The First Female Knight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A princess meets dragon when she is very young and they become friends, but the queen, her mom. Doesn't want her to play with the dragon, because dragons are said to be scary beasts that eat people. Her mom ends up sending her away after giving her a potion to forget everything, to be adopted, because people think she is dangerous, since she likes playing with this dragon. They dragon follows her and her adopted parents want her to be a seamstress, but that's not what she wants, she wants to be a knight. She goes out to the forest when someone tries to kidnap her. The dragon finds her and saves her from there he takes her home where she should be, but she doesn't know that she knows him until the effects of the position wheres which happens at the, it wheres off a little bit on the way home.

I’m sitting at the table of Cemarion, my mom’s work. She works as a seamstress and that’s what my mom and dad want me to be, but I feel like there is more to life than making dresses. I want to be a knight. I don’t know how well that will fly with my parents, or anyone for that matter because for a female to be a knight it just doesn’t happen, it’s a man’s job to protect a ‘lady’. Anyways, I’m working on a dress that I’ve been working on for the last hour.


I don’t know if this is really my thing because it takes me too long to even think of something, and then when I do I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem right.


“Ahelissa, what are you doing?” Mom asks.


“I can’t figure this out,” I answer.


“Let me see,” Mom says and she takes over, but I let her. I don’t want this. I go outside to take a break. It feels nice out today, which is good considering how hot it’s been for the past few days. All of a sudden, there’s a huge shadow covering me.


I look up and there is a huge scarlet red dragon in the sky. Everybody is afraid of dragons some people say that they kill and eat us, but I’m not. I think they are beautiful creatures. “Ahelissa! Get back in here! You have work to do!”


“I’m coming mom,” Why me? I don’t want anything to do with this. I go back inside. “Mom, has it ever occurred to you that I don’t want to be a seamstress?”


“Here turn this cloth into this,” she gives me a slab of stone with a picture of a dress on it. Probably a request from one of our clients. She wasn’t even listening to me. Ugh! I start working. Again. When I’m done I show mom and she puts the final touches on it. I try to escape again and this time I succeed.

I walk into the forest which is my favorite place to be, I sit down under an apple tree, that is just starting to bloom. Someone else is in the forest too, I can hear footsteps.


“Hello,” someone says.


“Who’s there?” I ask.


“My name is Paul,” he says he came out from where he was hiding, “What’s yours?”


“Um….I’m not supposed to talk to strangers,” I say and I got up to run away, but he is faster than me. He grabs me and pulls out a knife.


“If you don’t scream then maybe I will let you live,” Paul says. I’m scared, but I keep quiet. He looks back in the direction that he came from and whispers something. A wagon comes from that direction and someone opens the door and Paul pushes me in. They blindfold me and tie my hands behind my back.


“Where are you taking me?” I ask. My voice shaky.


“Just shut up and stay that way,” the person who opened the door says. I do as he says for fear of my life. The wagon starts moving and it is quiet the whole way to wherever they are taking me. All of sudden, the wagon stops and I feel shaking. It was all around me, I instantly thought we were having an earthquake and my blindfold  rips off. I can see what is going on, that dragon that I saw flying by my house is there. He is attacking my kidnappers. The knife that Paul had is on the seat of the wagon. I grab it and use it to cut the rope off my wrists. After I cut the rope off I put the knife in my pocket and scramble out of the wagon, but I don’t know where I am. I thought we didn’t get very far from where I had been in the forest, but I’m lost. I start walking and I almost step on somebody. The man that opened the door for Paul to push me into the wagon is dead lying on the ground in front of me. I see Paul fighting the dragon, but the dragon has him beat. The dragon pins him to the ground, but then he has another knife. He pulls it out of the boot that he is wearing. He stabs the dragon in the nose and the dragon flies into the air. Paul gets up to run away. I freeze in fear not because I’m afraid of the dragon, but because I don’t know what the dragon is going to do next and I have nowhere to go. The dragon comes back down to the ground and lands in front of me. He turns around and looks at me as if to say ‘get on my back’, so I do. I don’t know what I’m thinking, because I am terrified of heights. Once I settle the dragon shoots into the air and I grab a hold of its neck, looking down.


“Don’t look down,” the dragon says, his voice sounds like a boys, kind of husky.


“Aaaaaah!” I scream.  


“Calm down,” the dragon says.


“Aaaaaah!” I scream again. A talking dragon is telling me to calm down. What the hell?


“Please,” the dragon says. I stare at him with my eyes bulging out of my head and my mouth wide open, I probably look like an idiot. “Now breath,” the dragon says. I let out a huge breath that I didn’t even know I was holding in. “Feel better?” the dragon asks.


“…..How am I supposed to feel? I got kidnapped. Now I’m on top of a talking dragon and to add to that I’m in the air and I hate being anywhere off the ground,” I say. “I don’t even know where I am!” I exclaim. “Oh, did I mention the ‘talking’ dragon?!” I add.


“Yeah, I got that,”


“Ok, now I’m talking to the ‘talking’ dragon. Am I going going crazy?” I ask not really talking to the dragon.


“No, it’s perfectly normal for anyone to talk to someone or something who can talk,”


“Ok, shut up! Dragons are not suppose to talk,” I say. The dragon doesn’t say anything after that. It is getting dark and he finds a place in the forest to land. “What are you doing? I have to go home,” I say.


“Oh, now you want to talk to me,” the dragon says.


“Just tell me what you’re doing? If I’m not home my parents are going to look for me,”


“Well you should have thought of that before you went out into the forest,”  the dragon says. “We can’t be out at night. It’s too dangerous,” the dragon adds.


“Says the big bad dragon who killed somebody,” I say, glaring at him.


“I had to,”


“Nevermind. I’ll just find my own way back home,” I say. When he lands I climb off him.


“No!” the dragon says. I don’t listen to him. I start running, all of a sudden there is a boy in front of me, about my age he has black hair and chocolate brown eyes, he isn’t quite tan, but he isn’t pale white either. “NO! You can’t!” He exclaimes. I look back where the dragon had been, but he is gone.


“Ok, what the hell is going on?!” I ask and exclaim.


“I can explain,” the boy says.


“Oh, ok. I’d like to hear your explanation,”


“First let’s get some firewood,”


“Ok, you win,” I say rolling my eyes. We find some good firewood and bring it back to the spot we we’re going to stay. We set the firewood down and he turns into a dragon and breathes fire onto the wood. There is a log close to the fire so I sit down and he turns back into his human form. “So, tell me. How are you able to turn into a dragon?”


“It’s complicated, but basically my mom is part of this bloodline that skips a generation, so she doesn’t have it, but I do,” he says.


“What’s your name?” I ask.


“Draco, what’s yours?”




