This Is Me

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
About how I was when I was little and a little about how I am now.

Submitted: May 14, 2016

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Submitted: May 14, 2016




This is me

I lived with my mom and grandmother in Milford,ME,

when I was old enough to walk,

I liked sleeping with my mom,

even though I had a small mattress to sleep on.

Mom didn’t stop me,

she let me,

my grandmother,

on the other hand,

would lay me down on the mattress,

but when I woke up

I would throw the mattress

and go back into my mom’s bed,

Grammy would put me back on the mattress,

but I was stubborn,

I threw it again

and went back into my mom’s bed,

but Grammy put me back on that mattress

and I threw it again,

that went on until,


I was exhausted

and I just slept on the mattress for the rest of the night.


When I was a little bit older,

we had gone somewhere,

I don’t remember where,

we had gone,

when we got back,

I didn’t want to get out of the car,

I don’t remember why though,

Grammy and Mom tried to get me

to go into the house,

but I wouldn’t,


they decided to let me stay in the car,

they figured I would come in when I was ready,

I sat in the drivers seat for a while,

then I fell asleep.

I had this weird dream,

what’s even weirder I remember it,

any ways I was driving the car

and I crashed into a huge hay bale my grandmother and mom didn’t come looking for me either,

I remember thinking it really happened,

but if it did I would be lost

and my grandmother and mother would have come looking for me.

I don’t remember going in the house,

Grammy or Mom must have carried me in,

but I don’t remember anything after that.


We had moved

I think this was after my mom married,

Mom and Peter,

her husband,

were in the other room,

I woke up on a brown bed,

but that’s all I remember.


We moved again

and we had a dog,

named Kylie.

I loved Kylie,

we played together,

all the time,

we had a bird too.


One time,

I thought the bird

and Kylie would play together,

so I took the bird out of the cage

and fed the bird to the dog.


We moved a lot,

so it was hard to make friends,

but I did it,

I don’t know how though.


When we moved to Carmel,

I was in third grade,

on Fridays,

my grandmother picked me up,

this particular Friday,

my grandmother and my mom were talking

and they talked past the time that Grammy needed to come get me.

Mom thought I would take the bus home,

but I didn’t,

even when the school got a call from home saying I needed to take the bus,

so Grammy came to get me.


I am so stubborn sometimes.

Now I’m in high school

and guess what

I’m just as stubborn as I was

when I was in third grade.


This is me

and it will always be me.


© Copyright 2020 Sandygirl. All rights reserved.

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