straight away slammed the door shut and bolted it from inside but not before one last moment of togetherness.He laid beside her holding

her hands and asking for forgiveness and kissed her in her forehead and then he had run.


He was prespiring,he took the gun out of the pocket of his coat leaving the keys as it is which had earlier made sound striking the gun.He took it in his hand pointed it to his

temple and flashback ran through his head as he believed he faced the last moment of his lives,her face flashed before his eyes and the trigger was pulled.The bullet pierced his

skull right through with ease and he fell.He fell on the table and the coffee mug on the table fell and spilled the coffee on the blank pages.The blank pages of his life.

Blank,yet not as empty as anyone would think.

Submitted: February 28, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Sandesh Bhandari. All rights reserved.

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