“That sounds like a knight’s name. Are you the daughter of a knight?”


“No, but what if I said that I want to be a knight?”


“That’d be cool. Ahelissa the first female knight,”


“You think so? My parents wont even listen to me when I talk about how I don’t want to be a seamstress,”.


“Really? I bet you’re good at making dresses,”


“Yeah, no. My mom has to fix it for me everytime I make one,”


“Why did you leave?”


“I wanted to get away from work, I always do that when I can make an escape,”


“Do your parents know what you want to do?”


“No, for one thing like I said when I talk about how I don’t want to be a seamstress they don’t listen and for another thing I never get the chance to even say ‘knight’ before my mom or dad say get to work,” I answer. “I don’t even think I want to go home come to think of it,”


“Well, you definitely don’t want to live out here,”


“Sure would love to try,”


“No, you wouldn’t,”.


Mr. I think I know this girl I just rescued from kidnappers’,”


“Well, maybe I don’t know you, but I’ve been watching you…..,” Draco trails off, he blushes bright red.


“Ok, stalker alert,”


“Sh,” He says and that’s when I realize how alert he is.


“What’s going on?” I whisper. He turns into a dragon.


“Get on my back,”


“What about the-” I hear footsteps, so  I scramble on his back. He flies into the trees forgetting about the fire. He perches himself on a tree which I’m surprised the tree doesn’t break. I look down and I can see someone’s head.


“Shit! We missed them,” I hear Paul’s voice.


“Paul, Ricia is going to kill us,” Another voice says.


“I know, but what are we going to do, that dragon is too dangerous,”


“All dragons are dangerous, it probably ate her,”


“So what! We can’t go back to Celestia kingdom without her?”


“Why does Ricia want her?”


“I don’t know,”


“Celestia kingdom?” I whisper.


“Sh,” Draco whispers. All these memories start flooding back to me from when I was a kid in Celestia kingdom, which doesn’t make any sense because I was never in Celestia kingdom. I never even heard of it until now. In one of my memories I was probably about ten and I was with this woman she was watching me while I rode a beautiful white horse.


“Mama, watch me,” I said. What? That’s not my mom. Why did I just call her ‘Mama’. I‘m so lost for words.


“Ahelissa,” Draco says, but I wasn’t even listening. “Hello. Ahelissa come back to planet Earth,” I snap out of my daze.


“Huh? What just happened?” I ask.


“They are gone,”


“Oh, ok,” I say. He flies down to our spot. The fire is still going which was good because it’s getting cold. I’m getting tired so I get comfortable on the ground and soon enough I fall asleep.



Draco curls up next to Ahelissa. He thinks about what that guy said about Ahelissa. Ricia is the queen and her mom. I have to find a way to get her back to her mom. Draco thinks. Ahelissa is shivering and the fire is about to go out, so he gets it going again.


He doesn’t sleep well that night, but keeps an eye on Ahelissa and keeps the fire going.



I wake up, sweating and breathing heavy. All I did last night was dream of a past I don’t even have, I don’t understand. Why would I dream of something that never happened? Once I relax, I realize Draco is gone. Where did he go?


Then he comes running in human form with fish and there is something chasing him.


“What the he-….. Oh god!” It’s a big bear. He puts the fish down in front of the fire, turns into his dragon form and tries to attack the bear. It was funny, like he is a dog going after a porcupine, the bear gets the message and leaves. I’m laughing the whole time I can’t help myself. I’m still laughing when he turns around and he is not impressed.


“What?” he says very bluntly. “Ok, you can stop laughing,” he adds, but I can’t. “I said stop!” he is getting very angry now.


“Ok, I’m sorry,” He just walks away. “Hey! Who is going to get the fire started?” I ask. “I don’t know how to do it by hand, so I sure as hell can’t,” He doesn’t listen, he just keeps walking. I sit down on the log and wait for him to come back, within minutes my stomach growls. I get up after fifteen minutes and go look for him.


“Draco!......come on Draco I’m sorry, but you have to admit it was pretty funny,” I say. I see a net in a tree and something or more like someone is in it. I walk up to the tree and sure enough it’s Draco still in dragon form. “Draco. What the hell are you doing in a net tied to a tree?”


“Ask me that after I get out of the net,” Draco says.


“Oh my god!” I chuckle. “You got caught because you were humiliated,” I laugh even harder.


“You still got that knife?”


“Yep,” I say after I stop laughing.


“Well, cut me down would you?”


“What’s the magic word?” I ask just to torture him.




“Let’s not growl at a ‘lady’,” I say. He rolls his eyes at me.


“Please,” he grunts.


“Close enough,” I pull the knife out of my back pocket and start cutting him down. The net gives way and he falls with a thud.


“Ow,” Now it’s my turn to roll my eyes.


“Don’t be a ‘baby’,”


“Next time you get caught in a net don’t remind me to help you,”


“Hey, I’m not the one who took fish from a bear and got caught in a net. Think of it as a fair trade. You saved me from kidnappers and I cut you out of a net,”


“It’s not that fair. I ended up with someone who laughs at me when I attack a bear,”


“Yeah, like you really did anything to that bear,”


“I didn’t did I? I scared him away,” Draco says. My stomach groaned again. “What was that?”


“What do you think? I haven’t had breakfast yet,” I answer.


“Well you better hope that fish is still there by the time we get back because I’m not getting anymore,”


“Not like that you’re not,”


“Well how else do you expect me to get it?”


“Are you saying you don’t know how to fish, and you steal food

from bears all the time?”


“No, well I mean I steal food, but that was the first time I ever stole anything from a bear,” Draco answers. “What’s fishing?”


“You idiot. Everyone knows not to mess with a bear. You’ve never gone fishing?”


“Nope,” he ignores me calling him an idiot.


“Grab the net. We might need it for something,” I say. He picks it up and we start walking back to our spot. The fish is still there by the time we get back.


“You’re lucky,”


“This time don’t leave until you get the fire going,”


“I’m not going anywhere this time,”


“You better not,”


“Did you miss me that bad?”


“Maybe,” I say with a smile on my face.


“You did too,” Draco gets the fire going again, turns into his human form and he cooks the fish.


“Don’t burn them,”


“With you and your stomach I don’t think it would matter if the fish burned,”


“Oh, trust me if you burn that fish I will go fishing for my own and cook it myself,”


“You’re that picky?”


“You wouldn’t believe how picky I am,” I say, half-joking.


“Well, I won’t burn yours,”


“Thank you,” I say. We eat in silence. After we finish eating he puts the fire out and turns into his dragon form.


“Come on,”


“Ok,” I climb onto his back. He flies to the sky. I’m still uneasy about this, but I try not to look down. It doesn’t work though I’m always finding my eyes to the ground.


