The World is a Big Place...Is it???

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It is the story of a woman who thinks world is too big a place for people to know each other. Seems she's going to be proven wrong.

Submitted: September 24, 2012

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Submitted: September 24, 2012




The World is a BIG PLACE….Is it???

“Mom…my friend says that there are 5 more people on earth who look exactly like me….!!!!...I am scared, somebody might enter my house one night and steal u and Dad from me and you’ll take the new girl as your daughter and send me to jail.”

I had long stopped worrying about my five year old daughter’s future career. Since childhood she had started showing the signs that she had the taste for fiction and was an enthusiast when it came to telling stories.

“My dear, no one else on earth looks like you, your friend is stupid to say something like that.”

“Really Mom?”

“Yes dear. The world is such a big place with so many people. They neither know each other nor do they look like each other. So stop worrying. Now, give me a good bye kiss, am leaving for office.”

That day when I left for office, I didn’t know that I was soon going to be proven wrong on this theory of mine.

I taught English at a local college and like eighty percent working class people on earth despised my boss. In my case, the boss was Our Principal.

Every day at lunch, we discussed how to get rid of him and then depart to our respective classes without getting any fruit out of our discussion.

But this was a different day.

I came to know that Mr. Principal had upset someone high on the list and was getting paid for it. I was delighted. His replacement was sure.

I was delighted and to add to my delight, we were asked if we knew someone qualified enough to take his place.

As soon as I heard this, my younger sister came to my mind. Her favorite professor at college was a very learned man and not to forget very polite.

In the evening, when I returned I called my sister and told her everything and asked her to talk to her professor about this offer.

She did.

Next day, at evening she called.

“So what did your professor say?”

“He was delighted to hear it and thanked you many times.”

“Oh…He’s very welcome. So tell him to submit his resume here as soon as possible.”

“Actually there’s one problem.”


“He said that it’s a great offer but he can’t take it.”

“But why?”

“Actually a senior professor here is a great friend of his and he wants him to have this opportunity and seeks your permission to do so.”

“Okay. So how’s this other professor? Is he good?”

“Yes. He’s a very experienced man and a great person.”

“Okay then. I don’t have any problem.”

But there was one big problem.

Our Principle wasn’t aware of anything that was running behind his back and he was not the forgiving types. I was aware of this and knew once we get rid of him there was nothing he could do. And there was no way from where he could find that I had suggested someone to take his place as ‘The world is such a Big Place’.

The candidate suggested by me submitted his resume and was called thereafter for the interview.

His resume had my name in the references list.

The interviews were over. And selection made.

Unluckily I had to leave town the same night due to some official work thus missing the chance of meeting ‘Our new Boss’ next day that was suggested by me.

After 5 days I returned, went to college and taught. At lunch hours, I went to staffroom as usual, l could listen the chattering of the lady teachers from outside.

I was expecting a warm welcome. I entered.

Opposite to my expectations everyone fell dead silent. I couldn’t understand the matter.

I ate without speaking and left early that day. Feeling uneasy I called my sister that day as I was sure it had something to do with the new professor.

“Seems your favourite professor’s best friend was not a worthy man for this. He’s a Boss even worse than our previous boss.”

“Sister perhaps you don’t know the truth yet.”

“What truth?”

“The man you suggested to take your boss’ position hasn’t done so and never in his life can he replace your boss.”

“Now that’s a stupid thing you are telling me. Why can’t he replace him?”

“Because he is his younger brother.”

“Oh My God!”

I was shaken to the bones. I knew my boss very well.

My popular belief that people didn’t know each other was shattered.

After one month…

“ friend still says that there are five more people who look just like me.”

“Seems your friend’s not entirely wrong. People may not look like each other but they definitely know each other.”

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