Princess Ariana's Birthday Party in Enchantment Forest

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This is a story of a fairy Princess and her birthday party.

Submitted: July 08, 2011

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



 There was a buzz of excitement and laughter coming from the centre of Enchantment Forest.  The fairies and elves, even the animals of the forest, were laughing and the birds chirping, as they helped to out up lights,balloons and garlands of flowers.  Tables were being laid magically, with lovely tablecloths made of spiders webs and silk worm, and cups made off acorns were laid on the tables.

At the far end stood a beautiful big toadstool, this was where the fairy Princess Ariana  stayed with her mother the Fairy Queen.  Princess Ariana was so excited because it was her birthday, and she had invited all her fairy friends and the animals who lived in Enchantment Forest, to come to her birthday party.  A beautiful pink dress lay on her bed, and a cloak made of different flower petals lay beside it.  Her mother, had given her a lovely necklace and bracelet, also a new magical wand for her birthday.


Her best friend Topsy came to see her in the Palace before the birthday celebrations began and gave Ariana her present. It was a beautiful box made of the finest wood of the forest and had poppies around it, and when Ariana tapped it with her wand, butterflies of all different colours flew out of it.  Ariana was so happy with her present.  'This is the best birthday party ever.' she said to her friend watching the butterflies flying about the room.  Her fairy friend Topsy laughed too and said that she was glad that she was happy and liked her present.


Very soon everything was ready for Princess Ariana's birthday party, and all fairies and elves had gone home to their toadstool houses to change in to their best party clothes.  In the Toadstool Palace Princess Ariana was changing in to her lovely pink dress that glistened in the sunlight and had shoes to match.  Ariana's wings even changed to match the colour of her dress.  Her friend Topsy who had arrived earlier also changed in to her party dress, and soon she was also ready.

The sound of trumpets soon filled the Palace, they were letting everyone know in Enchantment Forest that Princess Ariana's birthday party was ready to start.  The fairy queen called for her daughter and they flew out together along with family, relatives and friends.  Everything they saw was beautiful.  The party began and evryone had a good time.  There was acrobats, jugglers, fairies doing tricks, and animals and birds singing in strange voices that only fairies and elves understood.  There were trampolines and bouncy castles made from many elves who had been practicing all day to get it right.  Everyone had a lovely time, and they danced and sang and played games.


It wasn't long before the fairy cakes, icecream, fruit and other delicious food had been eaten, and Princess Ariana soon got very tired and wanted to go to bed.  All the fairies and elves were also tired and ready to go home to their beds also, so the party finished, and with a flick of wands, all the flower garlands, lights, balloons and tables were all cleared away, and everything was back to normal.  Princess Ariana changed in to her nightdress as soon as she had entered in to her room, and was soonin bed, she gave her mother a hug and said, 'thank you, for the lovely birthday party, and all the lovely birthday presents.'  I'm glad you enjoyed yourself,' said her mother. Enchantment Forest soon became very quiet, because all the fairies, elves, birds and animals were fast asleep dreaming of the party and very happy.



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