“Close your eyes,” Draco says. I close them shut, but that doesn’t work either because I hate not seeing what’s ahead of me even if I don’t need to see where I’m going, so I open them. “I give up!” He shoots to the ground.


“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I scream. Once he lands I climb off him and he turns back into his human form. He storms in the direction he had been flying. “Hey wait up!” I yell.


“No, you catch up!” he yells back at me.


“I have short legs. I can’t keep up,” I say. He huffs a sigh of frustration and stops to wait for me. I can picture him as a dagon huffing a puff of smoke out of his nostrils and I laugh. He really is a dragon.




“Nothing,” I say. We walk, well actually he stomps and I walk, but whatever. “Why are you so mad?”


“I’m not mad,” he says through clench teeth.


“Yeah, ok. Look if you’re mad at me because I’m afraid of heights, then say it don’t keep it in,” I storm off I hate it when people keep their feelings in.


“Ahelissa, wait!” Draco yells to me. “Ahelissa don’t step there!” Draco yells. Too late I step in a huge muddy mess except it’s more than that it’s quicksand. I’m stuck and I can’t get out.


“Aaaaah! I’m sinking!”


“God damn it! Do you ever listen?” Draco asks not really asking the question. I start struggling to get out. “Don’t move don’t even struggle,”


“What! I’m sinking and you’re telling me not to struggle,”


“If you do you will be sucked in faster! Now stay still,”


“Yeah, so I can be sucked to my doom slower. No thanks,” I say. Draco turns into his dragon form, grabs my wrist with his talons and starts trying to pull me out.


“Stop moving!” Draco exclaims and it sounds more like a roar. It is kinda scary, so I stop moving and he is able to pull me out. He sets me on the ground gently. “Don’t do that again,” he says, he is clearly pissed now. I sit there on the ground shaking.


What did I do to deserve being kidnapped in the first place? If I hadn’t gotten kidnapped then I wouldn’t have to deal with a temperamental dragon or whatever he is. Stupid dragons I guess they are as scary as they sound and look. Draco’s ears start swiveling around and he breaths in like he is getting something or someone’s scent. “Stay here,” he whispers and he is gone.


Great! The forest never bothered me like it does now and he has the nerve to leave me out here alone in the middle of nowhere. I’m not staying here, I’ll find my own way back home, so I start walking without him, this time making sure I don’t step in any quicksand, but instead I see a couple of people. One man I know it’s Paul and the other guy I have no idea who he is, but he does look familiar which doesn’t make any sense because I don’t know anyone out of my village. Before Paul can see me I go behind a tree, but he must have seen something because he comes up to the tree.


All of a sudden, Draco comes out of nowhere and dives for me so I end up on his back and by the time Paul turns the corner of the tree he sees Draco, but he can’t see me. Draco is glaring at him.


“Well hello there. Where is she? You didn’t eat her did you?” Paul asks. Draco grunts and a puff of black heavy smoke floats into Paul's face. Paul coughs, “Thank you, I needed that,” Paul says sarcastically. Draco’s ears lie flat on his head. “Are you going to tell me where the girl is or do I have to hunt until I find her myself?"


“Grrrrrr,” a growl comes from the back of Draco’s throat.


“Maybe we should go while we have the chance,” I whisper to Draco which I hope he only heard and he shot into the sky with so much speed I almost throw up.


“Are you ok?” Draco asks. I look down at the ground and I get light headed and everything goes black.



“Are you ok?” Draco asks, but there is no response and he feels her collapse against his back. “Ahelissa?” Draco asks, worriedly. He circles around until he finds a safe spot to land. He finds an empty meadow and lands. He sets her down slowly. “Ahelissa, wake up,”  He turns into his human form.



My hand goes flying and all I hear is a smacking noise.

“Ow!” Draco exclaimes. My eyes flutter open and I sit up. I look at Draco’s face and I see a red mark in the shape of my hand on his face.

I laugh.

“What are you laughing at?”

“You should see your face,” I answer.

“I look that funny to you?”


“Well I guess I’d rather see you laughing then passed out,”

“Really?......I passed out?”

“Yeah, I asked if you were ok, and then you didn’t answer, but I felt you fall on my back,”

“Oh, I guess I should have told you if I’m in the air too much I sometimes faint,”

“Why didn’t you tell me this before I flew into the sky?” Draco asks. Uh oh! I pissed him off again.

“Maybe because I was scared out of my mind: Let’s see I almost got kidnapped I met a talking dragon who can also turn into a human. How do think I’m going to tell you these things if I’m not thinking about them?”

“And you couldn’t say anything when everything calmed down?”

“No you idiot. I was still thinking about how to get home and a million other things,”

“And this happen to be one of the million other things you didn’t think about?”

“NO! I…” I trail off.

“You what?” Draco asks. I can’t tell him can I? What would he say if I told him I had flashbacks of a past I don’t even have? He’d probably laugh in my face. “You what? Tell me,”

“I can’t,”

“Whatever. Whenever you’re ready to go, I am,”

“I don’t want to go home,”

“What?! You can’t just not go home,”

“Yes, I can I’m going to be 18 in a couple of days,”

“But what about your parents? They will be worried,”

“Yeah and then when I go home they will force me to be a seamstress and I don’t want that,”

“But what happened with you turning 18 in a couple of days?”

“Once you have a job at 18 it becomes your permanent job, so if I don’t go home I can’t become a seamstress,” I answer. “Besides why do you care all of a sudden?”

“I care…...I’ve been caring,” Draco answers. “Why would you think that I don’t care? I mean I saved your life,”

“Because you get pissed off so easily,” I answer not sure if that’s going to piss him off, but it doesn’t so I’m good.

“I do not,” he says calmly, but with a smile.

“Ha ha, very funny,” I say sarcastically.

“Oh, so you’re saying my face was funnier?”

“Yeah, and it still is. I’ve never hit anyone that hard before. Are you ok?”

“Yeah, I guess your hand is more powerful than you thought,” Draco says. “So, if you are turning 18 in a couple of days when is your birthday?” Draco asks.

“Friday the 15th. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious,”

“You better not get me anything,” I say. I hate it when people get me things. I mean if they insist the only way I let them is if I can go with them and pick it out myself, but I just hope he doesn’t even try to get me anything. Then again what would he get me, he knows nothing about me and there really isn’t much around for him to find especially if we are in a forest.

“Relax, I don’t even know what you like and besides what would I get you out here?” Draco says.

“Maybe it should stay that way too,”


“Because if we go our separate ways than we won’t be so attached,”

“But we might as well get to know each if we are going to be traveling together,”

“I don’t know. Oh, remember when we went up in that tree to hide from Paul and whoever the other guy was?”

“Yeah, what about them?”

