Apocalyptic (Not Permanent)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

Five friends are brought to one house by each of there parents in order to protect them from an apocalypse. They left to go get food & water, but didn't make it back. Nichole Price a sixteen year old Tom boy, she was raised by her mom, because her father, Captain John Price died in World War II. Nichole always tries to do what others can't, she takes it as a challenge and she gets easily angered if she can't. She has black hair, dark blue eyes, her skin isn't super pale, buts not really dark either. Nigel Reed a thirteen year old. He is small for his age and he is scared of everything. He has red curly hair, pale white skin and freckles on his face. Timothy Baker, fourteen year old spoiled brat who got whatever he wanted growing up. His parents were rich and bought him everything he asked for, so being alone with his friends and surrounded by zombies becomes a shock to him. Black short hair, pale blue eyes and fairly white skin. Riley Baker, seventeen year old rebellious towards his parents, but when he is stuck in between a rock and a hard place he can be very mature. He is always mad at his parents, because they give his little brother whatever he wants when he wants it and they expect him to watch over his little brother all the time. He has black short hair dark stormy blue eyes and fairly white skin. Jasmine Brie, sixteen year old girly girl she has a bit of a ditzy blonde side to her. She's not really a blonde though. Brown hair, brown eyes, light brown skin tone with freckles that are all over her body. They meet other family's and groups along their journey.

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Nichole & Jasmine & Riley & Timothy & Nigel  Twyla drops Nichole off at her friend, Riley's house. "I will be right back," s... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

Amber & Casey Amber hears the phone ring and she goes downstairs to pick it up.   "Hello," It's her mother, Casey. &... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

Nichole & Riley & Jasmine & Timothy & Nigel "Jasmine, you should just watch for now. I can help you practice when your arm is better,... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

Nichole & Riley Nichole and Riley head out to find some food. Riley finds a doe while Nichole is off in another dierection. He raises... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

Zoey & Jacob & Frank   Zoey goes out for a walk. She goes on her usual route, but it seams very empty and quiet, too quiet.&... Read Chapter