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Just a sad and short story about a girl...

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Needle, spoon and syringe on the floor, the girl started to heat up the heroin. The procedure familiar to the girl, but her hands shaking anyway. It was hard for her to be steady, but slowly she took the spoon from the floor and put the acid powder into place, wich was needed to dissolve the heroin into water. But as she was preparing the heroin, she fumbled and her precious cocktail was scattered all over the dirty floor.

She just laughed. How could she fail even at this? Her last act on this earth and she couldn't even do that properly. But gladly (or sadly) for her, she had bought all the heroin she could muster. What to do with money anyway at this point, She had thought.

The girl took a deep breath and grabbed a piece of mirror from the floor. As she took a look of herself in the mirror, she started to sob. The moment ago laughter turned into tears flowing down her young, beautiful face. Her red hair made her look so innocent and young. It was a waste to the world to let this beautiful creature go.

But after a brief moment of self-pity, the girls tears turned into a wicked grin. This would all be over soon, the girl kept telling herself. Finally she was able to steady herself and continue.

Not shaking anymore, the girl was quickly back on track. More calm now, she made herself a new meal and this time she didn't fail.  Slowly she was reaching for her neck. Her peripheral veins already scarred, the girl had to inject the heroin somewhere else. She preferred the neck, somehow it was easier for her to find healthy veins up there.

The mirror between her legs now, she took the needle and syringe and started to find the vein. It was hard at first, but finally blood appeared into the barrel of the syringe. That was the green light, the give-a-go, the end of her suffering. She closed her eyes and injected the lethal dose of heroin into her system.

The now familiar rush filled her. Euphoria set in place and she fell on her back against the floor. The girl just stared into emptiness. The end would come soon and it would come easily. The euphoria would last and slowly her breathing would cease. She was at peace.

One final time the girl closed her eyes and let her mind wander into warmer places. Into blue oceans, into misty mountains, into euphoria filled haven. Finally she was free of this sick world. Finally... she was dead.

Her name was Sandy.

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