“They said something about Celestia kingdom. Have you ever been there?”

“Yeah, I grew up there,”

“Can you tell me about it?”

“Well, if you’re not going home, then I should just show you it,”


“Yeah, if you don’t mind flying across an ocean?”

“I guess so, just don’t be surprised if I pass out and if I do don’t worry I will be fine,” I say, not that I thought he did worry that much. “Can we at least walk until we get to the ocean?”

“Whatever you want,”

“Ok,” I say. Draco heads for the forest and I follow. Wow! Who would have thought I would go to Celestia kingdom instead of home? That same flashback stops me in my tracks, but this time when I say

“Mama, watch me,” the woman I called‘Mama’ says,

“Yes, I see you are doing a great job.”

“Yay!” I say to her praise.

“Ahelissa…...Ahelissa, come back to planet Earth if you want to go to Celestia kingdom,” Draco pulls me out my flashback.


“Are we ready to go?”

“Ah, yeah sorry I was just….” I trailed off again. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell him, but I still didn’t know how well I could trust him and I can’t make much sense of these flashbacks either, so how can I tell someone about something I didn’t even understand.

“You can tell me. Whatever it is I’ll listen I promise,”

“Even if it sounds crazy?”

“Whatever it is I’m sure it’s not that crazy,”

“Ok, but don’t laugh,”

“Just tell me,”

“When Paul and whoever that other guy is came looking for me in that place in the forest where we slept and they were talking about Celestia kingdom, I…..had this flashback of a past that I don’t even have,”


“I can’t make any sense of it though,” I say. “It doesn’t make any sense to me and I even was riding on a pony and I called this woman ‘Mama’, but she wasn’t my mom,” I say. Draco didn’t say anything. Great! He thinks I’m crazy I knew I shouldn’t have told him. “Why did I even try?” I ask not really asking him.

“I don’t think you’re crazy,”

“Then what are you not saying?”

“That women is your mom. When you were younger you and me use to play together,” I didn’t say anything. “What were you remembering?”

“I was showing my mom how I could ride on a white horse,”

“You called that horse Cupcake,”

I go into the memory again, the women I call my mom brings me a white horse and says

“Take good care of him,” and I was like,

“I will mommy, I love him!”

And then another one with the white horse. I had a brown hat on, I lifted it off my head and said,

“Come on, Cupcake!” Cupcake jumped on to his hind legs I hung on tight and Cupcake neighed in excitement then he went back on all fours and ran around the ring that we were in. “Yeah! Giddy up,” I said. “What about us?” Draco asks pulling me out of it.

“I’m sorry, I can’t remember anything about us,” I answer. I feel bad, but what more can I do. “Maybe it will come back everything else seems to be coming back,” I add.


“But one thing I don’t understand is why would my parents keep this from me?”

“I don’t know,”

“Let’s go,”


“Celestia kingdom. Aren’t we still going?”

“Yeah,” We walk in silence. I try to think of something to say, but I can’t and he won’t say anything either. I wonder if it was something I said.

“Draco, is something wrong?”


“Are you sure? You seem….kind of…...distant,”

“I’m fine,” It sounds like he is trying to convince himself more than me.

“You know you can tell me,” I say, “If something is bothering-”

“It’s nothing,” Draco says a little too forcefully. Ouch! That kind of stings the way he said that. “Sorry, I didn’t mean it to come out that way,”

“If something is bothering you then say whatever it is that’s bothering you,” I was getting a little pissed because he convinced me to share something with him that I was reluctant to share with him and he can’t even tell me what’s bothering him. He doesn’t say anything instead he just keeps walking. I stop walking, he doesn’t even notice, he is so oblivious. I glare at the back of his head as if I can burn a hole in the back of his head. “You idiot!”

“Now what?”

“You convince me to tell you something I wasn’t willing to tell you and then when I try to convince you to tell me something you’re not willing to tell me you won’t!” I yell at him. “What the hell is wrong with you?” I ask. Draco sighs in frustration, but he still doesn’t tell me anything. “Fine, but next time I am reluctant to tell you something don’t think you can convince me to tell you,” I say and we continue walking in silence.

“It’s getting late, let’s find a place to sleep for the night,” Draco says. I don’t say anything, I just follow him. He looks back at me, probably to make sure I was still there. We find a spot to sleep for the night. Draco turns into his dragon form and gets a fire going. I’m exhausted from walking as far as we did, so I get comfortable on the ground which is hard, but eventually I give into exhaustion and I fall asleep.



She wanted to know what’s bothering me. What am I going to tell her? That I can’t deal with the fact that she can’t remember us, but she can remember things about her mom and her pony. I can’t tell her that. She’ll just get upset, then again she already is upset that I wouldn’t tell her, so what do I do?  Draco thinks. He decides to sleep in a tree tonight. He can keep an eye on Ahelissa and make sure nobody approaches.



I wake up to find a sleeping dragon in the tree above me. Is he asleep? Or did he get me something to eat? Nope. The fire is out. I know what I’ll do. I’ll scare him awake. Hehehe, that will be funny, especially if he falls out of the tree, I will laugh my ass off. I shouldn’t yell up to him though...hmmm. I gasp. I know I can climb the tree, I use to do that all the time until my mom told me it wasn’t “lady”-like. I walk up to the tree and I start climbing. I find I tree branch to sit on next to Draco smiling.

“Draco!” I yell in his ear.

“Huh! What?” Draco asks and he bolts upright, just to fall out of the tree.

I laugh, I can’t stop laughing either it’s so friggin’ funny.

“What are you laughing at?” Draco says grumpily, flat on his stomach still in dragon form. I laugh even harder because he sounds so funny. He sits up with a smirk on his face. “Do you like scaring dragons out of trees?” Draco asks. I laugh even more.

“I just started doing it today, but it’s fun, so I might start doing it more,” I say in between my laughs.

“Well, I hope you don’t get yourself killed, because not all dragons take to kindly to a human scaring them out of a tree,”

“That’s why I only do it to you,” I say, after I stop laughing.

“Come on down so we can get some breakfast,”

“You’re not mad anymore?” I ask remembering what happened yesterday.

“I was never mad. I...I missed you and when I found out you didn’t remember anything you and I did, I was. What’s the word I’m looking for?”

“Mad. You were mad about something stupid,”

“No, I wasn’t mad, I was flustered,”

“Yeah, that’s exactly why you wouldn’t talk to me,” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Did you ever think I was trying to think of something to remind you about you and I?”

“Did you see the look on your face? Oh, that’s right you didn’t because you can’t see your face without a mirror,” Why can’t he just admit that he was mad? We go to find something to eat in silence. I find a lake.

“Fish again I guess,” I say. Draco turns into a human.

