Ode to childhood

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story of Ayan , the victim of the Syrian circumstances, told from his own perspective as he records the last two days of his shortly lived life till the point of his heart-shattering death .

"One flock , 

two flocks , 
three flocks
 of pigeons flew across the beautiful horizon of aleppo a long time ago " 
my mother said as she cleared her throat and i felt a crooked smile emerge  on her warm face
 " a long time or a short time that felt like a long one , instead of the smoke up in the air there were kites  and kids would roam the streets all day and night spreading warmth" she went on as her gaze was fixated on the holes of the tent which we were kept in
"but i see no pigeons, mama " I said in exclamation as I tried to peer through the holes  to find the pigeons 
"They are asleep now Ayan" she said in a reassuring tone 
"No you are lying birds dont sleep" I shot back teasingly 
"Then where do you think they went ? " she asked as she tucked me tighter in her arms 
" I think they died because of  bombarding like grandma and grandpa did" I whispered to her 
I could tell that her eyes teared even in the dark and I could feel her grip around my little body tighten as if she was holding on to her last thread of hope , her last pigeon in the dead flock. 
she said in a faint voice "lets sleep we have a big beautiful day ahead of us tomorrow" I closed my eyes firmly in obedience and a smile crept on my face out of pure excitement. Mama said we were leaving for a better home with kids to play with and kites to fly. She kept telling me that tomorrow will be better everyday but its either tomorrow never came or it came in an another place other than Syria .  so the better  tomorrow might come after we cross the ocean or so i've been promised . But i was as oblivious to promises as much as i was to the flocks of  pigeons that i've never seen.
At the crack of dawn ,we started gathering our belongings or what was left of them after the jihad bombarded the suburbs which we resided in . After the incident we found almost nothing but mere ashes and smoke , ashes that could have been the ashes of my mom's meticulously  embroidered dresses or the ashes of my father's colossal bookshelf or the ashes of my and my brothers' toys , the ashes resembled  a combination of our lives that are long gone. 
After packing , we were guided by a boatman to the boat which would carry us to the other end of the spectrum as promised ,as we set sail  my brothers kept rambling in enthusiasm on the boat which aroused the boatman's temper evidently as he spat them in rage  " if you want to make it out of this ocean alive , you better stay as still as a statue, you hear me ?" 
And so we heard him well enough to stay immobilized with terror for hours , hiding in our mother's embrace for the rest of this night until wan sun rays woke us up , little did we know that this would be the last time we would be huddled up in our mother's arms like that let alone knew that it would be the last time that the sun would shine on us.
Two hours later the waves began to  turn monstrous  , even i and my siblings
Could tell that such waves could swallow the entire boat whole into the unknown in a second thereby we started crying in fear and all of our parents' attempts of reassurance were futile. The next thing we know is that the boatman had jumped into the water sporting a life vest , dumping us in the middle of the ocean. My mother began sobbing hysterically out of horror and tightening her grip on all the three of us as my father tried to fix the wrecked boat but it was already too late as water was leaking from every hole in the boat just as havocs found their way to our lives every day. Neither I nor my siblings knew how to swim thats why once our bodies were submerged in water our father tried to carry all the three of but in vain , the oldest of us , sultan , was nowhere in sight nor was my mother . Nevertheless, my father held both of his remaining kids in agony and tried to swim back to the nearest shore but just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse , I saw a major wave hauling at me and then I lose breathe and the world turns black. 
Believe it or not, I made it out to the most serene place in the world in the end . When my body hit the shore two angels came up to aid me to crawl my way up to  heaven , where I would see my grandparents and family again , where my house wouldn't be burnt to ashes , where mercy is still existent , where I would follow the flock of pigeons that left my country and never returned ever again.

Submitted: December 03, 2015

© Copyright 2020 Sandraalaa. All rights reserved.

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