“Teach me how to fish,”

“Where is the net?”  

“I kinda forgot about the net,”.

“Oh well. I guess we can try to catch them with our hands. My dad taught me how to fish both ways,”

“You can catch fish with your hands?”

“Yeah, it’s hard at first, but once you get use to it it’s pretty easy. Besides, don’t dragons catch fish?”

“Well we didn’t eat a lot of fish in Celestia kingdom and I never really paid attention to the hunting lessons because I hated hunting,”

“Ok,” I walk up to the lake and look for fish I see a couple trout and I let it swim to me then I slowly put my hand over it and once I’m close enough I bolt for it and I catch it surprisingly, I haven’t done it for a long time, so I thought I was going to be a little bit rusty, but I guess not.

“How the hell did you do that?”

“Watch,” I say. He comes over and sits next to me while I do the same thing with another fish, this time the fish almost gets away, but Draco grabs it. “Nice, you caught it,”

“Yeah,” Draco says. Draco kills them because I just can’t. We take them back to the spot that we were sleeping at and he gets the fire going and we cook our fish. “How long has it been since you’ve gone fishing?”

“Too long. My mom stopped it once I turned twelve. She thinks it’s not ‘lady’-like. She thinks everything I like to do is not ‘lady’-like and that I should be more ‘lady’-like, but I think she can go stick that ‘lady’-like crap up her ‘lady’-like ass. I’m tired of it,” I say pulling off a piece of fish off roughly and sticking it in my mouth.

“You shouldn’t be mad at her just because she wants you to be more ‘lady’-like,”

“Well I am and I’m mad at her for never telling me I was adopted,” I say. We finish the rest of our fish in silence. Draco puts the fire out and we walk towards Celestia kingdom.

“We are coming to the ocean,” Draco says.

“So does that mean we are almost there? We haven’t walked that far have we?” I ask.

“We are on the border,”

“Oh, I didn’t realize Celestia kingdom was that close to where I live,”

“Well, it’s not really. I stopped the kidnappers about two miles away from the spot in the forest you were in,”  



We make it to the edge of the ocean and Draco turns into his dragon form. I climb on his back. “You ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I answer. Draco flies into the air.

“Let me know if we need to land somewhere,”

“Where are we going to land? We are above water,”

“I know where there are a few islands,”

“Ok,” I do my best not to look down. I find myself looking at a mountain range. It is so beautiful.

“See that mountain range?”

“Yeah, it’s so pretty,”

“Thats where I grew up. I need to stop there before we go any where else,”


“My mom still lives there. I want to see how she is doing,”

“What will she think if I’m with you?”

“She won’t hurt you, unless she feels threatened by you,”


Draco flies towards the mountains. It’s dark out now. “Do you mind if we find a place to sleep for the night?” I ask.

“I know the perfect island,” Draco answers.

“Ok,” After an hour or so we made it to a beautiful island, but there’s a village on it. “Are you sure it will be ok to land on this island?”

“Yes. These people worship dragons and besides they know me as a human anyways,”

“Um, ok,” I’m still not sure, but I don’t bother with arguing because I’m too tired. I thought he was going to turn into his human form before we made it up to the village, but he flies over the village as a dragon low enough for the villagers to see him. They all look up and run I don’t understand why they are running if Draco said they worship dragons, but then I see where they are going. They are heading towards what looks like a giant nest. They are putting the final touches to it. “Draco? What’s going on?” I ask.

“They worship dragons, so they make a nest for at least one dragon to sleep on for the night,” Draco answers.

“So they’re not afraid?”

“No, like I said with my mom if she doesn’t feel threatened then she won’t attack. That’s the same with every dragon,”

I yawn and my eyes feel droopy. Draco flies down into the nest ever so slightly.

“Do you need a place to sleep?” One of the villagers asks me.

“Where would you like to sleep?” Draco whispers.

“Here,” I answer and then I doze off to sleep.



Draco shakes his head to the villager and he walks away. Draco carefully picks Ahelissa off his back and lays her in the nest. He gets comfortable and falls asleep. Draco wakes up and it’s daylight. He lifts his head to find Ahelissa not in the nest.

“Ahelissa!” Draco exclaims, starting to get a little worried. He shoots into the air to try and find her.



I walk back to the nest with some food from the the villagers. I plan on sharing it with Draco, but he’s gone. I set the food in the nest and find something else to do in the village until he comes back. Then again I could ask the villagers if they have seen him. I see Dorthy, one of the villagers I met while Draco was asleep. I walk up to her.

“Have you seen the dragon?” I ask.

“No, but I heard from a few of my people that they saw him flying all over the island,” Dorthy answers.

“What is he doing? Do you know where they saw him last?”

“The meadow. I can show you where that is if you like,”

“Sure,” I follow her and she brings me to a beautiful meadow filled with sun flowers. There he is up high in the sky zooming by.

“Get down here now!” I yell at him. Dorthy gives me a look like she’s scolding me for yelling at him, but I don’t care. Draco flies down to me.

“Where were you?” Draco asks.

“Getting breakfast and checking out the village. Come on the food is in the nest,” We walk back to the nest.

“You got this from the village?”

“Yeah,” We sit in the nest and eat. “Did you really go looking for me like that?”


“Well don’t worry so much. I’m sure if I needed you then you could here me from a mile away,”

“True,” We finish eating. “We should get going,”

“Ok,” I climb on his back again and he flies into the air. Draco heads towards the mountains again.

“We should make it to the cave by night fall,”

“Ok,”  Draco flies into the air. I’m getting use to flying on his back, but it’s still pretty nerve wracking. It’s dark out and we are just above a mountain.

“I’m going to land, because we can walk from here. The cave is close by,” Draco says.

“Ok,” I say. He lands and waits for me to get off him. We start walking and a little ways ahead I see a cave entrance.

“Stay here. I will let you know when you can come in,” I was kind of excited before we came and he had told me he wanted to stop by and see his mom, but now I’m not sure about this. I’ve never been on a mountain before, let alone met a dragon aside from him of course. I mean this really didn’t bother me then, but now that we were here I’m sort of scared. What should I do? “If you want to stay out here then that’s ok too,”

“No, just come get me,” I didn’t really like the thought of being outside the cave, on a mountain alone either, so I think being with a couple of dragons would be safer, but then again my adopted parents always told me that dragons ate people and that doesn’t seem to be true.

“You sure?”


“Ok, I’ll be right back,” I watch him walk into the cave from my spot.



Draco walks into the cave. He knows that Ahelissa is scared. He just really wants to see his mom seeing how they were going over his home. He missed her, but at the same time he is worrying about Ahelissa, because every dragon can smell fear and we all react to it differently, mom get’s a little explosive when she smells it. She tries to control it, but for us it’s hard to control how we react to the smell of fear. Where is Mom anyways I’m sure she would have come out by now. Draco thinks. Before Draco enters he looks back at Ahelissa.

“If you want to we can just keep going,” Draco says.

“No. She’s your mom you should see her,” Ahelissa says. Draco turns back to the entrance and walks in.

“Mom! Are you in here?” Her scent is fresh. Draco thinks. He walks in and he finds her sleeping. Her ears twitch. “Mom, wake up,” she opens her eyes and lifts her head.

“Draco? Where have you been?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Draco’s mom sniffs the air.

“You brought a human with you?” She stiffens.

“It’s ok. I just need you to stay calm, because yes she is human, but she won’t hurt us and I wanted you to meet her. She is also scared, so please like I said stay calm,”

“Do you trust her?”

“Yes and she trusts me or I think she does, because I saved her,” Draco’s mom stands up and takes a couple deep breaths.

“Let her come in,”



Draco walks out and I start shaking uncontrollably. Why am I shaking and why can’t I stop?

“You sure you want to go in. You don’t have to,” Draco says. Well he did go in to see her. We could just go, but I don’t want to make his time too short with her. Besides he’s been really good to me and I want to meet her.

“I want to,” I say. “Can she talk like you can?” I walk over to the entrance of the cave and walk inside.

“No, I’ll translate for you, but she can understand you,”

“Ok,” I wish I could stop shaking. Why do I even feel this way? Yeah, Draco scared the hell out of when we met, but that’s because he came out of nowhere and he killed someone to save me who wouldn’t be afraid of that, besides that he talked you don’t hear about or meet for that matter a talking dragon everyday, not to mention I found out he could turn into a human. His mom is standing still watching me as I walk in. She is a beautiful emerald green color. She is as stiff as can be.

Why? Is she scared too? Do humans scare her? I hope not because I don’t want to scare her. “Hi, my name is Ahelissa,” she looks from me to Draco. What’s wrong? She looks as if she recognizes my name or something. She says something to Draco, but I don’t understand, because it’s in dragon.

“Sorry Ahelissa, but could you step outside for a couple minutes? My mom is still not quite sure how to feel about this,”

“Aah, okay,” What is going on I thought she was fine with meeting me.



“Ahelissa? Please tell me she is not the princess,” Draco’s mom says.

“What if I told you that she was?” Draco asks.

“Why do you have her?”

“She was getting kidnapped! I couldn’t just let those people take her!”

“Did you even try to take her home?”

“Yeah, she wouldn’t go home. She said she didn’t like her life,”

“You should have just taken her home,”

“Why? So she could be with people who aren’t even her parents? I figure if she wouldn’t go home then I’d take to her real home. I’m sure the queen misses her very much. I know I did,”

“That maybe true, but there was a very good reason why she had to leave,”

“I don’t care! I had to do something. I couldn’t just let her be somewhere she didn’t want to be,”

“It doesn’t matter what she wanted. They sent her away to protect her,”

“What could they possibly protect her from?”

“I don’t know. Us? Politics? It could have been anything,”

“But now she’s older and besides I can protect her from anything,”

“Not from yourself,”

“What am I going to do? I played with her for years,”

“Don’t you understand the meaning of being a dragon? There are things we do that we can’t always control, for example the way we react to the smell of fear. I’m even having a hard time fighting it,” Draco’s mom starts puffing smoke out of her nose. She take deep breaths trying to fight it.



I don’t know what is happening, but Draco comes out running and he grabs me and takes flight. He has me in his talons.

“Draco, what happened?” I ask. He doesn’t say anything. I start to slip and I grab onto his leg. I smell heat. I look down and I see fire. “Draco?” He flies to the next mountain over and puts me down so he can land. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” Draco finally answers.

“Nothing my ass! Did you guys fight?”


“Then why won’t you tell me?”

“Can we just drop it?”

“No. You asked me to let you and your mom talk alone and this happens. Why?”

“I can’t talk about it,”

“Can’t talk about it my ass! Your mom just made a scene and you won’t even tell me why. I saw the look on her face when I told her my name, I didn’t even need to say my last name,”

“Well how about I just tell you that I don’t want to talk about it then,” Draco is getting frustrated.

“Why don’t you want to talk about? You're not keeping anything from me are you?”

“What?! Of course I’m not keeping anything from you. Why would you even think that?” Even though he is in dragon form I can tell he is lying. I don’t know how I can, it’s just something that I felt inside and I never felt this feeling before.

“Nevermind,” I walk down the mountain.

“Where are you going?”

“Anywhere that’s not near you!”

“Why do you do this?” Draco puts himself in front of me.

“Do what?!”

“You seem nice one minute and then you’re back to being this way,”

“Maybe it’s because some dragon won’t tell me what just happened,” I turn around. He stands in front of me again in human form.

“Don’t go anywhere,”

“Why? So you can piss me off even more, by not telling me what happened?”

“It’s dangerous on these mountains. This is dragon territory,”

“I don’t care! I just don’t want to be here,”

“But it’s too dark to go anywhere else,”

“Just tell me what happened,”  I sit down on the ground and then I start having a flashback or something I don’t know what they are, but I see myself, younger in a garden and there is a little dragon that looks like a younger version of Draco. I go up to it and I reach out to pet it. It leans into my hand and we play together. “Draco?” The younger me says. “Let’s meet here everyday and play together,” he makes a dragon noise. “Ahelissa, what’s wrong?” I hear Draco’s worried voice and come out of it.


“Are you ok?”

“Yeah. I’m cold and tired,”

“Let me get a fire going,” I lay down on the ground even though it’s cold and uncomfortable. Why won’t he tell me anything? Draco turns into his dragon form and starts a fire close by, within minutes I fall asleep.



I Draco lays down next to her. A shadow looms over them. He looks up and there is another dragon above them, it’s his dad. What is doing here? Draco thinks. “Dad? Why are you here?”

“I heard the fire crackling and I came out to see where it came from. I didn’t expect it to be one of my sons. Why do you have a human with you?” He asks.

“She’s the princess I used to play with,”

“Come with me,” Draco picks Ahelissa up over his back and follows his dad to his dad’s cave.

“You don’t mind that we stay here?”

“No. Did you stop to see Jade?”

“Yeah. Mom and I kind of got into a fight,”

“About Ahelissa?”


“Where are you taking Ahelissa?”

“To her real home,”

“Does she know?”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t know she is a princess. She just know that we are going to a castle, because she wants to see one, so I told her I would take her to one,”

“Don’t you think you should tell her?”

“Yeah, like that will blow over easy, she gets mad at most simplest things,”

“She’ll get mad even if you don’t tell her though, besides don’t you think she deserves to know,”

“Of course she deserves to know, but what if she doesn’t forgive me for not telling her from the beginning?”

“Is that a problem?”

“It is for me, because I think I’m in love with her and if I lose her than I don’t know what I will do. I almost lost her once I can’t do it again,”

“You love her?”

“Yeah and I know you don’t understand the human feelings, because it’s different for dragons, but that part of me is just as strong as the dragon part of me,”

“I’m sure she will be fine if you tell her,”

“No, Dad you don’t understand. She isn’t the same girl I got to know,”

“Hey, I’ve witnessed a lot of different relationships between humans and they usually turn out just fine. I think that if she feels the same way about you then she will forgive you,”


“No more talk of this, just tell her,”

“Ok,” Draco has learned that listening to his dad is something he should do, but he is still scared that Ahelissa won’t forgive him.



I wake up in a cave. Where am I? Where is Draco?I hear his light dragon voice and I roll over and see him talking to a dragon that looks just like him. The dragon says something back to him. I see Draco walk this way and I roll over fast. I feel Draco lie down next to me.

“Ahelissa, are you awake?” I didn’t say anything. I want to go back to sleep, but I can’t.

“Draco?” I whisper. I feel his ear twitch against my head.

“Yeah?” He says.

“Where are we?”

“In my dad’s cave,”

“Did something happen between your dad and mom?”


“Why don’t they live together than?”

“Because most dragons don’t mate for life. A dragon’s purpose is to create as many dragons as they can before they die,”

“That must be a lonely life,”

“I wouldn’t know,” I don’t say anything. I think that I will never get back to sleep. I see my younger self in that garden that I saw myself in earlier and I am playing with Draco again. Is he really hiding something from me? If he is why is he hiding it from me? Will he ever tell me? I don’t know why but I start crying and I come out of seeing my younger self play with Draco. It’s not like I love him, so why should I cry if he won’t tell me anything? Or do I? No, I can’t that wouldn’t make any since. Or would it? I don’t know what I’m feeling, but I can’t stop crying. I feel Draco’s ear twitch against my head again. “Ahelissa? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” I say. I’m such an idiot of course he would hear me cry. I wipe my eyes and try to stop crying but I can’t, the tears just keep coming. Draco lays his dragon head on my shoulder.

“It’s ok, you can tell me,”

“It’s nothing,” he lays his head back down on the floor of the cave and huffs. I close my eyes and make it to sleep.

“Hey, Ahelissa, wake up,” I wake up.

“What is it?”

“My dad wants to show us something,”

“Ok,” we walk outside and Draco’s dad is waiting for us. I get onto Draco’s back and they both start flying. “Draco, about last night when you said a dragon’s purpose is to make as many dragons as possible, I mean I know he has made time for you, but does he make time for any of his other children?” I whisper to him. I don’t know why but that question just randomly popped into my head.

“Yeah, but we have to come find him, I mean if he is traveling somewhere and he comes across us then he will make time then too, but that’s it,” Draco says.

“That’s good,”

“Would it matter even if he didn’t,”

“I don’t know, I just feel like anybody’s father should make time for their kids,”  Draco follows his dad to a meadow filled with different colored carnations. It’s so pretty. Draco lands, so I can get off. Draco’s dad says something and Draco talks back to him. I look at Draco and he looks upset. “Draco? Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,”

“Where did your dad go?”

“He wanted to leave us be,”

“Ok,” Draco turns into his human form. He pick a purple carnation and puts it in between my ear.

“What do you think of the meadow?”

“It’s beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Draco sniffs the air. “Is something wrong Draco?”

“No, where just close to the castle and it’s scent is familiar,”

“Well then let’s go,” I say. I couldn’t believe we were so close.

“You sure?”

“Well what do you think?”

“I…..well I don’t know. There is something I should tell you though,”

“What? That I can’t turn around, because I already decided that I wasn’t going home and we are way too close to turn around now,”


“Then whatever it is tell me. It’s not like I can’t take it,”

“Why not have your mom tell you instead,”


I look at him, but he isn’t looking at me anymore. I look in the direction he is looking in and there is a woman riding this way on a liver chestnut horse.

“Ahelissa? Is that you?” I can see that I look just like her and something inside tells that she is my real mom. I’m still not sure if I have all my memories, but there she is, right in front of me. I can’t believe how real this is.

“Mom?” I feel like I don’t have control over my emotions or anything. I run to her with tears in my eyes. I missed her without even realizing.

“How did you get here?”

“Draco, helped me. Come here Draco meet my mom,”

“Draco? Wasn’t that the name of the dragon?” Draco doesn’t turn into his dragon form, but I can see something in Mom’s eyes when she looks into his eyes. Her horse jumps back as if feeling how Mom’s feeling. “Sssh, it’s ok,” She pats her horse lightly on the side of the horse’s neck. I think Mom trusts him. “Do your adoptive parents know you’re here?”

“No, they don’t even know that I know I’m adopted. Please don’t send me back,”

“I won’t. It’s ok , I’ll send them something, so they know, besides it’s not like they can do anything, you’re eighteenth birthday is tomorrow,” Of course she would know that, she is my mom after all. “Come, we have some catching up to do and I know there is a horse waiting to see you,”


“You remember?”

“Some things are coming back,”

“Well then let’s go,” I turn to Draco he is next to me. I take his hand and in that one touch I feel a spark. I see memories all mine and his of us playing together and then sometimes Mom would stop us, but that never stopped me from thinking about him or trying to play with him. He was more than my friend in those memories, but I was too young to realize how I felt about him. I’m sure he was too although I wouldn’t because I don’t know what he was thinking then or even what he is thinking now.

“Come with me, Draco,” I say with a smile on my face.

“But don’t you want to catch up with your mom and see your horse,”

“I can do all that and more, but I want you to come with me. I remember everything,” he looks into my eyes and sees the recognition in them. He leans down and kisses me, not even caring that my mom is there I kiss him back. The kiss is deep with fire. “Let’s go,” I whisper. We follow my mom to the castle. “Oh yeah, what was it you wanted to tell me?”

“Have your mom explain it, I mean she is the queen,”

“So that makes me a p - princess,”

“Yeah, unless?” Mom says.

“Unless what?” I ask.

“I don’t know it just sounds like that’s not what you wanted to hear,”

“Don’t take it to heart, I’m honored, but I’ve always wanted to be a knight,” Mom jumps to that.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s always been a dream of mine,”

“My little girl wants to save lives,”

“I’m not a little girl anymore,”

“You will always be my little girl no matter how old your are or what status you have,”

“Are saying what I think you’re saying?”

“We can always use more knights male or female, dragon or human, If you want to Draco. It’s the least I can offer after you just brought my baby girl home to me,”

“What do you say Draco? Do want to become a knight with me?” I ask him.

“Do you want me to?” He asks.

“I want you to if you want to,”

“Ok,” I smile.

“Mom, I hope you don’t mind that I go see Cupcake before I go inside the castle,”

“Not at all I have to put Persephone back in her stall and put her tack away,”

“Ok, thanks,” when I told Draco that I remembered everything I meant it. I run straight for the barn and straight to Cupcake’s stall. Draco by my side. Cupcake sees me and his eyes light up he neighs in excitement. “I missed you too,” I say. I open his stall and walk in.

“He’s beautiful, no wonder why you remembered him,”

“Oh, come on! Get your ass in here and don’t be so bummed that I remembered him before I remembered us,” Draco came in and Cupcake backs up. “It’s ok. He is a good dragon,” I whisper in his ear and he relaxes.

“Are you sure it’s ok for me to come,”

“Yes, come on,” I say. He continues to come in. “Put your hand on his head like this,” I show him and pull my hand away, so he can do the same. “It shows him that he can trust you. Mom told me that when you do this the horse can feel inside you and themselves that they can trust you, they might even feel inside themselves that they can’t, but when you put your hand their they figure out on their own that you can or can’t be trusted,”

“How do you know that they trust you after?”

“If the horse bites you then it means they don’t trust you, but if the horse licks or looks the other way they do trust you,”

“Why would a horse look the other way,”

“Some horses are like that they make it seem like they don’t know, if they do trust you, but they really do,” Draco puts his hand on Cupcake’s head and he licks him.  

“Ahelissa when you’re done with Cupcake I’ll be in the living quarters and we can talk, or do something whatever you chose,”

“Ok, thanks Mom,”

“If you guys don’t talk then what do you do?” Draco asks.

“Just about anything really. When you were looking for me did you ever think about doing anything else?”

“No. You were the only thing on my mind and I couldn’t get you off it,”

“What if you had never found me?”

“I would have kept looking, nothing and no one could get me to stop,”

“But if you kept looking then you would have been lonely all your life,”

“Hey, it was either look for you all my life or go around creating more dragons. Which would you rather me do?” I look at him.

“Neither honestly, not that I hate that you took a chance to find me, I love that you did, but if you didn’t because you thought there was any chance you wouldn’t find me than I would have wanted you to look for a life that you wouldn’t be lonely in,”

“Nothing would be as lonely as a life without you in it,” What do I say to that? I don’t know what to say, so instead of words I go up on my tip toes and kiss him, he kisses me back. Cupcake blows out his nose. I pull away with a smile on my lips.

“Cupcake, I’ll take you for a ride later,” I pat his neck and kiss his head. “I’m going to see my mom,” I walk out the stall with Draco.

“I’m going to let you and your mom talk or do whatever it is you guys are going to do alone,”

“Ok, but you better come back,”

“I’ll always come back no matter where I go. You are my home and you have always been my home,” he leans down with his forehead on mine and kisses me. Then he backs away turns into a dragon and flies off to god knows where. I hope he goes to see his mom or dad. I walk into the castle door and I’m greeted by one of the servants.

“Welcome home, princess,”

“Thanks,” I say.

“If you want to see the queen I’ll take you to her,”

“Sure,” he closes the door behind me and I follow him to the living quarters. I sit in the chair next to my mom.

“Where did Draco go?”

“He wanted to give us time alone,”

“Ok. Will he be coming back, because he can stay here if he has nowhere else to go,”


“Good, oh and I had one of the servants send a letter out to the village you were living, so what have you been up to, besides coming home,”

“Where do I start?”

“Anywhere you like,”

“My adoptive parents wanted me to become a seamstress, but I didn’t like that. I always tried to escape and a lot of times I would make it out into the forest and just sit and listen to all the sounds around me, but one day when I went out I got captured and Draco saved me that’s how we met again, but it felt like we just met for me because I didn’t remember anything from my life here,”

“That’s because I gave you potion that would make you forget. I hated to do it, but I had to when you were little people started coming after you, because they saw you playing with Draco, they thought you were dangerous, so the only way to save you from any of it was to send you away,”

“Will they do anything now that I’m back?”

“They shouldn’t do anything now. Especially because after you left no one saw the dragon anymore,”

“Because he followed me and nobody knows that Draco is actually the dragon, they don’t even know he is back,”

“Can you explain to me how he is a dragon?”

“He said that his mom had it, whatever it is in her bloodline, but it skips a generation, so she doesn’t have it and he does,”

“We should talk about preparations for knight training for you and him,”

“Ok, but I feel like he should be with us for that,”

“Is there anyway to get him to come to you,” I think about that with a smile on my face. Of course there is, there are a number of ways, but what should I do? I laugh. “What are you laughing at?”

“Sorry. I like to pick on him and I was just thinking what I should to get his attention. I’m going to go get him and if I take long don’t mind that it might take a little bit,” I go out to the stables and grab Cupcake’s tack I put it on her and get on. “Let’s go, Cupcake!” I don’t know how, but it was like I had ridden her just yesterday I remember how to put everything on and how to ride like I hadn’t stopped. I ride he to the meadow and he is sitting the in dragon form with his back to me. “Sh,” I tell Cupcake, I slide off her careful not to make a sound. I slowly creep up to him and, he starts to turn, but I crouch down into the carnations.

“I know you’re there I can see Cupcake,” he says and turns into his human form. I jump out of the carnations like a Jack-in-the-box.

“Well I tried, next time hide your horse,”

“Thanks for the advice. My mom wants to talk about the arrangements for us to start our knight training and she said that if you want to stay at castle then you can,”

“Sounds good to me,” We walk over to Cupcake and get on.

“Let’s go,” I say and we go back to the stables. I take Cupcake’s tack off and put it away. Draco follows me into the castle and we go to the living quarters.

“I want you guys to have a couple days to relax, because you have been on the most for the past couple of days, but next week I have assigned for you guys to be trained by the best knight that I could find, he is very famous in Celestia Kingdom, most dragons know him as the dragon whisperer,”

“Sir Cornelius? How did you get him?” Draco asks. My Uncle Neil comes to mind. His name is Cornelius, but everyone called him Neil.

“Isn’t that my Uncle?” I ask.

“You remember?” Mom asks.

“Yeah, he just came to mind,”

“Your Uncle is the dragon whisperer?”

“Well I didn’t know. When I was younger he had just started his training. I get to follow in his footsteps,”

“That’s what he said when I called him,” and so next week my Uncle would train us to become knights, I can’t wait not just because I’m training to be a knight, but also because I will get to see my Uncle again.



Submitted: May 06, 2016

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Teddy Kimathi

I really enjoyed the piece!! Bravo!!

Mon, May 9th, 2016 11:56am

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